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CAS No.:142798-93-4
Product Name : 5(1H)-Indolizinone, 2,3,6,8a-tetrahydro-1-(2-methoxyethylidene)-
Molecular Formula : C11H15NO2

CAS No.:142798-93-4

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Bank 142798-93-4 China Beijing Branch
technical graphics point 142798-93-4 view, the pound from the current year, rising by 38.2% Fibonacci retracement 142798-93-4 1.6 where the support 142798-93-4 its rising above the resistance trend line is look at the transformation from resistance lies near 1.62 expected market outlook, the pound likely to remain volatile short-term downward trend.
GBPUSD: British Pound against the U.S. dollar drop was limited as the market expected the Bank 142798-93-4 England will raise interest rates within the next few months. From a technical point 142798-93-4 view, GBP / USD fell below the 40 day moving average, macd indicator green column kinetic energy amplification, kdj index downward. If the exchange rate fell below the 1.5980 level, the callback target will point to 1.5850 level.
Asia World Strategy
Sterling: Sterling against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday, the New York session at 1.6017 near the opening. Japan's nuclear crisis led investors to dump risky assets to buy safe-haven currency, the pound fell sharply against the dollar, the dollar fell below the 1.6 mark to 1.5976 session lows after the Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting is mentioned in the news, the U.S. dollar under pressure , the pound rose to 1.6100 against the dollar moderate integer mark nearby. GBPUSD above resistance at 1.6200, below support at 1.5977,1.5910.
King Goodwill that is made
United Kingdom, the current form 142798-93-4 development is still quite repeatedly, plus the price has been unable to break through from last September 7 and December 22 is connected as a basis for low parallel channels, while the magnitude 142798-93-4 which has just peer at 1.6342 In this case, changes in morphology may increase, not lower than 1.5842 now as long as the callback, the market outlook will remain very strong upward momentum, rose through 1.6350 after rally to be put to accelerate, the target will rise to 1.6495,1.6855 and even 1.7030. Short-term movements, has dropped to 0.8705 against the euro crosses, also the early divergence case, as long as 0.8750 not to fall, to bring support for direct drive, and straight fell to 1.5965 set in the past two days also see Chengjie Li, an estimated stabilized development. Temporarily in the city pound and 1.6200 1.6015 contention, and after testing 1.6250 and 1.6345 on the tendency 142798-93-4 such resistance, wear-bit extension 142798-93-4 a further rally. Short-term support 1.5965 and 1.5845. Today suggestions: GBP at 1.5940-1.6140 buy low and sell high between, just earned 100 points, 60 point stop loss. Support 1.5680/1.5840 1.6530/1.6680 resistance
sterling yesterday before the rise as risk aversion dropped sharply, then the U.S. dollar's decline and a slight rebound. Line is still shock on trend direction is unknown, slightly bearish. The proposed empty if one can pre-held stop the next move to 1.62, the target look at 1.585.
sterling against the dollar: GBP / USD boosted by the rebound in U.S. stocks recovered most days decline below 1.6100 late temporarily blocked in; daily chart continues to be hampered in the 10/20 day moving average shows the exchange rate still further downside risk, the dollar rebounded only just expected to reduce the average exchange rate on the downside risk. Hour chart indicators overbought signs down again, continue to focus on the exchange rate fell 1.60 near the short-term support.
about sterling exchange rate:
1. Usually in the vicinity 142798-93-4 integer-pound fell to 1.60 Buying.
2. The recent rally in the pound to sell into rallies mainly in the 1.62-1.63 range.
3. If in the future effective below 拢 1.60 an integer off, then stop buying pounds.
4. If in the future to effectively break the 拢 1.63 off an integer, you can buy high catching, see the high line.
Asian city early today, the Nikkei index rose 6.3%, but the market risk sentiment has not yet been effectively alleviated, GBP / USD continues to decline slightly. Europe time UK unemployment data will be released in February, investors can moderate concern. In addition, the nuclear crisis and the need to focus on the Japanese market risk sentiment changes. Days 142798-93-4 orientation: shock consolidation. 3 hours chart shows, macd indicator two-axis below zero basic flat, Kongfangliliang began to appear, rsi indicator Guaitou modestly lower, but still near the shock in 50. Trading Strategy: range operation, trading range 1.5990-1.6110.
United States Bailey
recent weeks, GBP / USD 1.5962 - 1.6343 range shocks, as long as it hold the key support level 1.5962, sterling is expected to have higher chance, but be careful if you down below 1.5962, then it is difficult to rebound, it may fall near to 1.5700.

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Molecular Formula:C18H11Cl2N3


Product Name:Pyrimidine, 4-methyl-2-[6-[(4-methylphenyl)ethynyl]-2-pyridinyl]-
Molecular Formula:C19H15N3

Company Information
Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Development Co., Ltd.(STD) was established with the leadership of Professor class senior engineer Wu Jiaxiang, who is also one the most famous of scientists and the creators of PVP in China, and it has been approved as a high-tech enterprise by Zhejiang provincial government. The company has 26 years of experiences of technical innovation, project development and marketing, has mastered several dozen special techniques about fine chemicals, the most outstanding of which is PVP and Pyrrolidones products series. We keep the lead of the development for PVP in china.
In 2003, we purchased collectively MY pharmacy co., ltd alongside other shareholder.MY pharmacy is located in scenic Zhoushan archipelago, covers 10000square meters, next to Zhejiang Ocean University. Up to mow, the company havs five production lines for injections, tablets, solutions, APIs and excipients, which has already procured the GMP lisence issued by SDA. In thes products the cuttlefish hemostat is unique in China, and Povidone, Povidone Iodine and Povidone Iodine solution series (the annually capability of which can respectively reach 1000 tons, 400 tons and 15 million bottles) are the only complying with EP5 and USP28.
MY Pharmacy and STD Technology support each other to develop together, tightly cooperate on technique, production, sales and service, and invested in a company named Sunflower Pharma specialized in the production and research For povidones and other excipients, and established three offices in Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou also have agent in Turkey for domestic and international marketing.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Manager Zhang
Country:China (Mainland)
Business Type:
Tel:+86-571-81061536 /81061531 /81061535
Fax: +86-571-88942795
Website: http://www.cpvo.com.cn
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Product Name:4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1-[3-[4-(4-methylbenzoyl)phenyl]propyl]-1'-propyl-, diperchlorate
Molecular Formula:C30H32N2O.2ClO4
Product Name:4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1-[3-[4-(4-methoxybenzoyl)phenyl]propyl]-1'-propyl-, diperchlorate
Molecular Formula:C30H32N2O2.2ClO4
Product Name:4H-1,3-Benzoxathiin, hexahydro-4,4,7-trimethyl-2-(3-methyl-2-phenyloxiranyl)-
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Molecular Formula:C17H32O4
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