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CAS No.:143761-21-1
Product Name : 6-Heptenoic acid, 4-(3-cyanopropyl)-7-(3-pyridinyl)-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula : C18H24N2O2

CAS No.:143761-21-1

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return to high-quality growth stocks
front 143761-21-1 the Galaxy last year, the overall performance 143761-21-1 the Fund, as "adhering to investing in growth stocks," the representative. According to our statistics, the Galaxy in the first quarter 143761-21-1 the overall strategy adopted to lighten up the company's five fund stock positions are different degrees 143761-21-1 decline. From the combination 143761-21-1 point 143761-21-1 view, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics and other new economic and consumer stocks into the company's main focus.
to last year's performance 143761-21-1 the front 143761-21-1 the Milky Way Galaxy industry and Intime, for example, the overall mix 143761-21-1 the two funds clear bias in favor 143761-21-1 consumption and the new economy. When the quarter in which the main Masukura Galaxy industry machinery, information technology, electronics, food and beverage, wholesale and retail industries. Fund managers in the quarterly report said, "Given the inflation in March is still large, sustained tightening 143761-21-1 national policies to determine the expected cycle difficult to have a big market share, so the second half started in the position to re-transferred back to the valuation is not high, after the test 143761-21-1 history growth stocks. "
Galaxy Intime is also expected, the central bank will continue to introduce austerity, and the "second Five-Year Plan" will be gradually implemented, will continue to focus the future upgrading 143761-21-1 traditional industries and emerging industries 143761-21-1 strategic investment opportunities. Portfolio, the holdings 143761-21-1 the Galaxy is clearly Intime season the food beverages, but the reduction 143761-21-1 some 143761-21-1 the medicine.
selective re-cycle unit with
Yinhua Fund's few market fund, the first quarter 143761-21-1 2011 were relatively good performance. This is obviously due to the Fund in the machinery, military, and other areas 143761-21-1 traditional strengths 143761-21-1 outstanding configuration. Especially in the Conch Cement and other building materials stocks on the heavily loaded, the overall configuration 143761-21-1 the funds Yinhua's a lot 143761-21-1 extra points.
Lu Wenjun, director 143761-21-1 investment, "said super fund in the first quarter with a building materials, machinery, military, phased over with a real estate, the Fund in January and February with outstanding performance." But he also believes that cycle product stocks continued to rise in power must come from economic fundamentals continued to improve, from the total release 143761-21-1 suppressed demand for policy easing. Peaked in cpi, it is difficult for this to have a optimistic expectations.
from specific combinations, in the first quarter, Lu Wenjun management Yinhua harmonious theme holdings 143761-21-1 the Fund, building materials, iron and steel stocks, but in the other edge industries such as banking, coal, nonferrous metals and other near-zero configuration, so that there is differential treatment cycle stocks investment, the economy is clearly in Lu Wenjun overall judgments.
pounce cyclical stocks
compared to the more aggressive investment style, Xinhua, China Post, day treatment and other fund is a large area 143761-21-1 鈥嬧€婳pening. Xinhua and the China Post in which two company's active funds jiacang particularly rapid rate. Days 143761-21-1 treatment trends during the quarter rose 22 percent equity position, becoming the first published quarterly by most active funds.
Xinhua Resources Fund, for example, the combination 143761-21-1 the first quarter 143761-21-1 the fund to invest in large-scale automotive, real estate, finance, coal, nonferrous metal industry cycle class, the judge finally get market recognition. But from the look 143761-21-1 the Fund's quarterly, the Fund has been timely in quarter-end holdings 143761-21-1 some consumer goods. Overall, the banking industry, nonferrous metals, metal non-metal and other cyclical industries such style is still the most valued part 143761-21-1 the investment fund. (Zhou)
Yesterday, Yinhua, the JP Morgan, the Galaxy, the Post and other 9 73 mutual fund companies publish a quarterly funds. Overall, the ability to step on the quasi-one-quarter stock market cycle, is the decisive factor in a lot 143761-21-1 fund performance. While fund managers have attached great importance to the impact 143761-21-1 inflation on the economy, but the direction 143761-21-1 the market outlook, the view divergence. Some fund managers are still optimistic about the stock market in the second quarter period.

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Molecular Formula:C28H18N4O4S

Product Name:2H-Pyran-3(4H)-imine
Molecular Formula:C5H7NO


Product Name:Cobalt, dichlorobis(3-methylpyridine)bis(4-methylpyridine)-
Molecular Formula:C24H28Cl2CoN4


Product Name:Boronic acid, [3-amino-4-[[4-[(boronophenyl)azo]-1-naphthalenyl]azo]phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C22H19B2N5O4


Product Name:Boronic acid, [[(amino-2-hydroxyphenyl)azo]phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C12H12BN3O3


Product Name:Boronic acid, [[(2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)azo]phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C16H13BN2O3

Company Information
Jining Yongfeng Pest Control Technology Development Co., Ltd

         Jining Yongfeng Pest Control Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise established according to the international PCO Industrial Standard.
        We committed to the principles of serving society with the principles of "Safety, High Efficiency, Good Faith and Customer Satisfaction" , and have been engaged in the pest control of fumigation in various warehouses and factories for grains, seeds, tobacco, herbs, flour, rice etc.
        We have been persisting in the concept of high starting point, high technology and modernized enterprise management with the main products of 56% aluminum phosphide tablets (used in warehouse), 56% aluminum phosphide powder (used in tobacco factory), 85% aluminum phosphide powder, 80 % zinc phosphide powder. Our products have been well sold in China and exported to USA, South Africa, Mexico, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Pakistan etc.
        Warmly welcome friends at home and abroad for business negotiation, technical exchange, cooperation, joint investment and joint development.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. sir
Street Address:College technologic Garden,Jining High & New Technology Development Zone,Shandong Province,China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
Tel:+86-537-235 2888
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