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CAS No.:142810-19-3
Product Name : Glycine, N-[N-[(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-valyl]-
Molecular Formula : C22H24N2O5

CAS No.:142810-19-3

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Wing Fung Financial Group
renewed debt crisis, the euro fell, the euro fell 0.4 percent against the dollar to 1.4430 on Friday; pound against the U.S. dollar fell 0.15 percent to 1.6328. We recommend investors on Friday, sold at 拢 1.6385 level, but unfortunately failed to sell; the debt crisis, we believe that the euro fell more space, it is recommended to sell at 1.4360 level Euro to 1.4450 as stop loss, target price 1.4150.
Asia Department 142810-19-3 Chinese
overall performance 142810-19-3 the shock, opinions 1.4500, low 142810-19-3 1.4390. Moody's lowered Ireland's rating two notches to baa3, rating outlook is negative, renewed concerns over European debt, weighed on the euro down. Forecast: the euro against the U.S. dollar short-term shock consolidation more likely.
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euro zone, European Central Bank had to raise its benchmark interest rate to fight inflation 0.25%, but the European sovereign debt crisis is still no improvement account, including the risk 142810-19-3 default 142810-19-3 Greece continued, warming up mass protests last weekend. EUR / USD support at last week's low 142810-19-3 1.4365, the point is an important support level, if they will continue to fall below.
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Yesterday, continue to remain high oscillation, the same day high value 1.4502, low 1.4390, close 1.4430 in New York, received a small Yinxian. Asian markets opened today after weakening quickly fell below the 200 hours moving average (1.4400) support, extended to 1.4348 low. Feet from the Japanese perspective, last week, after all, can not effectively break 1.4520 resistance level, if not great news for the introduction, the callback rate may deepen, primarily concerned with the effectiveness 142810-19-3 support near 1.4270.
an opening euro continued to fall. Possible restructuring 142810-19-3 the Greek market concerns about debt led to risk aversion, short-term pressure on the euro, yen and Swiss franc while hedging the currency to remain strong. Midline point 142810-19-3 view, the U.S. economic recovery fragile, slow increase in inflation, while the euro zone interest rates are still expected the euro against the dollar is still stronger midline. Short-term weak euro, the upward trend 142810-19-3 the center line has not changed. Upside 1.452/1.458. Euro below support at 1.4348/1.424. There is no obvious short-term trading opportunities, the proposed temporary fence.
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euro against the dollar on Friday near the New York session opened at 1.4455. Investors in the debt crisis in Europe to return to the line 142810-19-3 sight, Moody's announced on Friday the Irish rating from quot; baa1quot; down to quot; baa3quot;, rating outlook remains negative. Meanwhile, the EU Commissioner for Monetary and Economic Affairs, Ryan said recently that the Greek debt restructuring is not an option. New York, the euro against the dollar within a narrow range lower to 1.4389 after opening near the bottom after the dollar rebounded, up to the 1.4454 level. Reproduce the euro area debt crisis, to bring pressure on the euro. And the euro has been unable to break 1.4520 on the pressure near the place, combined with gold and silver prices, the capital 142810-19-3 this high-yielding currencies from the euro to flee, resulting in the euro against the U.S. dollar's upward momentum less than the exchange rate in a narrow downward trend. 09:52 GMT the euro at $ 1.4371/74, below support at 1.4250-80 is expected today, above resistance at 1.4430-50.
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short term, the euro / dollar stop-loss orders a large number 142810-19-3 small-scale bottom at 1.4390, with more stops below 1.4360. Meanwhile, the trend line support will be provided in the vicinity 142810-19-3 1.4275. Options barriers will make the euro / dollar at 1.4530 blocked. Market expects the euro / dollar is likely to be further consolidation in the 1.43/1.45. Expect the euro may be under pressure earlier this week. Operation 142810-19-3 the proposed line near 1.4370 to buy more than one, stop 1.4320, target: 1.4500.
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EUR / USD opened at 1.4429 level in New York time, morning time, bottom dollar rebounded. Midday hours, the exchange rate steadily downward, closing at 1.4430 level nearby. From a technical point 142810-19-3 view, the euro / dollar fell to a 10-day moving average near, macd indicator column to shorten the red kinetic energy, kdj indicators formed Sicha. If the exchange rate fell below the 1.4350 level, the callback target will point to 1.4230 level. If the exchange rate break 1.4520 level, the upside target will point to 1.4700 level.

Other CASNo


Product Name:Urea, N-[[[3-chloro-4-(4-chlorophenoxy)phenyl]amino]iminomethyl]-N'-methyl-, sulfate (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C15H14Cl2N4O2.H2O4S


Product Name:Urea, N-[[[4-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenyl]amino]iminomethyl]-N'-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C15H14Cl2N4O2


Product Name:Urea, N-[[[4-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)phenyl]amino]iminomethyl]-N'-methyl-, sulfate (1:1)
Molecular Formula:C15H14Cl2N4O2.H2O4S


Product Name:Urea, N-[[(3-chloro-4-phenoxyphenyl)amino]iminomethyl]-N'-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C15H15ClN4O2


Product Name:4H-1-Benzopyran-4-one, 2-[3,5-dihydroxy-4-(phenylmethoxy)phenyl]-3,5-dihydroxy-7-(phenylmeth oxy)-
Molecular Formula:C29H22O8

Product Name:5(1H)-Indolizinone, 2,3,6,8a-tetrahydro-1-(2-methoxyethylidene)-
Molecular Formula:C11H15NO2


Product Name:5(1H)-Indolizinone, 2,3,6,8a-tetrahydro-1-[(trimethylsilyl)methylene]-
Molecular Formula:C12H19NOSi


Product Name:2(1H)-Pyridinone, 1-(3-heptynyl)-3,4-dihydro-
Molecular Formula:C12H17NO


Product Name:2(1H)-Pyridinone, 3,4-dihydro-1-(5-methoxy-3-pentynyl)-
Molecular Formula:C11H15NO2


Product Name:2(1H)-Pyridinone, 3,4-dihydro-1-[4-(trimethylsilyl)-3-butynyl]-
Molecular Formula:C12H19NOSi

Company Information
Suizhou tianfeng chemical technology Co., LTD
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. huangming
Street Address:wuhan city wuchang district yuemaxhang changxin buildings,wuhan,huabei,china
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:
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