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CAS No.:50-00-1

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Basic Information
CAS No.:50-00-1
ProductName:Recombinant Human Albumin Liquid For Medical Devices
Synonyms:Recombinant Human Albumin Liquid
Other Information
Product DetailBrand 聽 Name:OryzogenCertification:ISO 9001 聽 certificateSource:Rice 聽 Grain (Oryza Sativa)Catalog 聽 Number:HYC001C01Formulation:Liquid,Website:http://www.ralbumin.com, 聽 50ml with 20% concentrationOther 聽 names:Recombinant 聽 HSA, rHSA, OsrHSAHuman serum albumin has been widely used as plasma expansion reagent. Because of its non-enzymatic activity and no immunogenicity, etc. HSA can also be used as excipient and stabilizer in a variety of pharmaceutical preparations and serum-free cell culture medium component. At present, most HSA products in the market are directly derived and refined from human plasma. On the one hand, due to the potential existence of various infectious disease pathogens in the human blood, especially AIDS, hepatitis B and other viruses. Thereby, these virus from human plasma will be brought with HSA to the final products. rHSA produced by gene recombinant technology can effectlively avoid the risks of virus pollution and infection.聽Healthgen Biotech uses State-of-the-art platform called OryzHiExp, having high capacity to express proteins and peptides in the rice grain. The platform uses rice endosperm cells as a bioreactor to specifically and highly express various recombinant proteins and small peptides. The platform has such advantages, free of animal prions or virus from human plasma, more biological safety, environment friendly compared with other bioreactors. The rice derived rHSA is animal component free and has very good batch consistency, which is very useful for the medical devices. The OsrHSA has gained the DMF No. from US FDA, which DMF No. is 029648.聽Compared with the plasma HSA, rHSA has the same amino acids sequence, molecular weight, N- and C terminus, PI and crystal structure as plasma HSA.Char.pHSArHSAAmino 聽 Acids SequenceSameSameN-terminusDAHKSEVDAHKSEVC-terminusKLVAASQAALGLKLVAASQAALGLGlycosylationNoNoMolecular 聽 Mass(MALDI)66.554KD66.550KDPI4.84.8Drug 聽 BindingSimilarSimilarThermal 聽 StabilityM/P 65鈩僊/P 65鈩僉ipid 聽 ConjugationIdenticalIdenticalCrystal 聽 StructureIdenticalIdenticalPayment & Shipping Terms:Minimum Order Quantity:NegotiationPrice:NegotiationPackaging Details:50ml, 聽 with 20% concentrationDelivery Time:3~5 daysPayment Terms:T/TSupply Ability:1000kg
 CAS:  50-00-1
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50-00-1 China (Mainland)
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