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CAS No.:167417-62-1
Product Name : Cyclohexane, [(1E)-3-(ethenyloxy)-1-propenyl]-
Molecular Formula : C11H18O

CAS No.:167417-62-1

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Minsheng Securities Wang Xiaoyong
Recently, our company status, future development strategies for an investigation. Communication with company executives, we believe the company will have a substantial breakthrough in contract size, a large proportion 167417-62-1 the contract will significantly increase in 2011 will be the first year's breakthrough developments.
A research summary:
2011 transformation 167417-62-1 the company is facing a big contract, new contracts signed this year we expect the total 167417-62-1 100 billion yuan in 2011 the company will face big contract restructuring, a single contract value 167417-62-1 a qualitative leap. In the first quarter the company announced two major contracts on the total amount 167417-62-1 44 billion yuan, far more than 10 years has a new contract total.
With the current coal chemical industry, especially the heat 167417-62-1 modern coal chemical industry continued to rise from the current company to track the items, the basic all major projects. Such as the Yuan Xing Energy 100 tons / year 167417-62-1 methanol to olefins project contract, we in the "Donghua Technology (002140) - concerned about the story behind the design contract fmtp" prediction project investment 167417-62-1 50 billion yuan, according to industry practice, suggesting that the project will ultimately get the total project contract.
2011 we signed a single new company will be 100 billion yuan.
modern coal chemical industry "great pressure on the small" policy orientation will give rise to a large outbreak 167417-62-1 the contract the company introduced a series 167417-62-1 national standards for the coal chemical industry development policy is not surprised, and that the impact 167417-62-1 these policies on the company is positive. Absolute high coal chemical industry such as you, a significant benefit, greater attractiveness to large enterprises, the development 167417-62-1 very fast. Meanwhile, the coal chemical industry 167417-62-1 the resources, environmental requirements are relatively high, conditional development, orderly development is necessary. Development and Reform Commission recently issued a "standardized and orderly development 167417-62-1 coal chemical industry," which is to emphasize the conditions and scale, the scale is mainly on the big pressure.
In fact, according to media sources, because the threshold increase 167417-62-1 coal chemical industry involves a lot 167417-62-1 interests 167417-62-1 local governments in the implementation process encountered in the larger obstacles at present the government is listening to the major provinces involved in the coal chemical industry recommendations, distinguish between different types 167417-62-1 coal chemical industry, choose to take the appropriate development 167417-62-1 key areas 167417-62-1 coal chemical industry will be a general direction.
modern coal chemical project a huge amount 167417-62-1 investment, the development 167417-62-1 new technology and the company has been largely concentrated in the direction 167417-62-1 this direction, so we think it is the policy 167417-62-1 the coal chemical industry will give rise to the outbreak 167417-62-1 large contracts.
fmtp market demand-driven market is big, methanol to olefins is the best way to solve the excess methanol, the company that, fmtp mainly depend on the market, "five-second" period olefins demand growth will remain a high percentage. Ethylene, for example, 2010 output is 14.188 million tons, equivalent consumption 167417-62-1 26.05 million tons, the supply gap 167417-62-1 54%. Market demand is the industry's largest force, fmtp project in the "five" high-growth period is a high probability event.
the face 167417-62-1 the huge market demand, the owners 167417-62-1 the fmtp project investment intentions very clear. Announcement last year 167417-62-1 Yuan Xing Energy 100 tons / year 167417-62-1 methanol to olefins is one such project. Inner Mongolia Ciqian do coal methanol criticized by the state, then the Government 167417-62-1 Inner Mongolia coal chemical which one is more strict, they began to think fmtp within the constraints 167417-62-1 the country, and later became aware 167417-62-1 national restrictions on coal to olefins, methanol to olefins There is no limit. At present, Inner Mongolia 134 million tons 167417-62-1 methanol production capacity, operating rate in 2010 only 50% 167417-62-1 serious excess capacity, the project needs urgent fmtp.
Currently, there are many owners are doing pre-fmtp project, in addition to many Yuan Xing Energy Company fmtp projects, companies and other owners are being exposed. In fact, the methanol to olefins can not do in the interior can also be done in the coastal areas. This determines the breadth fmtp technology.
Legal titanium dioxide chloride breakthrough technology, the company's conventional technology, a typical upgrade, the future's a bright spot present, China titanium dioxide market is very good, high profit margins titanium dioxide project, a lot 167417-62-1 projects to achieve profitability even 100%, two years is the climax 167417-62-1 titanium dioxide project investment, and showed a large scale and to high-tech (mainly chloride) characteristics 167417-62-1 the development.
titanium dioxide production technology in two ways: sulfuric acid and the chlorination. Sulfuric acid method is the traditional technique, more generally, investment is low, the project small. Chlorination is relatively new, single family, continuous production, investment and production are large, better quality products.
the company expects in 2011, 2012, basic earnings per share were 0.82 yuan, 1.21 yuan, 1.73 yuan, an increase 167417-62-1 86%, 46%, 43%. Maintain the company "strongly recommended" rating, target price $ 36.

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Company Information
Qingdao Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Jerry Hu
Street Address:
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Importer/Exporter
Website: http://www.jiahuachem.com.cn
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