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  CAS No.:78330-21-9
Product Name : Alcohols,C11-14-isoalcs., C13-rich, ethoxylated
Molecular Formula :
Synonyms : Alcohols,C11-14-iso-, C13-rich, ethoxylated; Ethylan TD 120; Rhodasurf BC 840; SurfonicDDA 8; Surfonic TDA 3B
Molecular Weight : 0
Safety :
RIDADR :3082
WGK Germany :2
RTECS :YD4571000
HazardClass :9
PackingGroup :III

CAS No.:78330-21-9

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Xinhua Sichuan Channel May 31 (Xinhua Di, Hou Dawei) reporter learned from the Wenchuan County Department 78330-21-9 Transportation, mountain collapsed due to the disaster area blocked the "lifeline" - section 78330-21-9 National Highway 213 was 31 Wenchuan 20:00 open again, after the opening 78330-21-9 the first release to Chengdu from Maoxian direction 78330-21-9 the vehicle.
rescue one 78330-21-9 the scene, Wenchuan County, Gou Xue-liang, deputy director 78330-21-9 Department 78330-21-9 Transportation, told reporters after the full two-day emergency, all vehicles are now available through this section.
29 May, State Road 213 within the Yanmen Township, Wenchuan County Hashimura large cable packages occurs at the mountain rock collapse, until the night the day, landslides amounted to 12,000 cubic meters, resulting in State Road 213 to Maoxian direction 78330-21-9 traffic disruption in Wenchuan, the number 78330-21-9 thousands 78330-21-9 vehicles stranded.
After 20 hours 78330-21-9 work, 8 the evening 78330-21-9 30 rescue workers have been opened up a sidewalk. But the collapse 78330-21-9 the mountain as a result 78330-21-9 geology is not stable, often rocks from the slide, this shortcut does not aspire to motor open.
31 May, Wenchuan County, the relevant forces to continue to organize the rescue. Wenchuan in Sichuan Province Public Security Fire Department deployed an additional nine to fire high-pressure water tankers, Chengdu, Li total 78330-21-9 Wenchuan County in dozens 78330-21-9 additional firefighters, 31 78330-21-9 these support forces have all been involved in rescue work schedule risk .
Gou Xue-liang, according to reports, the work 78330-21-9 the road reopened the main difficulty is likely to occur at any time around the mountain collapsed. Rescue workers need to have taken place for the mountain collapsed row 78330-21-9 danger Danger, they are mainly artificial schedule risk, high-pressure water washing, blasting, etc. active row crisis: rescue personnel in the insurance rope tied around the waist, with a crowbar and other tools to clean up the less small, easy to loose rock; firefighters used water cannon, aimed at collapsing face down on the washing, scouring the earth and easy to slip; large boulders, you need to clean after blasting.
since 2008 since the earthquake, the National Road 213 is the third large area 78330-21-9 the mountain collapsed due to the interruption. (End)

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Product Name:Acetamide,N-(2-benzoyl-4-chlorophenyl)-2-bromo-N-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)-
Molecular Formula:C17H12 Br Cl F3 N O2
Synonyms : Acetanilide,2'-benzoyl-2-bromo-4'-chloro-N-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)- (8CI)
Molecular Weight : 434.6348896


Product Name:Acetic acid, chromiumsalt, basic
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight : 229.1282
Density : g/cm3
Boiling Point : 117.1°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 40°C


Product Name:Aspidospermidine-3-carboxylicacid,4-(acetyloxy)-6,7-didehydro-3-hydroxy-16-methoxy-1-methyl-15-[(2R)-5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinyl]-,methyl ester, (2b,3b,4b,5a,12R,19a)-(9CI)
Molecular Formula:C29H37 N3 O7
Synonyms : Aspidospermidine-3-carboxylicacid,4-(acetyloxy)-6,7-didehydro-3-hydroxy-16-methoxy-1-methyl-15-(5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinyl)-,methyl ester, [2b,3b,4b,5a,12b,15(R),19a]-;1H-Indolizino[8,1-cd]carbazole, aspidospermidine-3-carboxylic acid deriv.; Aspidospermidine-3-carboxylicacid,4-(acetyloxy)-6,7-didehydro-3-hydroxy-16-methoxy-1-methyl-15-[(2R)-5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinyl]-,methyl ester, (2b,3b,4b,5a,12b,19a)-; Bannucine


