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CAS No.:438554-23-5
Product Name : 1H-Imidazole-2-carbothioamide
Molecular Formula : C4H5 N3 S
Molecular Weight : 127.17

CAS No.:438554-23-5

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鈻?Air China Galaxy Securities Research Institute Qun
Friday, media reports, in the "fund" to modify the discussion, exchange funds are raised. This means that in the future, the venue 438554-23-5 the status 438554-23-5 the Fund may be more important. This is one.
On Friday, the market looks good out 438554-23-5 the rally, but also in the context 438554-23-5 U.S. stocks fall out 438554-23-5 the independent market, whether the market or the management 438554-23-5 media to investigate the stock market crash and the fund managers, and Stock index futures are an association, Putting aside this article. Only from the technical indicators, k line between composition and price and volume have been better with the recent sharp fall in prices may be worried on this end. At this time, the venue 438554-23-5 the value 438554-23-5 the Fund may invest again prominent. This is the second.
For the timing ability 438554-23-5 investors to expect the equivalent 438554-23-5 the average market return for investors, etf, and two types 438554-23-5 Exchange Fund lof deserves attention, especially etf, excellent liquidity, the most suitable for large capital investment. Also, take the inside channel, transaction costs are only a leading banking channels, which is an important factor must be considered.
stock market could take a good, solid collection plate to adjust the species is likely to face last week, in addition to the rich abundance 438554-23-5 the five days with strong sun quickly Tianquan the outside, celebrating a, valuations are no longer higher priority . Overall, the sector's products do need some adjustments.
lever plate movements, or be divided. The author points out the previous week "value illusion" This phenomenon may exist in some varieties, last week, the secondary market trends related species there was a certain decline in the secondary market pricing are the average return to the previous trend. In my opinion, if the "value illusion" that determine the establishment, then, in the afternoon If there's rally, the trend 438554-23-5 related species will be relatively weak in a certain range. Currently, the market for the Swiss and 300 438554-23-5 the two more accurate pricing 438554-23-5 tradable shares, but last Friday, Switzerland and the vision seemed restless. The current net value 438554-23-5 the fund situation, and vision to back off the leverage rose to the demarcation point, the market rose more than 30% is necessary, corresponding to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, etc., is estimated to rise back to 3600 above. Now, this goal is more lofty.
As the old base closure, as a theme 438554-23-5 small plates are very scarce, difficult to have an independent market, generally moving only with the city, is now inside the Fund may invest a relatively low value 438554-23-5 plate.
Last week, the standard index funds rate, the average weekly net loss 438554-23-5 3.25%, which is perhaps the pre-dawn darkness. In the last week in the dark, always in step, and a few early tracks small cap stocks in the index funds, net Achievement Gap abruptly, Chinese small plates etf's weekly rate 438554-23-5 only 1.33% 438554-23-5 net losses, while South 500, GF 500 , 500 Hua Peng Zhou these three funds are in the range 438554-23-5 net loss 438554-23-5 about 4.4%. The reason why there is such a big difference, lies in the different components 438554-23-5 the stock, the former constituent stocks in Shenzhen, which is a lot 438554-23-5 ingredients in Shanghai, and last week, a drop 438554-23-5 the index happens to be the Shanghai Composite Index, secret to here.
Last week, the standard stock funds, partial stock funds, flexible configuration funds rate 438554-23-5 average weekly net loss was 2%, 1.87% and 1.78%, just look at numbers, it seems that the former is the worst, it is not. As 438554-23-5 last weekend, the standard number 438554-23-5 equity funds has reached 198, in early June will be over 200, this is the current market, the largest fund categories. Also, because 438554-23-5 such high position in the Fund's equity investments, this is a big difference in performance 438554-23-5 the fund category, last week, in the main stock market is doing the fund, the net growth rate 438554-23-5 most weeks, most 438554-23-5 the funds impairment in this category . From the company point 438554-23-5 view, Yinhua, Chinese businessmen, Castrol, Prudential, rich, easy to Fonda's many other companies have achieved good performance 438554-23-5 the Fund, which Yinhua, the Chamber is the performance since last year has been good overall performance company, Harvest is a good performance this year, the company, Fidelity is the recent performance is very prominent company.

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Product Name:1H-Benzimidazole,1,5-dimethyl-2-(methylthio)-
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Product Name:1(2H)-Pentalenone,5-acetyl-4-ethyl-3,3a,6,6a-tetrahydro-3a-hydroxy-, (3aR,6aS)-rel-
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Product Name:1,2-Thiaphospholane-3-carbonitrile,2-ethoxy-3-methyl-, 2-oxide, (2R,3R)-rel-
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Product Name:1,7-Dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane-3,4-diol,9-ethyl-, (3R,4S,6R,9S)-
Molecular Formula:C11H20 O4
Synonyms : 1,7-Dioxaspiro[5.5]undecane-3,4-diol, 9-ethyl-, (3R,4S,6R,9S)- (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 216.2741

Product Name:1H-Imidazole-5-carboxylicacid, 4-(1-oxopropyl)-, methyl ester
Molecular Formula:C8H10 N2 O3
Synonyms : 1H-Imidazole-4-carboxylicacid, 5-(1-oxopropyl)-, methyl ester (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:1,3,4-Thiadiazol-2-amine,N-propyl-
Molecular Formula:C5H9 N3 S
Synonyms : 1,3,4-Thiadiazol-2-amine, N-propyl-
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:1H-Imidazole,5-(2-bromophenyl)-
Molecular Formula:C9H7 Br N2
Synonyms : 1H-Imidazole,4-(2-bromophenyl)- (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 223.07


Product Name:1H-Pyrrolizine-1,3(2H)-dione,tetrahydro-2-(1-hydroxyethylidene)-, (7aS)-
Molecular Formula:C9H11 N O3
Synonyms : 1H-Pyrrolizine-1,3(2H)-dione,tetrahydro-2-(1-hydroxyethylidene)-,(7aS)-(9CI)
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:1-Piperazineacetonitrile,4-(1,1-dimethyl-2-propyn-1-yl)-
Molecular Formula:C11H17 N3
Synonyms : 1-Piperazineacetonitrile,4-(1,1-dimethyl-2-propynyl)- (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 0

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beijing jiguang Chemical

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Contact Person:Mr. guo
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Country: China (Mainland)
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