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CAS No.:1474-94-8
Product Name : 3-Butyn-2-one, 4-phenyl-, (2,4-dinitrophenyl)hydrazone
Molecular Formula : C16H12N4O4

CAS No.:1474-94-8

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original title: Why, after two turbulent stock market (Market Watch)
subtitle: Japan earthquake caused the market over-reaction after the adjustment will be expected to continue uptrend
Small Court, the reporter Zhou
11 took place in Japan's earthquake, so that along with turbulent global financial markets. The day 1474-94-8 the earthquake, the Nikkei index fell 1.72%, Asia-Pacific stock markets tumbled across the board, a strong stock market also felt the "felt" significantly late in the day, "diving." Monday with the earthquake becomes clearer, Asia Pacific excluding Japan, the major indexes have fallen narrowed; However, just the aftermath 1474-94-8 the earthquake relief, the Asia Pacific market Tuesday will again be the nuclear crisis, fell sharply in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the Shanghai Composite Index below the 2900 point mark, the earthquake caused the most uncertainty as investors worry about things.
market 1474-94-8 Japan over earthquake response
"earthquake news, investors are hedging is instinct, which is the leading cause 1474-94-8 the world's major stock market decline." Bank 1474-94-8 East Asia general manager Chen Boxuan Wealth Management said: "Hind, the psychological impact will be relatively large. While not excluding the global stock markets with the Nikkei stock index short-term fluctuations, but as time continues, the impact 1474-94-8 the earthquake factor will dilute the stock market. "
Sure enough, Wednesday an opening, the Tokyo stock market Nikkei index rebounded strongly in early trading, intraday trading back above 9000 points. By Japan's stock market opened sharply higher, driven by, a stock market crash out 1474-94-8 the shadow 1474-94-8 15, 16 and gradually move up the main stock index recovered 2900 points in one fell swoop. At the close, stock index reported 2930.80 points, up 1.19%.
a shares have fallen sharply in recent days affected by the earthquake, March 16 and correction up showed that the Chinese share market due to a Japanese earthquake adverse impact on the market is gradually subsided.
days for a stock crash, China Galaxy Securities Investment Advisory Zhu ocean wave that market overreaction is suspect. Great Britain and Securities chief economist Li Daxiao (microblogging column) also said: "In the various factors affecting the stock market, natural disasters should not be considered the highest priority."
Analysts pointed out that Japan earthquake for the long-term impact 1474-94-8 the domestic capital market is not, as long as the earthquake caused no further deterioration 1474-94-8 the nuclear leak in Japan and international financial markets, the impact may only be temporary, market and economy quickly restored.
straight up technical specifications required repair
Review rebound since late January, was able to cycle out 1474-94-8 the wave plate like a strong valuation 1474-94-8 fixed prices, which led the broader market over 3000 points, the dominant factor is the stage 1474-94-8 inflation is expected to ease. And since March, a wave out 1474-94-8 two market-share market, stock index topped 3,000 points mark. From a technical point 1474-94-8 view shape, stock index in the 2940-point line last week after breaking up by profit-taking pressure. Market participants believe that the stock market shot up after the callback is only a technical correction, not the market to reverse the signal, after appropriate adjustment, the market will not change the pattern 1474-94-8 mid-term rebound.
policy orientation from two point 1474-94-8 view, the current government's primary goal is still to control inflation, so if there is no significant inflationary pressure to ease monetary policy tightening could not make the time to relax. In addition, for the price control, Premier Wen Jiabao recently made the first steps is to control liquidity, which also shows that crunch tone did not change the type 1474-94-8 regulation.
is worth noting that, by the Japanese earthquake, the international oil prices, gold prices fall, will help alleviate the current pressure 1474-94-8 imported inflation. Meanwhile, Dai, chairman 1474-94-8 the Social Security Fund Council (column) that the social security fund to increase the stability and equity investments, is expected to enhance market liquidity. Taking into account since November last year, the central bank's liquidity tightening measures have been implemented many times, is expected to continue to tighten the latter part 1474-94-8 the space is limited, which means that interest rates on the market, the crackdown will be weakened.
China Investment Bank JP Morgan Chase Vice Chairman Frank Gong (column) that the negative factors influencing the market are difficult to shake the market up the foundation. Quarter cpi (consumer price index) is seeking the top down, the Chinese economy will continue to maintain high growth, capital market will also expand. Even if a market time to adjust down the space is limited.
market will resume its rally after adjustment
Tuesday for a sharp correction in stock markets, analysts believe that the short-term impact 1474-94-8 unexpected factors will not change the trend 1474-94-8 the market itself, therefore, over time, a stock will gradually absorb the earthquake in Japan, the focus 1474-94-8 the market will return to the domestic inflation situation and the economic growth up.
This year is the "second Five Year Plan" the first year, the two organizations not only establish the general direction 1474-94-8 economic development throughout the year, while there are many "second five" good policy, focused on the two after the launch, which contains a large number 1474-94-8 investment opportunities. Meanwhile, reconstruction and economic recovery in Japan, not only will Japan's economy out 1474-94-8 wandering, and will give China a stock market-related opportunities plate.
industry believes that, despite a major earthquake in Japan on short-term adverse impact on the global financial markets, the market's worries about inflation in spite 1474-94-8 liquidity on the market is still strong support, a share market after a period 1474-94-8 adjustment, the overall upward The trend will continue.

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Company Information
Wuhan Borui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Bo Rui Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in chemical products, pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate products such as research, development, production, management, sales in one of the high-tech chemical enterprise. Company location and convenient transportation, strong technical force, the vast room for development, advanced detection instruments, new product development capabilities, scientific research and capacity, environmental management capacity reached the leading domestic level. The company has built according to GMP standards from the test to large-scale production, advanced equipment, comprehensive range of the production workshop; have a large number of rich work experience and entrepreneurial spirit of the technical staff engaged in production, technology, research, quality management and market development work. The companies adhering to the "Bocaizhongzhang, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to market-oriented, based on the products, technology and development to management for efficiency, to provide our clients with quality services. We warmly welcome our customers throughout the visit, the guide, go hand in hand and common development.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. li
Street Address:No.448 Jinghan Road, QiaoKou, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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