Entertainment noise analysis and control technology
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Entertainment venues generally located in the downtown residential area of the ground floor of the building, business summit and just people need to have a rest time, it brings residents with operator brought infinite trouble and annoyance. From the reality of the bar, many bar owners and decoration designers, construction unit general lack of sound insulation noise reduction specialized knowledge, the residential and commercial contradiction of increasing situation. I company for noise control, obtained some experience in practice, hope to engage in disco bar business friends help.
A, source characteristics:
Bar music played by usually adopts high-power subwoofer speakers to drive, it released the volume up to 105 ~ 125 db (A), and basic for the low frequency band, 63 ~ 125 hz, the low frequency sound wave penetration ability, propagation distance, low attenuation coefficient, usually can pass along the wall column, residents will be uploaded to the roof of each layer, can direct the 30th floor above the ground floor's voice.
Second, the noise control:
Bar such noise characteristics bring to management of great difficulty, it is a low frequency sound wave has a strong penetrating power, in the architectural design and decoration design is very difficult to offset the spoke elimination thickness to the wavelength; Second, each bar of the hall is a hexahedron, the need to control is too large, the range of a single ground surface vibration is hard to do, and noise reducing, the bar will because there is no effect of shock and loss of customers.
(a) the elimination of low frequency vibration
Bar of sound waves by a number of speakers, there are several speakers have several point source, also has a few spherical waves. On the route of transmission, speakers can through suspension boom, roof beams, columns, walls, pipes, doors and Windows, vent to passing around sound waves. In the residential building high-rise building in the middle or the bottom bar, in particular, control difficulty is quite large, must be conducted from various points, face all necessary vibration insulation, could meet the design requirements.
1, install speakers shock or vibration damping hook. Bar speakers usually placed on the ground or hanging on beams around, playing music, strong sound box on the ground, Liang Zhuti or floor with music resonance frequency, and in the form of a solid voice on elastic wave to the upstairs room. Therefore, bedding, increasing the damping vibration system must be used hook in the form of the point source with vibration isolation with building the connecting point.
2, beams and floor add vibration damping and sound insulation layer. After the sound waves, sound waves produce high-energy vibration in the air, waves of wall beam produce sound waves hit the floor, the low frequency part can penetrate indoor cement metope and quickly upload residents. Therefore, the main girder, main column and the floor must be adding elastic surface or hollow acoustic resonance absorption layer, to eliminate high-energy sound waves on the main girder, main column and floor.
3, fire control pipe and water pipe additional damping and sound insulation layer. Down-flow pipe on the ground floor shops commonly focus of high-rise buildings, thin-walled bar waves can be through the pipe direct passing families, therefore, must be the connected to the upstairs residents of pipes to package, the inner package of vibration damping layer, outer wrapping sound insulation layer, middle must also increase the soft connection.
(2) to reduce acoustic leakage
Bar is located in the residential area, general access, fire doors, air conditioning vent are likely to be the release of the sonic mouth bar and leak, to residents nearby.
1, the bar in and out of the channel designed to "brake" structure. In reality, most of the bar set only one door, no matter how the door sound insulation performance is superior, the guests in and out of the switch of the time, the bar acoustic leak inevitably. Therefore, the design should be in the original door distance not less than 1.5 M, adding a soundproof door again, the purpose is to make the guest open the door for the first door has been closed, acoustic emission.
2, the crack of the door, threshold, door touch to reduce leakage. Too much sound insulation effect is greatly reduced, the crack of the door the door clearance must be in the some parts adopt strip designed airtight structure, through the strip compression and air compression deformation to ensure the sound waves can't leak from the crack.
3, vent installed broadband muffler. Air conditioning, the vent will bring along with all the noise in the process of emissions. Must be equipped with composite muffler, under the premise that does not affect the normal ventilation, to provide broadband sound waves in a muffler is basically eliminated.
4, bar adding sound-absorbing soft package. Bar metope, sofa, chair should adopt more absorption material, in order to reduce the interior sound field of sound pressure, at the same time also can adjust volume tones more harmonious beautiful bar.
(3) the bar booth of vibration isolation
Many pubs usually have booth design, it usually adopts steel structure foundation. Which makes an increasingly acute bars on the acoustic vibration problem in the booth: steel structure sound transmission speed, booth amplitude is too large, a direct result of vibration wave quickly to join wall column by column and through the wall to the upper house.
Bar booth structure, therefore, should be paid attention to in the design of steel structure and the vibration of beam body structure wall column separation, at the same time, according to steel structure weight and the stress distribution of the deformation of the appropriate damping device.
Three, governance effect for discussion:
Using the method of the noise, the noise reduction effect is obvious, the local environmental monitoring departments, all meet the national environmental standards. The question now is a lot of bars when decorating, insufficient consideration in the design, governance to destroy some architectural surface make bar owners have misgivings, if do noise prevention in front, is bound to get the welcome of a bar.
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