What are audio equipments suspension method
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Audio equipment vibration, vibration will affect the sound quality, this is everybody understand the truth, that affect the stereo equipment vibration source drive motor, transformer induction, loudspeaker replay sound waves, etc. In order to avoid the vibration influence on equipment replay sound, in addition to the suspension, shock absorption measures taken by the equipment itself, all sorts of material stock also arises at the historic moment, and a wide variety, but in general there are hard pyramid shackles and soft shock absorption mat two categories (figure 1, 10), can further remove the influence of vibration on the stereo equipment. All sorts of different shapes, different materials of shock by conduction, isolation and absorption of sound equipment itself, bearing (ground or mesa) and the vibration of sound waves in certain frequency, thereby eliminating the effects of vibration on the sound.
In nature, each object has its inherent resonance frequency, each material due to its density is different, their inherent resonance frequency is not the same, the vibration frequency transmission performance is different. So for shock absorber material, physical properties of the materials of choice is very important. Current production material stock material is roughly can be divided into five kinds:
(1) high elastic coefficient of low damping materials such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, ceramics, etc., the peak shape of the material, near 40 hz vibration transmission capacity change with frequency and significant change, when high frequency transmission capacity is relatively soft material is high;
(2) in the elasticity coefficient of damping materials such as wood, such as vibration transfer ability between the metal and rubber;
(3) low modulus of elasticity and high damping materials such as rubber, etc., in the vicinity of 200 hz vibration of transmission capacity on frequency and the ups and downs;
(4) low coefficient of elastic material, such as sponges, vibration transmission capacity of steady decline, according to the frequency of frequency change is not big, but for high frequency vibration is not easy to pass;
(5) composite materials, such as stainless steel and rubber, etc., to the vibration transfer ability of the two.
Shackles, horse and so on all is the use of the appropriate media and geometric shape, reducing the number of audio equipment shell and bearing contact surface to a minimum, create a high acoustic impedance area, the isolation effect, or will the vibration of the sound system "mechanical grounding. Rigid pyramid shackles in addition to the vibration of the equipment itself can be derived, and it takes the vibration of the equipment with the outside world, make sound equipment was reduced the influence of internal and external vibration on sound quality. An effective shock shackles must at the same time in the transmission of vibration, the vibration of mechanical energy is converted into heat energy. Different materials of pyramid shackles has its fixed resonance frequency, each has its advantages and disadvantages, this is should consider when using.
Shock absorption pad used to absorb the vibration of the equipment, on the basis of different materials can distribute bubble pad, rubber mat, plastic pad, wool mat, etc., to obtain good shock absorption effect, should choose to absorb from the main interference frequency shock absorption mat, at the same time to the audible frequency under ultra-low frequency (10 hz) shall be absorbed, so as to improve the clarity of sound. Shock absorption mat is particularly suitable for LP turntable, CD player, use, the effect was immediate, such as a CD player placed under shock absorption mat, replay the sound quality will be improved obviously, the bass is more tight, audio and video focus better voice more clearly. Different materials of shock absorption mat on the transmission of vibration frequency and transmission rate are different, this is the key to choose. As with a heavy stone as the bottom, and then put on it to soft rubber shock absorption mat, can have better effect.
Pyramid and shock absorption mat combination, can accept both of the long, hard the pyramid of conduction, the vibration effectively when vibration to shock absorption mat, due to the high damping laminated material molecules collide with each other between the vibration of mechanical energy into heat energy, vibration energy will not accumulate in the vicinity of the cone, and the use of different materials have different resonance frequency, there are different damping characteristics of different frequency, make this combination can have a more broad band absorption and damping, so as to get better result.
About pyramid shackles of use, according to the experience of many, because the material on the vibration amplitude of each is different, the pyramid is placed at the bottom of audio equipments that moving to and fro, the effect is different. Usually pyramid shackles use three to triangle placed, by experimental method, optimal pyramid shackles of speakers with CD player, the most obvious.
In the pyramid shackles has not yet been commercialized, buckle the audio enthusiasts often use tall glass or drum pieces under equipment, such as the elephant for suspension, also can receive the same effect.
Audio equipment shock usually boils down to two, one is the use of quality of a material is solid wooden or metal tank placed equipment as a cradle, another kind is to use the shackles, shock absorption mat or other things, the equipment and cradle, and the bearing frame with ground isolation. But the voice of the audio equipments characteristic is given by the designers, so is not suitable for each equipment can use various material, stock should be used depending on the actual situation which suspension method.
Audio equipment is to replay music service, calibration and other accessories just make the effect change, but it can't change the nature, enough is enough, can't put the cart before the horse.
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