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CAS No.:36265-54-0
Product Name : Benzeneethanamine,4-methoxy-a-(4-methoxyphenyl)-
Molecular Formula : C16H19 N O2
Synonyms : Ethylamine,1,2-bis(p-methoxyphenyl)- (7CI); NSC 26669
Molecular Weight : 257.3276
Density : 1.093g/cm3
Boiling Point : 383.9°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 204.8°C

CAS No.:36265-54-0

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British Petroleum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony - Hayward 19, sunrise is now a British yacht contest site, lead to catcalls.
Some analysts said the Gulf Coast residents suffered by the oil spill, the responsible party executives are in the yacht contest "Happy", the British oil company to the already damaged image suffered another blow.
Competition in the UK at the waters near the Isle 36265-54-0 Wight, about 1700 boats take part, attracting 16,000 boat enthusiasts around the world.
Associated Press introduced the Isle 36265-54-0 Wight yacht race, Central, once a year, a range 36265-54-0 92.6 kilometers, the participants are from some famous professional athletes and racing yachts 36265-54-0 the rich enjoy.
Hayward yacht named "Bob", long 52 feet (15.85 meters), the Hayward and the other two co-owned. "Bob" finally won the first four.
Isle 36265-54-0 Wight is not clear to Hayward to play or just watch the game. British media published a photo showing a man sitting in a seemingly Hayward in a yacht.
British Petroleum refused to confirm that the man is not Hayward. A spokesman for race organizers Peta # 183; Stuart # 183; Hunter introduced, there is no entry list Hayward, "If he appears in the yacht, the show that he violated the rules."
Hayward 17, attended congressional hearings, in order to justify the Gulf 36265-54-0 Mexico oil spill.
provoke outrage
Gulf Coast residents suffered by the oil spill, this approach lead to multi-Hayward criticism.
Greenpeace Charlie # 183; Cronic said residents living along the Gulf Coast to worry about, Hayward, "but salt to their wounds." "He is the Isle 36265-54-0 Wight sailing, very rude."
Members 36265-54-0 environmental group Friends 36265-54-0 the Earth off # 183; Walding that the locations chosen leisure activities Hayward outrageous, "This is a public relations disaster the British Petroleum."
Hayward previously been several "big mouth", lead to the American public discontent. In an interview with the British "Times" interview, suggesting that Americans in particular are good at making false claims.
Hayward told the local residents in Louisiana, no one is more anxious than he to resolve this crisis caused by oil spills, because "I want to find yourself (oil spill ago) life."
Hayward exposure to the news 36265-54-0 the Isle 36265-54-0 Wight, many critics said that Hayward had his life back, while Gulf Coast residents do not get back their lives.
busy excuse
British Petroleum busy Hayward excuse, that the latter will return to the United States deal with oil spills.
by British Petroleum spokesman Robert # 183; Wine 36265-54-0 the argument, which is the spill occurred since the interruption 36265-54-0 Hayward for the first time the transaction, relax.
"He and his family spent several hours at the weekend, I'm sure everyone will understand. He will be back dealing with the spill, there is no distraction."
Wine explained that the Isle 36265-54-0 Wight yacht race, Central, is the world's one 36265-54-0 the largest yacht race, and Hayward interested in seafaring.
HAN Jian-jun (Xinhua News Agency this morning for the newspaper feature articles)

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Product Name:Benzene, C10-13-alkylderivs., aluminum chloride hydrolysis tars, distn. residues
Molecular Formula:


Product Name:Benzene,1,1'-propylidenebis-
Molecular Formula:C15H16
Synonyms : Propane,1,1-diphenyl- (6CI,7CI,8CI); 1,1-Diphenylpropane; 1,1'-Propylidenebis[benzene]
Molecular Weight : 196.2875
EINECS : 246-696-1
Density : 0.968 g/cm3
Boiling Point : 281.1 °C at 760 mmHg
Flash Point : 123.4 °C
Safety :


