The difference between professional and civil audio technology
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First, both the pursuit to achieve the best sound effects.
Second, they all need to use the mixing amplification information processing (such as balanced mixing effect, etc.), power amplifier, speakers, all kinds of audio and other audio equipment.
Third, the system is stable and reliable, to achieve the best performance/cost ratio
Four, listen to the sound effect is not only related to system equipment performance, also with listening environment closely related (built sound conditions), so have to care about building acoustic conditions.
Because of the service area, service object and different use function, they are quite different:
A, civilian audio service area is generally less than 50 m2, the service object for the small number of family members and relatives and friends, so the power amplifier output power, the power of the speaker is small, the speaker of the electroacoustic conversion efficiency (pressure sensitivity), pointing to the characteristic, the loudest level index properties such as don't care, for the pursuit of high quality, can be at work this (especially the HIFI fever system)
Professional audio service area is large, the number of service object, hundreds of people less, more is the highest, ten thousand people, so the cost of special efficiency problem of the system and the problems, puts forward higher requirements on speakers understand technical characteristic, hope with minimal system cost, can get the best sound effects and the use of the lowest cost. Want both "good horse" and "the horse eat less grass".
2, professional audio is widely used in the theatre, cinema, hotel, conference center, sports, music square, entertainment center, exhibition center, school, airport, port, station, subway and army barracks, etc., to use a function, space shape and acoustic characteristics vary, system design must adjust measures to local conditions, there is no universal system matching scheme, civilian audio using a single object, can adopt the general matching mode, simple to use.
Three, professional audio, must adjust measures to local conditions, careful consideration system sound field design layout (speaker), can obtain good acoustic effects.
Fourth, professional audio must be used according to the function, design different signal processing method and signal transmission path.
Five, because of the professional audio service area is large, so more highlights the importance of building acoustic conditions, acoustic systems and build sound relationship is the relationship between vehicle and road conditions.
Six, civilian sound is mainly source program also sound system, professional audio microphone both program sound reproduction function and amplification function, how to prevent the acoustic feedback in the amplification systems howling call and improve sound transmission gain system is an important problem.
Seven, professional audio must also be carefully considered and professional lighting systems, video systems, projectors and SheLuXiang system), communication systems and fire alarm system (emergency broadcast), and other related system with interconnected problems.
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