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The continuous development of film industry and the pursuit of better people for the spiritual life, people began to form up a private home theater audiovisual room in the home. Most people don't understand to the knowledge of the multi-media room decorate a design, can make the audio-visual equipment to reach the desired effect. Below is for everybody to introduce family av audiovisual room decorate a design acoustic processing should be paid attention to some details:

A, ground

Ceramic tile: easy to cause high frequency grating.

Stone: with ceramic tile

Wood floor:

1. The boards will be directly laid on the cement floor, the effect of its sound and ceramic tile floor

2. Wooden floor overhead nail into the cavity, the frequency of 100 hz has good absorption capacity, sound effect of low frequency will be very good. If you can on the shop floor, small stones, is just to fill in to a standing wave and a total shock, even can overcome the disadvantages of cavity wood floor.

3. The ground USES wooden keel pad at the grass-roots level 50-100 - mm high, can be filled in the insulating layer of soft material, but should pay attention to waterproof processing, keel laying on the surface of cork floor () at the same time to strengthen the interior sound absorption effect.

Second, the metope

"Hard front wall, left and right side wall sound-absorbing, spread the back"

1. The front wall: to make a hard bleaching, can hold a certain frequency, low frequency can be a better way.

2. Left and right side wall sound-absorbing: to ensure sound clear positioning, quality pure

3. The back wall: processing into sound-absorbing and diffusion. But suggest sit chair is 0.6 m above the back wall, best to stick adhesive on diffusion plate sound-absorbing materials, it can make the sound absorption and diffusion.

4. Corner: standing wave is the strongest, to put the corner bookshelf, CD rack, a can of great help to voice

Metope USES wooden sound-absorbing board face layer, laying behind 50 mm polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, to set aside 50 mm air layer;

Three, smallpox

The ceiling: best is sound-absorbing function with the diffusion

1. The light steel frame with mineral fiber board: it is very effective to resist too much indoor reverberation, but there is no diffusion function;

2. The small pieces of round plate: in arc down one side of the paste PVC paper, concave side stick on sound-absorbing cotton, this design not only the function of both absorption and diffusion, also won't form the absorption of low frequency cavity;

3. The small piece of round plate, the appearance of tense design, both beautiful and practical.

4. In the top of the ceiling covered with sound-absorbing cotton, and they fixed. While the pipeline can be through from the ceiling.

5. Because of the shorter average house floors, smallpox part adopts built-in design method, but should pay attention to any rigid connection between the structure and must be in vibration damping materials such as rubber mat in isolation.

Four, door

To have certain sound insulation and sound absorption function

1. Increase the weight and thickness of the door, also can be in the middle of the double doors filled with sound-absorbing material.

2. Paste in the crack of the door sealing strip.

3. Commonly used wooden facade density is calculated on 11 kg / ㎡, its sound insulation quantity is about 27 db, if did not make the door handle its sound insulation quantity is only about 15 db.

4. A high percentage of restructuring for sound insulation door, soundproof door, strengthening the seal and the crack of the door. The scheme ensures the amount of sound insulation door, but there will be the heavy door, not easy to open problem.

5. Use "brake" type double soundproof door. Namely the wall thickening, set inside and outside two wooden door open, this phase When the two layers of the door and joined the air spring, will make up for wooden door caused by a lack of quality leading to sound insulation quantity is not high. Two wooden door can use layers of different thickness of the plate and in the door a body cavity filling way to make soft absorption material, in order to avoid the effect of anastomosis, can besmear brushs damping materials inside the plate side (such as bituminous paint, fiber coating materials), to suppress resonance plate body. So, in the case of guarantee the overall decorative appearance, greatly improve the sound insulation quantity.

Five, the window

1. Use brick masonry block directly. Sound insulation quantity best this way, the inadequacy of natural lighting can use artificial lighting, ventilation and air conditioning system can be used.

2. The window into two layers, three layers of glass Windows, even with a rubber strip connection between glass and frame.

