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CAS No.:50-00-1

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Basic Information
CAS No.:50-00-1
ProductName:PP PET PS PLA Cup And Bowl Offset Printer
Synonyms:Cup And Bowl Offset Printer
Other Information
Specifications:鈼廝rint on round plastic cup & bowl鈼廝rinting cup material: PP, PET, PS, PLA鈼廙ax. printing speed: 300 pcs/min鈼廞ty of Colorhead: 4 units for 4 color cup bowl offset printing machine鈼廋up height: 30~235mm鈼廝rinting height: 160mm鈼廟im diameter: 180mm鈼廝rinting diameter: 168mm鈼廙ax. taper: 15 degree鈼廝rinting mode: 6 or 3 blanket mode, switchable.Main features:鈼廠table base for 4 color cup bowl offset printing machine. It is more than 1 ton;鈼廤ell build colorhead based on 30 years of manufacturing experience;鈼? rollers in one colorhead to ensure the ink distribution;鈼廍asy access to product handling area and printing area;鈼? screw separator with no gap make stable cup feeding;鈼廍asy switch between 3 and 6 blanket mode;鈼廙andrel rotation for corona treatment and UV curing are driven by servo motors;鈼廝inhole detection and reject system;鈼廍asy printing plate mounting;鈼廞uick change for printing model and mandrel;鈼廇ccurate counting and restacking;鈼廔nk fountains and rollers are easy detached for cleaning and replacing;鈼廈lanket roller of I聽or 2 layers of rubber blanket for your choice.Main configurationNo.ItemSpec.QtyBrand/ManufacturerDevice1PLC銆€1SiemensControl system2Main motor7.5KW1XiangfanPrinting part3Frequency convertor銆€1InnovancePrinting part4Gear motor120W6ZhongdaInk station5Gear motor120W1ZhongdaDelivering device6Gear motor200W1ZhongdaCollecting device7Stepping motor400W2Yankong tech.8Servo motor400W2Hangzhou E-servoCorona/UV curing9Penumatic compontent銆€SeveralAirtac銆€10Socket銆€SeveralBeijingCabient11A.C contactor銆€SeveralTianshui 213銆€12Switch銆€SeveralTianshui 213銆€13Button銆€SeveralTianshui 213銆€14Synchronous belt銆€SeveralZhejiang銆€15Axis銆€SeveralKorea銆€16UV curing system銆€1GuangdongUV curing17Corona treatment銆€1WuxiSurface treatment18Medium-pressure blower750W 380V1Shanghai YingdaUV curing19Vacuum pump1500W 380V1Shanghai ZhongdeVacuumPictures of 4 color cup bowl offset printing machine:聽Cup separator: 聽Colorhead:聽 聽Printing part of 4 color cup bowl offset printing machine:聽 聽Cup restacker:聽 聽聽FAQ:鈼廐ow does the dry offset printer work?鈼廡he rollers in colorhead transfer the ink from the inkwell to the printing plate, the printing plate transfer the graphic/picture to the rubber blanket, then the rubber blanket rubs the cup/bowl on the model and transfer the graphic/picture to the surface of cup/bowl. After UV curing, the graphic/picture is dry and stick to the cup/bowl. After that, 4 color cup bowl offset printing machine will do the counting and collecting of printed cup/bowl for you.鈼廤hat is the cost of offset printing?鈼廡o print cup/bowl, this machine consumes electricity, UV ink, rubber blanket and son on.鈼廎or electricity, the highest power the machine consumes is 18KW/H;鈼廢V ink costs 30 USD per kilogram(it varies from different brand and different colors) and it can print normally 200,000 pcs cup by using 1 KG ink.鈼廟ubber blanket costs about 130 USD for 1 square meters and its usage depends on the products you are going to print.
 CAS:  50-00-1
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