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CAS No.:142799-38-0
Product Name : Lithium, [9-[fluorobis[2,4,6-tris(1-methylethyl)phenyl]stannyl]-9H-fluoren-9-yl]-
Molecular Formula : C43H54FLiSn

CAS No.:142799-38-0

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King Goodwill that is made
GBP to buy low and sell high between 1.5940-1.6140, only earned 100 points, 60 point stop loss.
Tai Fung Bank
Yesterday pound rose against the dollar. The early part 142799-38-0 foreign exchange, the United Kingdom because 142799-38-0 concerns over the fragile economic outlook, as well as Japan's nuclear radiation leak crisis in investor risk aversion increased, drag pound fell to 1.5981 against the dollar on a low level, but at a low level 142799-38-0 support by the company buying back up to 1.6169 Japanese high. Market outlook, due to concerns over Japan's nuclear crisis is likely to worsen, with the Bank 142799-38-0 England expected to raise interest rates to cool rally hard to believe the pound continued to sink, will have greater resistance in the 1.6200 level.
Sea King's vertical and horizontal exchange
charts the trend, the recent near 拢 1.5970/80 seems to see strong support. rsi and stc currently see in the downlink, and yet to know the price back above the 25 SMA, also indicate short-term prospects remain bleak pounds. Expected below the key support for 1.59, following the February 11, the pound on Friday once again explore this area with low, if the third time this week if the probe can be used for the test, and the emergence 142799-38-0 the fall, is expected to appear more substantial 142799-38-0 the down. Golden Ratio calculation, 38.2% and 50% 142799-38-0 the stalls will be back up to 1.5955 and the 1.5835 level. Location will be the key point to the beginning 142799-38-0 the volatility at the top 142799-38-0 1.5660, also close to the location 142799-38-0 the current 200 SMA. On the other hand, see the top 142799-38-0 the heavy resistance, the first 25 SMA 1.6170, further resistance seen in the larger 1.63 and 1.6345, which is connected to November 2007 and July 2008 high 142799-38-0 long-term trend line position.
triple bottom bounce, the former high-resistance! Resistance: 1.61801.6220 support: 1.61001.6070 long and short range operation!
GBP / USD to follow the euro remained at the bottom 142799-38-0 a narrow range consolidation day high 142799-38-0 1.6169, just blocked on Figure 20-day moving average, the exchange rate only firm in the 20-day online just expected to rise further. In view 142799-38-0 Japan's nuclear crisis continues to stir the market, short-term exchange rate is likely to continue at 20-day moving average and 1.60 files rangebound. GBP / USD in the 1.6200-1.6020 range recommended minimum bid, effective Powei 50 point stop loss, target range limit.
admiral markets
Recommendation: 1.30 Target 1.6250 Stop 1.6100
United States Bailey
sterling closed yesterday, the same huge candle, the key to the success 142799-38-0 price support received 1.59800 bottoms, the highest price 142799-38-0 1.61692, 1.61331 closing price, will eat all day before Yinxian. Sterling flat open today at 1.61324, down from 1.60969 to find support after the rebound, when the high point in 1.61900 penned nearby. Period from the Asian market, as long as the exchange rate remain low and gradually increase the trend, high point will be running to 1.62300 near the pound during the callback if the next support level broken 1.61500, then the pound today to see on the red 1.62300 The location 142799-38-0 the pressure for increased support at the exchange rate dropping 1.60800 opportunities.
Asia World Strategy
city pound against the dollar on Friday Asian exchange rate shock in early fall, the exchange rate dropping as 1.6096, in the New York session overnight lows are supported, then pulled up again against the dollar, pound, dollar up to the Asian city to 1.6190 midday. Sterling against the dollar today is expected to resistance above 1.6200 and 1.6270, below the support 142799-38-0 1.6100 and 1.5975.

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Product Name:Pentanamide, 2-[(phenylmethylene)amino]-, (S)-
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Molecular Formula:C11H9NO4


Product Name:1-Buten-1-ol, 2-methyl-4-(2-methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)-, acetate, (E)-
Molecular Formula:C11H18O4


Product Name:1-Buten-1-ol, 2-methyl-4-(2-methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-yl)-, acetate, (Z)-
Molecular Formula:C11H18O4


Product Name:2-Propanone, 1-(acetyloxy)-3-[2-(3-chlorobenzoyl)-4,5-dimethoxyphenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C20H19ClO6

Company Information
Neochem Industries is incorporated in 1975. We are manufacturing Organic Pigments having applications in different fields like Textile emulsions, Printing Ink, Rubber, Leather, Plastic Paint etc. We are also manufacturing Emulsions by further processing Organic Pigments which are suitable for Textile, Paint, Detergent Ind. Etc. The Promoters of the Company are:
Mr. Harshad A. Shah
Mr. Hemant A. Shah
Mr. Pradip K. Shah

All the promoters are technically qualified and having sound knowledge of the products. The plant is equipped with latest machineries. We have also in house quality control laboratory with latest testing instruments to provide consistently good quality material to our customers. We are exporting our material to various parts of the world and have earned fairly good reputation in India as well as in overseas market. Almost 65% of our production is being exported.


To overcome the problem of banned amines in various traditional Pigments like Yellow, Red and Orange, we have developed Ecofriendly products in all the three shades, which are free from banned amines
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. NEOCHEM
Street Address:89/22,G.I.D.C. ESTATE PHASE-I, VATAVA,AHMEDABAD-382445,INDIA.
Country: India
Business Type:Manufacturers
Tel:91-79-2583 0444 / 2583 3444.
Fax:+91-79-2589 0046.
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