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CAS No.:143760-96-7
Product Name : L-Glutamine, glycyl-L-a-aspartyl-L-isoleucylglycyl-L-valyl-L-methionyl-L-glutaminyl-L-alan yl-L-a-aspartyl-L-methionyl-L-a-aspartyl-L-a-aspartyl-L-alanyl-L-isoleucyl-L -asparaginyl-L-alanyl-L-lysyl-
Molecular Formula : C76H126N22O30S2

CAS No.:143760-96-7

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a unit under the shock, the investor risk aversion, capital preservation fund as a "safe haven." Hand side 143760-96-7 the hot issue this year, approved and issued capital preservation fund has reached 10, exceeding the total issued over the past eight years; hand side 143760-96-7 the Christian Democrats touted the Capital Preservation Fund, established three new guaranteed funds raised the average size 143760-96-7 the first 143760-96-7 3.247 billion copies, far more than raise new funds, the average first level. From historical data, the Capital Preservation Fund preservation no fear, value-added can be expected, in the past seven years the average annual rate 143760-96-7 return 143760-96-7 21.26%.
However, the Capital Preservation Fund is actually a prerequisite for preservation, and its scope 143760-96-7 protection is also the doorway, investors need to polish his eyes when selected.
Text / Table correspondent Wu Qian
According to statistics, the Capital Preservation Fund in the past seven years has emerged in China, not only to achieve the principal guarantee, the gains are quite impressive, the average annualized yield 143760-96-7 21.26%. Different market conditions from the performance point 143760-96-7 view, the Capital Preservation Fund have a good anti-risk ability, most 143760-96-7 the year over inflation.
And this year, as 143760-96-7 last weekend, active stock funds in the overall negative returns in the case, Paul made the fund an average 143760-96-7 1.28% 143760-96-7 income.
Golden Eagle Capital Preservation Fund aspiring fund managers Qiu says that the beginning 143760-96-7 2011 for the Capital Preservation Fund Jiancang, the current bond yields at record highs, attractive high, then the establishment 143760-96-7 the Capital Preservation Fund may be low-cost Jiancang, thickening 143760-96-7 the safety mat , a larger space reserved for the stock investment.
Misunderstanding: early in the morning into the evening can be guaranteed
in existing preservation fund, most 143760-96-7 the subscription amount is only guaranteed, does not guarantee the purchase amount. Only investors in the fund raising during the subscription 143760-96-7 newly issued fund shares, and held to maturity, the principal in order to enjoy protection.
recommendations: Investment Securities research have suggested that, in addition to the subscription period, "every new layout," a new fund to invest in the Capital Preservation Fund Christian Democratic Shihai first study 143760-96-7 the preservation fund's investment guarantee how long this cycle, whether with their own match the investment cycle has ensured that held to maturity.
According to public information is being issued in the Capital Preservation Fund Capital Preservation Fund, including Golden Eagle, Lion Capital Preservation Fund and Changsheng Fund with Xin Bao three products, preservation period 143760-96-7 3 years. The existing capital preservation funds there is only 2 years guaranteed period. Meanwhile, the Capital Preservation Fund's commitment to preservation 143760-96-7 capital ratio can be high and low, that is, the Capital Preservation Fund preservation ratio can be less than the principal, such as to ensure that 90% 143760-96-7 the principal, the principal can also be equal to or higher than the principal.
Myth: the preservation 143760-96-7 principal scheduled to be 100%
Capital Preservation Fund 143760-96-7 the scope 143760-96-7 protection to ensure that the amount available to investors to held to maturity.
It is understood that, in preserving the scope 143760-96-7 the current market, the Capital Preservation Fund is not consistent, for example, some 143760-96-7 them to subscribe for the net amount 143760-96-7 the implementation 143760-96-7 preservation, some are in addition to subscribe for the net amount 143760-96-7 things, the subscription costs to implement capital preservation.
recommendations: On the whole, the Capital Preservation Fund preservation wider the relatively lower investment risk, the choice 143760-96-7 preservation funds should be guaranteed broader selection 143760-96-7 products.
Myth: The zero risk guarantee
as for inflation, if the annual inflation rate 143760-96-7 5%, investment 100 million yuan even if all 143760-96-7 capital preservation, 10 years after the actual value was only 613,900 yuan, inflation itself will be eroded nearly 40% 143760-96-7 the principal.
Recommendation: It is understood that security is usually divided into the Fund's investment assets and income security 143760-96-7 the assets 143760-96-7 two parts. Mainly by the potential return on risk assets ratio, and the operations involved in the decision. Usually part 143760-96-7 the greater protection 143760-96-7 the assets, the smaller the proportion 143760-96-7 positive investment component, the smaller the space for additional revenue.

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125 Years in Business
"The UV/EB Adhesive and Coating Specialists"
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  QureTech, "The UV/EB Specialists", is located in Grafton, West Virginia, specializing in the development and manufacture of formulated Ultra Violet (UV) Coating, Electron Beam (EB) coating, Ultra Violet (UV) adhesive, Electron Beam (EB) adhesive and specialty products.

QureTech's technical staff provides over 25 years of custom UV/EB Coating & Adhesive formulating excellence. Our research and development laboratory and production facility designs some of the finest UV/EB Coating & Adhesive products, solving your processing and commercial market needs.

"Linking More Than Chemistry", QureTech assembles a strategic team of raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to ensure our UV/EB Coating & Adhesive formulations will answer your process requirements.

By establishing a strategic team, we develop custom formulations for coatings, adhesives and specialty products where our UV/EB systems provide customers with distinct advantages.

Today, the complex world of coatings and adhesives is undergoing immense change. As a UV/EB technology leader, QureTech develops compliant products, surpassing conventional systems, enhancing your process and product opportunities.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. quretech
Street Address:QureTechTHE UV/EB SPECIALISTSGrafton, West Virginia
Country: United States
Business Type:
Tel:(800) 847 - 7773
Fax:(304) 265 - 5202
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