Product Name:Butane,1,1,1-trimethoxy-3-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C8H18 O3
Synonyms : Trimethylorthoisovalerate
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:b-D-Glucopyranosiduronic acid, (3b,4a)-28-[(O-6-deoxy-a-L-mannopyranosyl-(1®2)-O-[O-b-D-xylopyranosyl-(1®3)-O-b-D-xylopyranosyl-(1®3)-O-b-D-xylopyranosyl-(1®4)-6-deoxy-a-L-mannopyranosyl-(1®4)]-6-deoxy-b-D-galactopyranosyl)oxy]-23,28-dioxoolean-12-en-3-ylO-b-D-galactopyranosyl-(1®2)-O-[O-b-D-galactopyranosyl-(1®4)-a-L-arabinopyranosyl-(1®4)]- (9CI)
Molecular Formula:C86H136 O48
Synonyms : Oleanane,b-D-glucopyranosiduronic acidderiv.; Acanthophylloside B


Product Name:Benzenamine,4-[(3,4-dihydro-1(2H)-quinolinyl)sulfonyl]-
Molecular Formula:C15H16 N2 O2 S
Synonyms : Quinoline,1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-1-sulfanilyl- (4CI); Quinoline,1-[(4-aminophenyl)sulfonyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro- (9CI); NSC 5466
Molecular Weight : 288.3647
Density : 1.329g/cm3
Boiling Point : 490.2°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 250.3°C

Product Name:Benzenesulfonic acid,C14-44-branched and linear alkyl derivs., calcium salts
Molecular Formula:


Product Name:Benzene,1-chloro-2-[(2-chloroethoxy)methyl]-
Molecular Formula:C9H10 Cl2 O
Synonyms : Ether,o-chlorobenzyl 2-chloroethyl (5CI); 2-Chlorobenzyl 2-chloroethyl ether; NSC11267
Molecular Weight : 205.0811
Density : 1.217g/cm3
Boiling Point : 266.6°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 85°C


Product Name:Benzamide,N-(2,2-diethoxyethyl)-3-hydroxy-2-nitro-N-2-propyn-1-yl-
Molecular Formula:C16H20 N2 O6
Synonyms : Benzamide,N-(2,2-diethoxyethyl)-3-hydroxy-2-nitro-N-2-propynyl- (9CI); NSC 343679
Molecular Weight : 336.3398
Density : 1.257g/cm3
Boiling Point : 498.7°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 255.4°C


Product Name:Benzoic acid,2-[2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-1-oxo-2-propen-1-yl]-
Molecular Formula:C17H14 O4
Synonyms : Benzoicacid, 2-[2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-1-oxo-2-propenyl]- (9CI); NSC 276326
Molecular Weight : 282.2907
Density : 1.221g/cm3
Boiling Point : 498.7°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 186.3°C


Product Name:Benzenesulfonic acid,4-(acetylamino)-, 2-[(3-nitrophenyl)methylene]hydrazide
Molecular Formula:C15H14 N4 O5 S
Synonyms : Benzenesulfonicacid, 4-(acetylamino)-, [(3-nitrophenyl)methylene]hydrazide (9CI); Sulfanilicacid, N-acetyl-, m-nitrobenzylidenehydrazide (6CI); Hydrazine,1-(N-acetylsulfanilyl)-2-m-nitrobenzylidene- (6CI); NSC 18086
Molecular Weight : 362.3605
Density : 1.43g/cm3
Boiling Point : °Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : °C

