Tuner should grasp what skills
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How to become a real tuner? The first thing to know what is stereo, what is the sound system, professional audio system is what? What is the combination of professional audio system? Need to know in the professional audio system each device is stem what of, why do you want to use these devices? To understand when you adjust the equipment after the consequences, what is the right sound, how debugging to provide the correct sound. These are understood, you are a technician understand the sound system.

To be a tuner, just know is not the things above. Also need to know: what music is? What is the characteristics of the music? What is the distinguishing feature of all kinds of used to pick up the receiver? Each instrument is what sound? What kind of instrument microphone to choose? Adopt what kind of pickup and adjust the way to make the music of the show? The various parts of the band is stem what of? A song of music, what is the relationship between the parts of the volume between them? The singer's sound characteristic is what? What should use microphone to adapt to the voice of the singer? How to adjust to meet the requirements of the singer's phone? The original music or songs with effect of what type? All sorts of voices or instruments effect how to set up and adjust and similar to the effect of CD? Musicians out the subjective feeling of how language and equipment adjust part of the corresponding? All kinds of devices of different adjustment effect what kind of tone changes? How to musician, singer, director, director of staffs with their usual language communication, rather than use your idiomatic language communication? To clear up these above, you can enter your tuner's assistant. On this basis, through N times the performance of hone, stand up to praise and abuse, can swallow all the laughter and tears into the stomach and expressionless, quickly become a tuner.

When a tuner not only for professional technology have high requirements, more important is to learn "less", the following is a tuner with many years of work experience summed up!

1. The singer is not good, said sound good

2. The actor wrote wrong program, said sound engineer drink too much

3. The machine reading slowly, said sound engineer during childbirth

4. Actors take the disc is not good, occasionally card plate, all the fault of the tuner

5. Low quality of the individual actor, live performances with a microphone on the stage and yelling command tuner how to adjust

6. An actor with a microphone in front of the speakers, dangling from microphone voice small also don't want to

7. DJS useful computer software, useful CD, useful record. Have mixed with the sound quality is uneven, let tuner head

Some DJ/MC 8. Seriously, don't put the peak gain at the dead

9. Originally the acoustics is quite good, the boss or DJ to find a few "senior tuner" to commissioning, to finally attune, awful, finally the tuner involvement on site

Do a tuner, destined to experience a lot of helpless things. A lot of things on the sound field, equipment boss don't understand don't solve, but also often don't believe it. Even the tuner also has one of the troubles of the cattle. Only tuner adhere to the principle of professional, and further enhance the reputation and status of the tuner, can effectively solve the tuner is encountering predicament. In short summary sentence is: when a tuner is really tired enough.

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