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CAS No.:143761-25-5
Product Name : 1-Hexanol, 6-(phenylmethoxy)-2-(2-propenyl)-, (R)-
Molecular Formula : C16H24O2

CAS No.:143761-25-5

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Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News Yinhua, the JP Morgan, Galaxy, such as the Post 9 143761-25-5 73 mutual fund companies this year, announced yesterday a quarterly fund. Most 143761-25-5 these fund companies in emerging industries such as heavy plates with lead in the first quarter performance lagged behind. While fund managers have attached great importance to the impact 143761-25-5 inflation on the economy, but the direction 143761-25-5 the market outlook, the view divergence.
share-based high positions against
From the position 143761-25-5 view, most equity funds choose a high position in the second quarter against the market.
statistics show that nine fund companies reported a quarterly, involving 28 open-end equity funds (Innovation Fund), except two are still in positions Jiancang period 143761-25-5 less than 60% 143761-25-5 the fund shares, the remaining 26 fund stock positions 143761-25-5 more than 70%. Of which 11 positions over 90% 143761-25-5 fund shares. Yinhua stock positions leading up to the Strategy Fund, a quarter 143761-25-5 the fund up 94.07% equity position, away at the end 143761-25-5 their stock positions, only 76.36% in the first quarter rate 143761-25-5 nearly 18 percentage points Opening. In addition to Yinhua leadership strategy, the Xinhua optimal growth, Xinhua diamond quality, the Post-core optimization and Pu Silver AXA value growth 143761-25-5 4 funds a quarter 143761-25-5 the positions are more than 93%. In addition, a quarter in the stock positions between 80-90% 143761-25-5 funds are as many as nine.
finance and insurance is still low with
large-cap stocks with strong first quarter, part 143761-25-5 the Fund to adjust the portfolio structure. China Post Core Growth in the first quarter, slightly lower valuation levels 143761-25-5 the configuration 143761-25-5 telecommunications and medicine, to increase the historically low level 143761-25-5 market valuation 143761-25-5 commercial bank allocation. EU focus on small-cap configured in the first quarter 143761-25-5 machinery, building materials and real estate periodical varieties.
The Yinhua leadership strategy in the cycle class in the plates have been adjusted, and colored in the reduction 143761-25-5 financial and insurance sector at the same time, holdings 143761-25-5 cement, steel, coal, construction machinery, passenger cars, chemical and other industries.
However, the actual configuration 143761-25-5 the industry point 143761-25-5 view, the Fund for the financial and insurance market share allocation ratio is still lower than the market standard. Such as the Post's core preferred configuration 143761-25-5 the finance and insurance accounted for only 8.77%, ten thousand stocks featured in the increase cycle configuration, the configuration 143761-25-5 its finance and insurance proportion 143761-25-5 18.87%. However, in addition to domestic demand Yinhua selected, the core theme 143761-25-5 the postal financial and insurance industry is zero configuration.
view the market outlook, large differences
the second quarter, a stock market will go, whether blue-chip market can continue? A quarterly show, the Fund for the second quarter, a trend 143761-25-5 significant differences between stocks: a fund manager that, a line pressure 143761-25-5 share market has emerged, another view was that investors can turn a bull market thinking.
Galaxy blue-chips fund manager said it expects second-quarter recovery in overseas economies continue the trend will continue, but it also faces the challenge 143761-25-5 slowing down and exit policy from the perspective 143761-25-5 supply and demand within the domestic inflationary pressures are difficult to alleviate the short term, the policy tightening tone may not change, the market worried about an economic slowdown will increase. Higher inflation and liquidity in the process 143761-25-5 contraction, a pattern 143761-25-5 stock market volatility will continue. Silver Hua Fuyu fund manager also said that the effect 143761-25-5 tightening monetary policy gradually accumulated in the second quarter will be more complex market environment, it will be a sensitive period.
In contrast with these observations, day treatment innovation fund manager believes that the global economy is recovering and the background is determined, the trend 143761-25-5 corporate profits will not change for the better, even if the continuous adjustment 143761-25-5 the stock market is high expectations are only and valuation 143761-25-5 the amendment. Now the market is not short 143761-25-5 money, the macroeconomic return to normal will be the major highlights 143761-25-5 this year, and gradually establish a bull market thinking, bottom-up stock may be to explore the next few years and even this year, the same trend 143761-25-5 a stock investment.
Xinhua optimal growth fund manager also said that high inflation this year will be the norm, but in the negative interest rates and loose monetary conditions, the value 143761-25-5 investments in the stock market has become the currency bubble depression and final "safe haven", the prospects for future growth worth the wait.

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Molecular Formula:C22H19B2N5O4


Product Name:Boronic acid, [[(amino-2-hydroxyphenyl)azo]phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C12H12BN3O3

Company Information
Suzhou Juli Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Yu Dasheng
Street Address:No.1199 Lushen Road, Foho Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu P.R.C. 215211
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:
Tel:0512-82870298 13918105968
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