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CAS No.:303127-79-9
Product Name : b-D-Glucopyranoside,4-methoxyphenyl 3-O-(phenylmethyl)-, triacetate (9CI)
Molecular Formula : C26H30 O10
Molecular Weight : 502.51
Melting Point : 160 °C

CAS No.:303127-79-9

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12 5 February, Silver City, hundreds 303127-79-9 migrant workers occurred in the event 303127-79-9 illegal pay talks, the relevant units 303127-79-9 patience to persuade the staff that day, was gradually persuaded to return to migrant workers, two days after the actual pay is not issued by the relevant units are received under the coordination 303127-79-9 the hand. According to local labor, public security and relevant departments in-depth and meticulous investigation, the person in charge 303127-79-9 the incident, Department 303127-79-9 Labor to ask for the high cost 303127-79-9 labor, migrant workers are as incitement.
Events migrant workers took to the streets Dulu pay talks
2009 骞?12 鏈?5 beginning at noon, Gansu Construction Group Co., Ltd. a Baiyin Jia Department 303127-79-9 migrant workers and community projects to payment 303127-79-9 wages on the grounds nearly a hundred people, gathered to block the national highway 109 line, and the organization 303127-79-9 workers along the silver station site, Park Road Urban even words, big words even, Renmin Road, Pine Valley Park, Beijing Road and other sections 303127-79-9 the line to the Silver City People's Government 303127-79-9 the door, for a long time to contain the door.
After the incident, silver city government attaches great importance related to the leadership, direction Municipal Labor Bureau, City Construction Bureau and the city to investigate the construction and management 303127-79-9 migrant workers wages at the truth and make proper disposal. As 303127-79-9 6 o'clock that evening, in the relevant units 303127-79-9 patience to persuade the staff, workers were gradually persuaded to return. At the same time, Silver City and the city construction and management at the organization 303127-79-9 labor monitoring group personnel to go immediately to investigate the construction site.
During the investigation, staff found that person in charge 303127-79-9 room service from Sichuan inciting the King brought the whole team know the truth 303127-79-9 15 illegal migrant workers pay talks and premeditated fraud high remuneration. Meanwhile, the Ministry 303127-79-9 Baiyin Jia and residential projects are also found in the whole scheme to defraud the Housing King clues to the silver police.
Truth "contractor" for the incitement 303127-79-9 the migrant workers
6 pm, Silver Public Security Bureau after receiving the Report 303127-79-9 the project very seriously and immediately go to the site investigation and police organizations. That night, the public security organs 303127-79-9 the room the whole scene were summoned. After obtaining conclusive evidence, because I have not got the whole room scene works premeditated swindle labor costs, there is no fraud, the fact that the Public Security Bureau according to law and order silver Punishment Law, its incitement 303127-79-9 illegal migrant workers take to the streets 303127-79-9 collective actions in pay talks 10 days 303127-79-9 administrative detention imposed punishment.
At the same time, in order to allow migrant workers to get wages in time, Silver City has been actively coordinating the various departments. City Construction Management Office in view 303127-79-9 the project has not yet completed, the project had to pay to the Department 303127-79-9 Labor Bureau wages for migrant workers dedicated to 172 yuan deposit accounts can not be used, thus coordinating the mobilization 303127-79-9 100 million migrant workers for the payment 303127-79-9 wages. 7 at noon, in the city under the supervision 303127-79-9 labor monitoring group and the city construction and management office under the coordination 303127-79-9 the whole room King's staff brought 15 team line up to receive the due reward 303127-79-9 labor.
After 5 to 6 December labor, construction and management department 303127-79-9 public security and two days 303127-79-9 intensive investigations, the truth 303127-79-9 the incident surfaced: silver, good and residential construction sites from Sichuan area labor force due to charge full room view clearing and construction 303127-79-9 the project department conflict occurs, holding the issue 303127-79-9 migrant workers instigated the false billing invoices to the streets, to government departments and construction units to put pressure on the labor demanded unreasonable compensation.
It is understood, King room full advance payment 303127-79-9 labor costs had already reached 2.16 million yuan, the Housing also presented to the team 303127-79-9 15 documents issued by the labor settlement, the documents show the total outstanding amount 303127-79-9 migrant workers labor costs up to 1.49 million.
but after construction and management and labor supervision departments careful verification 303127-79-9 the construction project had been paid to the Department 303127-79-9 Housing View all 1.96 million yuan in service fee, room 15 King brought the whole team did not receive compensation for the 730,000 actual yuan, not the room I said, 1.49 million owed for services rendered.
root cause there is no employment contract according to specifications
During the investigation, the investigators found that companies do not have employment contracts and employment law procedures and content 303127-79-9 norms, but also the root cause 303127-79-9 this incident. Jia and residential construction project department official said, is not their intention to wages owed to these workers, but the room King are to grab more profits, drilling and services company that they did not sign the formal contract loopholes, trying to raise the labor settlement prices, do not agree to receive the remaining settlement amount is not labor costs.
According to report, Silver City, construction and management departments will be under the circumstances 303127-79-9 the labor contractor for the project in Gansu constant morning services company to make the appropriate treatment, and urge its further standardize employment procedures and content.
the whole city involved in the investigation 303127-79-9 this incident at the construction and management, construction and management into a station full 303127-79-9 Thunder told reporters, construction and management departments have also exposed the problems for this event, to all building and construction unit issued a reminder to pay attention to relevant units construction process to eliminate disputes in the interests 303127-79-9 all risks, they have some legitimate use 303127-79-9 farmer-friendly policy and avoid the active supervision 303127-79-9 the project site for inspection services, to further eliminate the city's construction market is not conducive to the normal operation 303127-79-9 the order 303127-79-9 adverse factors.
invited to participate in the survey's lawyer told reporters that migrant workers pay talks a lot 303127-79-9 informal channels, such as through the legal channels to the people's court proceedings, but also to the labor and social security bureaus 303127-79-9 the complaint or to the labor inspectorate labor arbitration departments to apply for arbitration, with the containment 303127-79-9 government or disrupt the social order is illegal pay talks, resulting in serious consequences, but also criminal prosecution.
staff reporter PROCEEDINGS