Product Name:Antimony,[O,O-bis(1-methylethyl) phosphorodithioato-S,S']diphenyl-, (T-4)- (9CI)Molecular Formula:C18H24 O2 P S2 Sb
Synonyms : Phosphorodithioicacid, O,O-bis(1-methylethyl) ester, antimony complex
Molecular Weight : 489.26
Density : g/cm3
Boiling Point : 257.1°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 109.3°C
Safety :


Product Name:a-D-Glucopyranoside, propyl O-a-D-arabinofuranosyl-(1®2)-O-a-D-mannopyranosyl-(1®2)-O-[6-deoxy-a-L-mannopyranosyl-(1®6)]- (9CI)
Molecular Formula:C26H46 O19
Molecular Weight : 662.632
Density : 1.62g/cm3
Boiling Point : 948.6°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 527.5°C

Product Name:Acetamide,N-(1-oxido-4-pyridinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C7H8 N2 O2
Synonyms : Acetamide,N-4-pyridinyl-, N-oxide; Acetamide, N-4-pyridyl-, 1-oxide (8CI); Pyridine,4-acetamido-, 1-oxide (6CI); 4-Acetamidopyridine 1-oxide; 4-AcetamidopyridineN-oxide
Molecular Weight : 152.1506
Density : 1.2g/cm3
Boiling Point : 250.3°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 105.2°C


Product Name:Acetamide,2-chloro-N-(3-nitrophenyl)-
Molecular Formula:C8H7 Cl N2 O3
Synonyms : Acetanilide,2-chloro-3'-nitro- (6CI,7CI,8CI); 2-Chloro-N-(3-nitrophenyl)acetamide; 3-Nitro-a-chloroacetanilide; N-Chloroacetyl-3-nitroaniline;N-Chloroacetyl-m-nitroaniline; a-Chloro-3-nitroacetanilide; a-Chloro-N-(3-nitrophenyl)acetamide
Molecular Weight : 214.6058
Density : 1.472 g/cm3
Melting Point : 112-115°C
Boiling Point : 410.8 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point : 202.3 °C
Risk Codes : 36/37/38 22
Hazard Symbols :
Safety :


Product Name:Arsonium,[2-(acetyloxy)ethyl]trimethyl-
Molecular Formula:C7H16 As O2
Synonyms : Arsonium,(2-hydroxyethyl)trimethyl-, acetate (4CI); Acetylarsenocholine;Arsoniumacetylcholine
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:Acetamide,2-chloro-2-fluoro-
Molecular Formula:C2H3 Cl F N O
Synonyms : 2-Chloro-2-fluoroacetamide;NSC 95116
Molecular Weight : 111.5027
Density : 1.401 g/cm3
Boiling Point : 241.7 °C at 760 mmHg ,72°C 1mm
Flash Point : 100 °C
Risk Codes : 36/37/38
Hazard Symbols :
Safety :


Product Name:Acetic acid,[(aminoiminomethyl)thio][(4-pyridinylcarbonyl)amino]- (9CI)
Molecular Formula:C9H10 N4 O3 S
Molecular Weight : 254.2657
Density : 1.6g/cm3
Boiling Point : °Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : °C

Company Information
Dongshengpharm Co.,Ltd.

        Taizhou Dongsheng Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. specialize in manufacturing drugs and intermediates and have more than 20 years.We have 100 staff including 20 elite technicians.Our corporation Locats at Taizou (in Zhejiang Province),a city near sea,there are good communication and transportation conditions,as highways connecting it to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. We are research-based and market oriented. We have collaborative relations with related colleges and institutes. We also recruited some high-caliber professional to manage R&D programs.The main products: Nefopam Hcl,Decloxizine Hydrorochloride,Clorprenaline hydrochloride,Hydroxyzine hydrochloride,Ambroxol hydrochloride clozapine,Bifendate,(S,S)-2-Azabicyclo[3,3,0]-Octane-3-Caboxyic acid benzylister hydrochloride,Dimercaprol etc. "Live on good quality and develop our company by good credit standing" is our management philosophy. We strictly carry on our management on the basis of ISO 9001:2000 Quality management systems. Relying on precise technological conditions, advanced production, processing and checkout equipments, we provide customers high quality products and good services. Our products are popular in Europe, America and Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia. We also get high praise among the fellow traders.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. wang
Street Address:
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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Product Name:Acetic acid,2-[2-[[(aminoiminomethyl)thio]methyl]-4-chlorophenoxy]-, ethyl ester,hydrochloride (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C12H15 Cl N2 O3 S . Cl H