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CAS No.:17342-04-0
Product Name : 13-Docosenamide, N,N-dimethyl-, (Z)-
Molecular Formula : C24H47NO

CAS No.:17342-04-0

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Sina Financial News February 23 morning news, the China International Economic and Exchange Center released cciee international commodity price index, cciee RE index rose nearly five times a year; agreement is expected to twenty-three quarter iron ore price increase may more than 10%; domestic coke prices will enter a "cost-driven," the price cycle.
China International Economic and Exchange Center, "the international commodity market research," reflecting the group released a level 17342-04-0 international commodity prices and the China factor, including cciee international commodity price index, focusing on China reflects the Chinese demand and supply 17342-04-0 international commodity price volatility index.
twenty-three quarter iron ore price agreement is expected to increase more than 10%
China International Economic Research Center, said Wang Jun, Director 17342-04-0 the Department 17342-04-0 the macro, 2010, China imported iron ore price has gained 62 percent, especially in the second half year 17342-04-0 iron ore index monthly gains were maintained at 60 %, and in January 2011 rose as high as 68.45 percent year on year, market prices for iron ore is expected very strong.
According to customs statistics, in January China imported 68.97 million tons 17342-04-0 iron ore, the chain increased 18 percent, an increase 17342-04-0 47.9%, imports hit record. In January the average price 17342-04-0 imports $ 151.4 per ton, in August 2008 after the high point. cciee iron ore index bottomed out since January 2009 has continued to rise, the index in January, a new high, close to its pre-crisis highs.
report predicts that iron ore prices may still be ascribed. Early 2011, strong demand by China, India, export restrictions, and impact 17342-04-0 floods in Australia, iron ore spot prices rose sharply. The current international price 17342-04-0 iron ore benchmark agreement has a quarterly pricing mechanism, BHP Billiton and even made monthly pricing model, using the index as the current spot market pricing linked primarily to 2011, three major international manufacturer 17342-04-0 iron ore price increases likely , two or three-quarter price increase agreement may be more than 10%, coupled with rising oil prices push shipping prices, is expected to increase China's imports 17342-04-0 iron ore CIF may be higher.
report also predicted that the coke price shock upstream. International crude oil prices and domestic inflation in 2011 will be the main factor affecting the price 17342-04-0 coke. 2011, domestic coal prices in the domestic inflation and international crude oil prices have helped push up into a cycle. Affected the domestic coke price will enter the "cost-driven," the price cycle. Overall, 2011 may be present in coke prices 1700-2200 yuan / ton range upward trend shocks.
cciee RE index rose nearly five times a year
performance rare earth export prices rose even more crazy. Especially by the second half 17342-04-0 2010 China's rare earth industry, the strict rectification, the rare earth products prices have soared, cciee RE index rose nearly five times over the past year.
report predicts that the next few years will remain the world's rare earth prices continue to rise the situation, the speed will be fast to slow, the final price will stabilize at slightly higher than the United States, Australia and other countries the cost 17342-04-0 a new level 17342-04-0 exploitation 17342-04-0 rare earth ore. Growth in demand remains high, while supply-side changes may be a key factor affecting the price.
Not long ago, China's rare earth industry, five-year plan has been formally introduced, the earth may bring a new round 17342-04-0 export prices rose. Expected in 2012, due to the formation 17342-04-0 new rare earth mining is difficult, rare earth prices will continue to rise. 2012, due to the supply 17342-04-0 rare earth prices tend to balance a lot 17342-04-0 supplement, but there is still some demand and supply gap.
international industrial raw material prices are still up in the channel
report shows that the overall look cciee evident industrial index rose by 144.83 points in early 2010 to early 2011 rise 17342-04-0 209.91 points, up 44.93% year on year increase. From the chain trend, except for a few months in 2010, almost all showed a more significant rise since September, when it has been rising for five consecutive months, the end 17342-04-0 2010 the rate 17342-04-0 increase for the most, up 8.76%. Early 2011 Industrial Index rose 2.49% qoq, but also close to pre-crisis highs, which indicates that international industrial raw material prices are still up in the channel, the need to attract attention. (Hua Yan from Beijing)

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Molecular Formula:C9H11Br2NO


Product Name:2,6-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid, 4-butoxy-
Molecular Formula:C11H13NO5

Company Information
Yixing Jiangshan Bio-tech Co., Ltd
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Derek Zhao
Street Address:Zhoutie Town,Yixing,Jiangsu,China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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