3. Everywhere, paste fluid sealant

Six, curtain

1. Audiovisual room should be installed dark heavy curtains or window blinds.

Seven, other

1. The pipe hole: insulation treatment

2. The sound-absorbing material, wall cloth, carpet

3. Shelf: put books, CDS, these items for acoustic absorptivity and reflectivity, can improve the listening effect.

4. Audio equipment vibration reduction treatment: in order to avoid the sound transmission structure, the ground and hanging speaker vibration reduction measures must be adopted. Hanging speaker set up top spring hanger shock absorber, the ground speakers should have independent base (or in the later with a certain thickness of damping pads, but the effect is likely to be limited)

Eight, an ideal standard of audiovisual room has the following five requirements:

1. Enough loudness (sound pressure level), under the condition of no noise dry approach, the audience heard the heavy burst shall not arduous, and not the ear. Usually require the average sound pressure level of 85 db, pitch of take an examination of the tiger and voice distortion replay, can leave again 10 db margin, digital surround system dynamic allowance should be 20-30 db.

2. Uniform distribution of sound field, acoustic field distribution uniform can ensure uniform sound energy distribution at various points throughout the hall, the regional audience to hear the loudness of basic consistent, but shall ensure that the entire hall inside the loudest level and no more than 6 db between the pressure level in a low voice, voice of the largest/most small voice level and average sound pressure level best not more than 3 db.

3. The suitable reverberation time, reverberation time is cinema quality is an important parameter of reverberation time control right can bear Gao Yuyin clarity and timbre fullness. Welcome to buy home theater net net!

4. The frequency response and effective frequency range, frequency response refers to a feed speakers are (generally for 1/10 frequency noise power voltage) the same case speaker on the axis of reference from the reference point is, a certain distance output sound pressure changing with frequency characteristics, it against the speakers of different frequency acoustic radiation ability. Frequency response usually use the speaker output level sound pressure level on frequency change song said that is called the frequency response curve.

5. Acoustic noise ratio can meet the requirements, the indoor environment noise to dry properly and masking effect in normal hearing cinema should be not less than 42 db noise inside.

Nine, room facilities put way

1. Because the audiovisual room for the dimensions has certain requirements.

2. The caused loss of surrounding the effects of sofa against the wall, led to a decline in audio and video quality.

Ten, the realization of the reverberation time control

Household audiovisual room at 500 hz best reverberation time is 0.4 ~ 0.6 s, according to sabine formula can calculate the total absorption coefficient of the room. According to the site condition can refer to the following Settings:

A. wall sound-absorbing Settings. Front wall and side wall with dark wooden sound-absorbing board (see sound insulation parts), can guarantee enough sound absorption. Use dark color, is for the sake of better visual effect.

B. in order to avoid the emergence of a standing wave in the front wall corner setting low frequency trap (for 1/4 cylindrical acoustical body). At the same time, the reflex zones in the top of the first set diffusion absorption combination structure (" cross grid + can be used sound-absorbing body "of square type); Side walls set diffusion (can use continuous round or triangular cylinder shape, surface for absorption material).

C. the ground in order to avoid too much sound reflection, used cork floor, sofa area can be placed in a certain thickness of the carpet.

Eleven, indoor furniture furnishings

1. In the audio-visual room, decorate some absorption material, such as hanging blankets, carpet on the ground, soft bag, soft wood, etc., to avoid a large area of mirror surface material such as glass, stone. The adornment such as side wall plate frame frame, can realize the role of diffusion of body. The choice of sofa back of a chair also need not be too high, generally less than audiovisual room my wife normal listening level.

Twelve, material description:

1. Wooden sound-absorbing board: if the resonance sound absorption board structure, then adding behind cannot sound-absorbing cotton. Structure of practice should be changed to: "keel + air layer + + plasterboard sound-absorbing cotton + resonance sound absorption structure board (including the air layer and board)."

2. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton, more environmental protection than rock wool and glass cotton, commonly used in civilian decoration.

3. / damping spring hanger shock absorber damping pad: the material equipment is common, but should pay attention to the corresponding relation of its type and weight.

4. Cork floor: bring a lot of cork floor structure layer. Structure is given in this paper, also can be used instead of real wood floor.

5. Alternative there will be a discount on the sound insulation effect, the most fundamental or on the basis of "room of the house" design principle.

6. Acoustics design according to the process should be the first on-site survey, detailed data calculated by the software, or above experience design satisfy most requirements, if you want to make the balance effect and cost performance, still need to deepen the design.

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