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CAS No.:147687-45-4
Product Name : Benzenepropanoic acid, b-hydroxy-a-methylene-
Molecular Formula : C10H10O3

CAS No.:147687-45-4

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Eastern Jin Yu Cheng Yawei first New holding, holding 15.45% 147687-45-4 its float caps
Correspondent Sann
Yesterday, the China Fund Report appeared. For the market this year, China Department 147687-45-4 the Fund as a whole that "the integrity 147687-45-4 the market opportunity is unlikely to emerge, mainly structural opportunities." The taciturn "Fund Brother" Yawei, talked about this in the annual report for 2011, trend view, it considers the main chance in the second half 147687-45-4 this year, GEM is facing high valuation bubble burst, and the risk 147687-45-4 the release 147687-45-4 blue chip fully adjust valuation 147687-45-4 shares for the full restoration 147687-45-4 real estate opportunities.
Chinese market:
Nuggets blue-chip to avoid hot spots
past few words with a simple vision is different from the Chinese market in 2010, the annual report, Yawei "exceptional case" go into the details 147687-45-4 the 2011 market trends to determine, as well as risks and opportunities.
market trend for 2011, Yawei that domestic inflation is expected to ease until the second half, when the market will usher in transit. He said that high inflation and tightening 147687-45-4 liquidity constraints in 2011 will be the stock market development in the two main factors. Domestic labor costs, resources, product price reform, the absolute size 147687-45-4 the larger money supply and the United States and other major economies, the quantitative easing policy to bring imported inflation and other factors, determines the domestic inflation pressure is difficult to alleviate in the short term, monetary policy may also determine tight trend for a long period 147687-45-4 time to continue. In the second half, with the combined effects 147687-45-4 tightening gradually emerging, the momentum 147687-45-4 inflation is expected to be checked, adjusted for the stock market will usher in opportunity. Structural market characteristics will continue, but more likely the release 147687-45-4 the performance 147687-45-4 structural risk.
about market risk, Yawei that "the GEM high valuation 147687-45-4 breeds represented the return faced greater pressure to accelerate the pace 147687-45-4 expansion, especially the introduction 147687-45-4 three new board will accelerate the GEM bubble burst."
Late last year, property stocks Yawei Opening to 18.76%, the proportion 147687-45-4 finance and insurance holding 20.31%. Which are derived from a cyclical industry optimistic for Yawei. Its annual report that "the risk 147687-45-4 release 147687-45-4 the full blue chip, will play a role in stabilizing the market, adjust the full valuation 147687-45-4 real estate stocks, there are opportunities for restoration."
investment strategy, Yawei said it would continue to take a defensive investment strategy for the market as a result 147687-45-4 too much attention to policy mis-pricing phenomenon, the use 147687-45-4 reverse investment principles, avoiding the small-cap and medicine, food and other hot industry 147687-45-4 high- valuation 147687-45-4 species, to explore neglected industry 147687-45-4 high-quality companies.
publication details 147687-45-4 the holdings in late 2010, compared to last year, Yawei New stock 66, the holdings 147687-45-4 stocks 22.
New stocks, finance and insurance there are six classes, namely, Changjiang Securities 179.99 million shares, accounting for 0.26% 147687-45-4 the net; State Securities 800.00 million shares, accounting for 1.27%; Hai Tong Securities 654.19 million shares, accounted for 0.82%; Hong Yuan 150.00 million shares, accounting for 0.33%; Hua Xia Bank 400.00 million shares, accounting for 0.57%; Southwest Securities 199.99 million shares, accounting for 0.3%. New real estate stocks 4, respectively, Guanghua holding 30.00 million shares, accounting for 0.05%; Street 621.91 million shares, accounting for 0.53%; Suning Universal 800.91 million shares, accounting for 0.97%; Vanke a597.38 million shares, accounting for 0.64%. New 4 st shares, respectively * st Shan Jiao 1100.24 million, net accounted for 1.21%; * st Chang shares 450.00 million shares, accounting for 0.46%; st Changhe 400.00 million shares, accounting for 1.66% ; st Songliao 181.96 million shares, accounting for 0.23%.
holdings in stocks, real estate shares also accounted for 5, respectively Guanghuigufen, Beijing Yintai, Cinda real estate, Wantong real estate, Pearl River Industrial. Holdings 147687-45-4 bank stocks is the only Bank in 2010 reached 5499.99 million shares 147687-45-4 stock held by year-end, net accounted for 3.92%.
