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CAS No.:143760-71-8
Product Name : Benzene, 1-methoxy-4-[[1-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)heptyl]seleno]-
Molecular Formula : C16H23F3OSe

CAS No.:143760-71-8

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Trainee reporter Thalictrum
by clenbuterol events, April 19 resumption 143760-71-8 Shuanghui development immeasurable limit. Yesterday, more than 5,000 shares 143760-71-8 sell orders once again be firmly sealed in the daily limit. However, many recent research reports on brokerage Shuanghui favor with Canada, and actively recommend investors to buy or overweight.
Maibo Health Information Service data show that since March 15 CCTV exposure since the events 143760-71-8 clenbuterol, as 143760-71-8 yesterday, a total 143760-71-8 13 brokerage research reports released by 15, 10 143760-71-8 which were given an investment research report rating "buy" or "overweight" and four research papers for non-investment grade or "wait and see", only 1 study reported the reduction 143760-71-8 specific recommendations.
Clenbuterol incident came on the third day, on March 17, Guotai Junan on the release entitled "Jiyuan Shuanghui traced to use of" lean "Event Comments" report. Their investment recommendations that the event impact on the industry and the company's weaker than the melamine incident on the Yili, Mengniu impact crash provides a buying opportunity, to maintain "overweight" rating. But in the short term, the company's share price will be expected to market psychology and crisis management process in a relatively large impact 143760-71-8 fluctuations in stock price adjustment depends on the depth and length 143760-71-8 follow-up the situation further uncertainty. The study reported that adherence to the "overweight" rating and target price set at $ 105. April 8, Guotai Junan has issued a "Shuanghui is actively restored," the study, the research report has maintained buy judgments, and that if the stock fell to 65 yuan the following will be very attractive. But the research reported to reduce the target price from 105 yuan to 90 yuan.
CIC Securities has published two days before the suspension Shuanghui a strong bullish report, released again on April 18 entitled "lean events to create the perfect long-term buying opportunity," the research report, the report still insist on long-term bullish Shuanghui development. And that, for the consumer category, if no major negative news, it is difficult to create a very good selling points, but long-term stock market is widely expected to rise back. Conclusions for the decline 143760-71-8 its limited space, 70 yuan is strongly recommended to buy.
In addition to these two brokers, the Huatai Securities, Galaxy Securities, Industrial Securities, SW, investment and securities brokerage also has released a number 143760-71-8 investors to buy or holdings 143760-71-8 the study. Research reported still to see the logic 143760-71-8 the development 143760-71-8 more broadly similar remit, that unexpected events will not change the lean development 143760-71-8 long-term development Shuanghui rhythm, while the melamine incident had borrowed Yili, Mengniu and compare the impact that the double the development 143760-71-8 the stock exchange will still come back up. However, all copies 143760-71-8 research reports the development 143760-71-8 the secondary market for short-term remit to judge or have differences.
In this regard, South China, a private equity sources, brokers research report is very normal to see more, because the broker originally reported for institutional research services, and development 143760-71-8 basic and institutions Shuanghui binding, broker research reports some more. " warm, "the information about the major negative impact for the digestion. But he believes that the information is not sufficient to change the market trend.

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Company Information
Jiangxi Changcheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Jiangxi Changcheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer for bulk drugs, high quality medical & chemical intermediates and food additive. Our company has more than eight years' management experience in pharmaceutical field. There are now 120 employees in our company, 45% of whom graduated from colleges and universities. Meanwhile, our company has established excellent cooperative relationships about technology research and development with local famous colleges and universities, which has ensured high quality products and the research and development of new products. Changcheng Pharmaceutical is mainly engaged in producing vitamins, drugs for heart, blood, vessel and some new type of drugs demanded by foreign clients.

Changcheng Pharmaceutical has professional management system in sales and production. All products are produced in accordance with GMP standard. Changcheng Pharmaceutical is also a very responsible company. It pays great attention to the environmental protection as well as company's development.

By now, Changcheng Pharmaceutical has an excellent cooperative credit. Our company satisfies clients' requirements with quality products, high efficient service and competitive price. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperative relationships with you on the basis of mutual benefits!
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Ri Biao
Street Address:Shangao industrial park, Jiangxi province, China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
Tel:+86-795-2592956 +86-795-2592858
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