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CAS No.:142798-94-5
Product Name : 5(1H)-Indolizinone, 1-butylidene-2,3,6,8a-tetrahydro-
Molecular Formula : C12H17NO

CAS No.:142798-94-5

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U.S. dollar against the yen: tokyo fixed rate, the yen against major currencies fell across the Japanese stock market has experienced two days 142798-94-5 terror in the fall, finally emerged a strong rebound. Yen-dollar exchange rate is expected to push the yen back home rose, but the U.S. dollar as safe-haven asset against other major currencies also have a variety 142798-94-5 different levels 142798-94-5 increase.
Bank 142798-94-5 China Beijing Branch
technical graphics point 142798-94-5 view, the dollar / yen yesterday, has fallen below the end 142798-94-5 October last year, down from September to the Fibonacci 23.6% retracement 142798-94-5 82.37 where the support 142798-94-5 the short term, the top 142798-94-5 the wave resistance in the fee Naqi 50% retracement 142798-94-5 around 83, but see below support is low in early November last year, where 80.22 near the market outlook is expected, the yen will strengthen further, look at the target position near the psychologically important 80. But need to remind investors to guard against the risk 142798-94-5 the Bank 142798-94-5 Japan intervention.
x-trade brokers
US-Japan (usdjpy): no I expected, fell again yesterday usdjpy. Although the morning was a rebound, but the overall point 142798-94-5 view, the formation 142798-94-5 medium-term down trend has been estimated breakdown 142798-94-5 80.00 this week, more likely, the operation can be considered to continue to hold still long yen.
Asia World Strategy
New York session on Tuesday, the dollar opened at 81.43 yen, near. Japan suffered a hundred years after the earthquake and tsunami, Fukushima nuclear power plant explosion after another fear that situation worse, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan on Tuesday warned 142798-94-5 the possibility 142798-94-5 further increase 142798-94-5 nuclear radiation leak, hit the Japanese stock market, the dollar fell sharply against the yen, hi home or breaking the 81.00 mark, evening announced the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank 142798-94-5 New York (fed) 3 manufacturing index rose to 17.5, the highest since June 2010, net capital inflows but only $ 32.5 billion, and the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee (fomc) resolution, as expected, kept interest rates unchanged at 0-0.25% range and agreed to continue the implementation 142798-94-5 the $ 600 billion bond purchase program, reiterated that it will remain for some time commitment to low interest rates continue to pressure the U.S. dollar against the yen fell to 80.59 time low.
U.S. dollar against the yen: JPY USD / JPY continued to fall in New York time, in support 142798-94-5 yesterday's low 142798-94-5 80.52 before being stabilized. The Fed left interest rates unchanged had little impact on the dollar, the yen by the Japanese earthquake or continue to remain strong, the dollar / yen weighed on Japanese figure declined further signs 142798-94-5 a random target, below the initial support for low interest 80.23 last November.
Asian city early today, the Japanese stock market has experienced two days 142798-94-5 terror in the fall, finally emerged a strong rebound. But the dollar / yen rebounded to above the 81 mark after the switch to continue to decline. European time, the U.S. will be announced in February producer price index, housing starts in the fourth quarter current account and other data, the same time, investors need to focus on market risk sentiment changes. Days 142798-94-5 orientation: fluctuated slightly downward. 3 hours chart shows technical indicators macd and rsi indicators are weak, the exchange rate pressure are obvious. Operational recommendations: interval operation, trading range 80.20-81.50.
King Goodwill that is made
Japan, the yen against major currencies fell across the Japanese stock market has experienced two days 142798-94-5 terror in the fall, finally emerged a strong rebound. Traders said that this means that investors demand for safe-haven currency yen decreased slightly, expect the dollar / yen short-term resistance at 81.30. Today recommended: at 79.80-81.80 yen, buy low sell high between, just earned 100 points, 60 point stop loss. Support 75.40/79.30 84.40/86.80 resistance
United States Bailey
USD / JPY has fallen into key support at 81.13, indicating the dollar / yen will start a downward trend. The next few days are expected to be first 80.30 (November 1, 2010 low) fell and resistance at 81.35.
Asia Department 142798-94-5 Chinese
U.S. dollar fell against the yen and the overall performance, Takami 82.03, low 142798-94-5 80.59. Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant exploded again, the market risk aversion further warming, the Japanese yen for the third consecutive day 142798-94-5 gains, investors concerned about the events progress. Forecast: U.S. dollar against the yen short-term shocks down more likely.

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Product Name:Pyrimidine, 2-[6-[(3,4-dichlorophenyl)ethynyl]-2-pyridinyl]-4-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C18H11Cl2N3

Company Information
Nanjing Mingrui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Chen Jiuhai
Street Address:8#, Building 424, Hengsheng Garden, 399#, Xiongzhou South Road, Liuhe District, Nanjing
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:
Tel:+86-25-57522199/57522188 (0)13776515966
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