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Product Name:Benzenamine,2-fluoro-5-(methylsulfonyl)-
Molecular Formula:C7H8 F N O2 S
Synonyms : (2-Fluoro-5-methylsulfonylphenyl)amine;2-Fluoro-5-(methanesulfonyl)phenylamine; 2-Fluoro-5-(methylsulfonyl)aniline
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:Benzoic acid,2-amino-6-(trifluoromethyl)-, hydrate (1:3)
Molecular Formula:C8H6 F3 N O2 . 3 H2 O
Synonyms : Benzoicacid, 2-amino-6-(trifluoromethyl)-, trihydrate (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 259.18


Product Name:Benzenamine,2-methoxy-6-[2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)ethyl]-
Molecular Formula:C13H20 N2 O
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:Benzenamine,3-[(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidinyl)thio]-
Molecular Formula:C12H13 N3 S
Synonyms : 2-(3-Aminophenylthio)-4,6-dimethylpyrimidine
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide,4-chloro-N-cyclopropyl-N-4-piperidinyl-
Molecular Formula:C14H19 Cl N2 O2 S
Synonyms : 4-Chloro-N-cyclopropyl-N-(piperidin-4-yl)benzenesulfonamide
Molecular Weight : 0
Density : g/cm3
Melting Point : 248-254°C
Boiling Point : 408.3°Cat760mmHg
Flash Point : 200.7°C

Product Name:Benzenamine,2-(3-methyl-2-pyridinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C12H12 N2
Molecular Weight : 184.24


Product Name:Benzenamine,2-(2-methyl-4-thiazolyl)-
Molecular Formula:C10H10 N2 S
Synonyms : 2-(2-METHYL-1,3-THIAZOL-4-YL)ANILINE
Molecular Weight : 0


Product Name:Benzeneacetaldehyde,4-fluoro-a-methyl-, (+)-
Molecular Formula:C9H9 F O
Synonyms : Benzeneacetaldehyde, 4-fluoro-alpha-methyl-, (+)- (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 152.1655632


Product Name:Bicyclo[4.1.0]heptane-7-carboxylicacid, hydrazide
Molecular Formula:C8H14 N2 O
Synonyms : Bicyclo[4.1.0]heptane-7-carboxylic acid, hydrazide (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 154.20956


Product Name:b-D-erythro-Pentofuranoside, ethyl2,3-dideoxy-3-[(2R)-2-hydroxypropyl]-
Molecular Formula:C10H20 O4
Synonyms : bta-D-erythro-Pentofuranoside,ethyl2,3-dideoxy-3-[(2R)-2-hydroxypropyl]-(9CI);ba-D-erythro-Pentofuranoside, ethyl 2,3-dideoxy-3-[(2R)-2-hydroxypropyl]- (9CI)
Molecular Weight : 0

Company Information
golden basin bi-tech inc
Golden Basin Bio-Tech.Inc. is an innovative company which is delicated in providing a full line of Organic Bamboo Leaves Extract and Bamboo Leaves Flavonoids, Bamboo Leaves Anti-oxidants, Organic Bamboo Rice,Bamboo Nutraceuticals, Nutritional supplements, Food additives etc. We boast a unique team of individuals with extensive experience in all areas of the nutritional products industry. With our professional control over quality and consistency in all stages of manufacturing, we can guarantee to offer customers the best materials.
Our products have been widely admired!
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Bamboo Extract
Street Address:Songshan lake tech park,dongguan city,guangdong province,china
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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