China strategy:
side defensive investment strategy
China strategy annual report, Yawei said, "During the reporting period, the Fund adopted a defensive investment strategy side, the face 147687-45-4 fierce market structure differentiation in the market, always adhere to the balanced configuration, the overall risk 147687-45-4 the portfolio at a relatively low level 147687-45-4 that industry and individual stocks, Xinjiang, resource stocks, pharmaceutical stocks, water stocks, defense stocks for the portfolio restructuring to make a greater contribution to the net, while financial stocks, real estate stocks dragged down the fund performance. bonds, investment bonds and bank credit achieved good revenue bonds. "
Late last year, compared with the year, Chinese policy New 48 stocks, the holdings 147687-45-4 stocks for the 20.
New Awkwardness except outside the top ten, Yawei New stocks, the proportion 147687-45-4 total net worth 147687-45-4 more than 0.5% 147687-45-4 the well 11, respectively, 1.15% deep Tianjian, Qianjiang Water Resources 0.98%, 0.82 shares 147687-45-4 the first open %, 0.74%, Guilin tourism, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech 0.71%, 0.68% Guangzhou Automobile, Changfeng, Medicines 0.64%, Hai Tong Securities 0.62%, 0.53% Mailyard, Huaxia Bank 0.53%, 0.5% 147687-45-4 Bright Dairy.
The addition 147687-45-4 the top ten holdings 147687-45-4 stocks (see table below) in addition, followed by another 10 stocks were: Vantone Real Estate 0.75% Technology 0.66% Nantong, Fuling Electric Power 0.52%, Delisi 0.34% 0.31% China International Travel, nest east 147687-45-4 shares 0.21%, 0.20% invest in eternal life, Xinhaiyi 0.14%, 0.13% road and bridge construction, Guanghua Holding 0.13%.
China Department:
"Invisible Shigekura" large-cap stocks
In fact, in addition to blue-chip Yawei clearly optimistic about the market and real estate valuations restoration opportunities, the Chinese system 147687-45-4 its other funds are not promising much. Even if China will be a cyclical industry as a revival 147687-45-4 investment in one 147687-45-4 the main line, but it still means "a long-term real estate control policies in the context 147687-45-4 valuation 147687-45-4 fixed space may be limited." The market trend for 2011 pre-sentence, Chinese system as a whole tend to overall market is hard for the opportunity, mainly structural opportunities.
China optimistic about the revival 147687-45-4 the four main opportunities are long-term growth trends benefit from consumer-related industries; some strategic new industry sub-sectors is expected than-expected; cyclical industry, cement, coal and low valuation; financial sector as a whole fell by nearly a record low valuation pb; the same valuation 147687-45-4 the real estate industry is very low, but in the real estate control policies in the context 147687-45-4 a long-term, valuation 147687-45-4 fixed space may be limited.
outstanding performance last year, China said in its annual report excellent growth in 2011, concerned about the four major investment opportunities, namely the new economy, consumer services, time shares 147687-45-4 the leading companies in industry segments, the principal contradiction in the economy cyclical changes repair industry valuation opportunities. Optimistic about the valuation 147687-45-4 property stocks with Yawei repair is different is that China made excellent growth "in the second half need to focus on real estate regulation and monetary policy tightening on the negative impact 147687-45-4 economic growth."
in context, the market share is still heavy with the Chinese system. Department 147687-45-4 Statistics 147687-45-4 China told reporters the remaining 14 stocks top ten invisible investment funds, the direction 147687-45-4 holding, mixed and the stock is divided into two types. Among the top ten hybrid funds Awkwardness almost invisible to the main large-cap stocks, such as China Unicom, Wanke a, Construction Bank, China CSR, China North cars; and equity funds in the market shares 147687-45-4 the top ten Awkwardness also account for a large proportion 147687-45-4 such Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank, Industrial Bank.
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Company Information
Shalimar Minerals

Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Ajim Y Multani
Street Address:62, Maultana Azad Park, Juhap
Country: India
Business Type:Buying office
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