Company Information
Changzhou Yuexing Chemical Co.,LTD
Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. Han
Street Address:The Third Vertical Road,Chemical Development Zone,Changzhou,Jiangsu,PRC
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:
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Product Name:Benzoic acid,3-[[[[(1R,3R)-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methyl-1-propen-1-yl)cyclopropyl]carbonyl]oxy]methyl]-,propyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H28 O4
Product Name:Benzoyl chloride,5-fluoro-2-(trifluoromethyl)-
Molecular Formula:C8H3 Cl F4 O
Product Name:Benzaldehyde,3,4-dimethoxy-, 2-phenylhydrazone
Molecular Formula:C15H16 N2 O2
Product Name:b-D-Glucopyranoside,(1S)-1-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methyl-2-propen-1-yl
Molecular Formula:C11H20 O7
Product Name:Benzene,1-bromo-2,3,5,6-tetramethyl-4-(trichloromethyl)-
Molecular Formula:C11H12 Br Cl3
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Molecular Formula:C15H21 N5 O2 S
Product Name:Benzo[g]pteridine-2,4(3H,10H)-dione,7,8-dichloro-10-[3-(diethylamino)-2-(sulfooxy)propyl]-Molecular Formula:C17H19 Cl2 N5 O6 S
Product Name:Benzeneacetic acid,2-chloro-4,5-dimethoxy-
Molecular Formula:C10H11 Cl O4
Product Name:Benzenepropanoic acid, a-hydrazinyl-3,4-dihydroxy-a-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C10H14 N2 O4
Product Name:Benzo[1,2-c:3,4-c':5,6-c'']trifuran-1,3,4,6,7,9-hexone
Molecular Formula:C12O9
Product Name:Benzamide,N-(chloromethyl)-N-[5-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)-2-thiazolyl]-3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)-
Molecular Formula:C14H5 Cl2 F9 N2 O S
Product Name:Benzeneacetic acid,4-chloro-a-[2-[2-(2,4-dinitrophenyl)hydrazinylidene]ethyl]-,methyl ester
Molecular Formula:C17H15 Cl N4 O6
Product Name:Benzene,1-(1,2-diphenyl-1-buten-1-yl)-4-methoxy-
Molecular Formula:C23H22 O
Product Name:Benzenaminium,4-benzoyl-N,N,N-trimethyl-, iodide (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C16H18 N O . I
Product Name:Benzoic acid,5-[2-[4'-[2-(2-amino-8-hydroxy-6-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)diazenyl]-2,2'-dichloro[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl]diazenyl]-2-hydroxy-,sodium salt (1:2)
Molecular Formula:C29H19 Cl2 N5 O7 S . 2 Na
Product Name:Benzenesulfonic acid,4-methyl-,2-[(6-bromo-2,3-dihydroimidazo[2,1-b]thiazol-5-yl)methylene]hydrazide
Molecular Formula:C13H13 Br N4 O2 S2
Product Name:Benzoic acid,2-(aminocarbonyl)-1-phenylhydrazide
Molecular Formula:C14H13 N3 O2
Product Name:Benzene,1,3-bis(chloromethyl)-2-methyl-5-nitro-
Molecular Formula:C9H9 Cl2 N O2
Product Name:Benzoic acid,2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-4-(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorophenoxy)-
Molecular Formula:C13H F9 O3
Product Name:Bis((2-(acryloyloxy)ethyl)diethylammonium) sulphate
Molecular Formula:C18H32N2O8S
Product Name:Bentonite,magnesium-treated
Molecular Formula:
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide,4-amino-N-(4,5-dihydro-4-methyl-5-phenyl-2-thiazolyl)-
Molecular Formula:C16H17 N3 O2 S2
Product Name:Benzoic acid,4-[[[3-(2-amino-1,6-dihydro-4-methyl-6-oxo-5-pyrimidinyl)propyl]amino]sulfonyl]-
Molecular Formula:C15H18 N4 O5 S
Product Name:Benzenearsonous acid,p-[(carbamoylmethyl)carbamoyl]- (8CI)
Molecular Formula:C9H11 As N2 O4
Product Name:Benzoic acid,4,4'-azobis-, diethyl ester (9CI)
Molecular Formula:C18H18 N2 O4
Product Name:Benzenesulfonic acid,4-[(heptadecafluorononen-1-yl)oxy]-, sodium salt (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C15 H7 F17 O4 S
Product Name:Benzene,1-methyl-4-(4-phenyl-1,3-cyclopentadien-1-yl)-
Molecular Formula:C18H16
Product Name:Butyric acid,2-(silylamino)-, ethyl ester, L- (8CI)
Molecular Formula:C6H15 N O2 Si
Product Name:Benzoic acid,4-[(3-pyridinylcarbonyl)amino]-, sodium salt (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C13H10 N2 O3 . Na
Product Name:Benzaldehyde,4-[2-(diethylamino)ethoxy]-, hydrochloride (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C13H19 N O2 . Cl H