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CAS No.:142798-84-3
Product Name : 4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1-[3-[4-(4-chlorobenzoyl)phenyl]propyl]-1'-propyl-, diperchlorate
Molecular Formula : C29H29ClN2O.2ClO4

CAS No.:142798-84-3

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Tai Fung Bank
euro against the dollar yesterday fell again. As the market for euro-zone countries worried about the debt crisis renewed, together with rating agency Moody's downgraded Spain's sovereign rating, message drag the euro against the U.S. dollar fell to 1.3782 day low. Afternoon, although the market is expected to have the opportunity to the European Central Bank to raise interest rates, but the region's debt crisis plagued the euro is still difficult to get rid 142798-84-3 the short term, it is expected that the euro will be repeated, at 1.3750-1.4050 between the fluctuations.
Bank 142798-84-3 Communications Shanghai Branch
low 142798-84-3 1.3774 to last night as the key bit, the euro-hour chart revealed quot; head and shoulders quot; signs, expected the market will remain range-bound form the right shoulder, short the euro exchange rate fell below 1.3774, or wait for the market to wait and see a clear direction.
Shui Ling Valley
UK interest rates hopeless; European debt spike today, mainly in Europe and America to look empty. Upside: 1.3900 1.3820 below the support: 1.3780 1.3700
United States Bailey
receive large Yinxian euro yesterday, from the technology today, the euro will have a small rebound in the vicinity 142798-84-3 the target bit 1.38600, if the exchange rate can be broken on this bit will open a new wave 142798-84-3 euro rally kicked off; if exchange rate can not be broken on this bit, so 1.37600 is the first support level, if this is the next break, near the first target may see 1.37200. If you continue to receive Yinxian today, post-euro face the possibility 142798-84-3 adjustments to increase the depth. Today, the overall expected income Yang Xian, the proposed investment by as much as possible to create an empty one at the bottom 142798-84-3 1.38200.
Moody's lowered Spain's sovereign rating on negative watch and even into the euro resulted in a significant impact, leading to the euro / dollar exchange rate fell below important support at 1.3850/60. Stop in the region appear the short side plate, the market has been in decline throughout the state, especially in the Asian market, has been at low levels. The market is still bearish the euro, close to 1.3840/50 area to seize any rebound seems to be short like most investors, the strategy, short 142798-84-3 the next target point is 1.3700.
Sea King's vertical and horizontal exchange
charts see, rsi and stc indicators have retreated, but also lower prices to increase channel bottom and under 10 SMA is expected to continue to support the next test is estimated as well as in 1.3740,100 SMA 1.3520 1.35 mark was important to support the range. However, the euro is still subject to the ECB may raise interest rates next month to support the expected short-term losses were limited. On the other hand, the top 142798-84-3 the first to 1.3870 and 1.40 142798-84-3 the psychological barrier for resistance, the next goal will be to see to the 1.4150 level; by the July 2008 peak extends down trend line is constructed 142798-84-3 a major resistance level at 1.4390.
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EURUSD opened at 1.3796 today, near the Asian market. Moody's cut Spain's rating, the euro against the dollar sharply lower on Thursday, late dollar pulled back slightly. Asian City after the opening bell today, continuing the previous Pottery exchange rate movements, the dollar rose to 1.3800 integer bit at the top, then do the exchange rate within a narrow range in finishing near 1.3820. By the impact 142798-84-3 the earthquake in Japan, the U.S. dollar against the yen, driven by rising rapidly, the euro tumbled against the dollar in the trend, the exchange rate down to around 1.3790. Exchange rate stabilized after the callback, the dollar rose to 1.3830 near. The euro against the dollar in the range 142798-84-3 the overall trend 142798-84-3 consolidation, but because 142798-84-3 unrest in the Middle East may be further expanded, leading to rising oil prices, euro zone inflation, if the ECB rate hike plan is not clear, will bring pressure on the euro. 16:17 GMT the euro at $ 1.3728, below support at 1.3750-70 is expected today, above resistance at 1.3850-80.
hy markets
euro lower against the dollar on Thursday to close at below 10 day moving average, indicating a short-term top may or will be formed. The low-income to lower open on Friday laid the foundation. Stochastics and the RSI is bearish, the recent trend that may be reduced to a lower horizontal. Located close below 20 day MA may identify a short-term top has been formed. If you restart the rally since January, the next target for November to January rose 87% correction down wave.

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Product Name:L-Alanine, N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-alanyl]-, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester, monohydrochloride
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Product Name:4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1-[3-[4-(4-nitrobenzoyl)phenyl]propyl]-1'-propyl-, diperchlorate
Molecular Formula:C29H29N3O3.2ClO4


Product Name:1-Propanone, 1-(7-methoxy-3-methyl-1H-indol-4-yl)-
Molecular Formula:C13H15NO2

Product Name:Pyrimidine, 4-methyl-2-[6-(2-phenylethenyl)-2-pyridinyl]-, (Z)-
Molecular Formula:C18H15N3


Product Name:Benzenesulfonyl chloride, 2-methyl-5-[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]-
Molecular Formula:C14H13ClO4S2


Product Name:2(1H)-Pyridinone, 5-ethyl-3,4-dihydro-1-[2-[2-[2-hydroxy-1-(hydroxymethyl)ethyl]-1H-indol- 3-yl]ethyl]-
Molecular Formula:C20H26N2O3


Product Name:3,5,8-Undecatrien-2-one, 6,9,10-trimethyl-, (E,Z,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C14H22O


Product Name:2,5-Octadien-1-ol, 3,6,7-trimethyl-, (Z,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C11H20O

Company Information

        About Us: - Vishal Laboratories (ISO 9001:2008) was founded in 2007, as a result of the progressive vision and business insight of Mr. Bhavesh Ghodakiya (M.D.) & Mr. Amit Ghorecha (G.M.). Designed & engineered by a team of highly qualified specialists, the Company started out with the production of 5 to 10 tons / month of various Iodine & Piperazine Derivatives & Other Bulk Drugs, and currently produces well over 25 tons a month of Iodine & Piperazine Derivatives. With a turnover Rs. 150 Lacs per annum, the factory and works of Vishal Laboratories Employs 10 skilled workers, including technical staff and other qualified specialists. Not content to rely on old technologies, Vishal constantly seeks innovative approaches, and adopts latest techniques, employing the next generation equipment installed at the factory for cost-effective & quality products. Vishal owes its astounding success to its commitment to consistent quality standards & excellent customer relations. Vishal's list of customers includes world-renowned Animal Health / Veterinary Nuclear, Anti Radiation, Chemicals & Intermediates, Oil & Natural Gas, Pharmaceuticals Raw Materials, Disinfectants, Raw Materials for Synthesis for Organic / Inorganic Chemicals, Reagent / Laboratory Chemicals, Iodized Salt producers. Trade Membership: - Pharmexcil, IDMA, FICCI, COC etc. , Vishal Laboratories is certified by JAS - ANZ, ISO 9001:2008, Company is continue Committed for System Management and provide best products to consumer. Quality: - Vishal's range of products are manufactured in exact accordance with the Company's own rigid specifications, which are in line with internationally accepted standards and regulations. The synergy of consistent quality, realistic and reasonable pricing, and good customer relations interact to build the Company's corporate strength. Infrastructure: - The entire manufacturing unit occupies a built up area of 400 square metres. The Plant is well laid out to provide economy, operational ease, & efficient processing. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with latest machines and laboratory supported by good analytical equipments, ensuring stringent quality control and thus building customer's confidence in our products. Vishal has deployed highly qualified & experienced chemists provide engender productivity and professionalism in manufacturing bulk drugs and conform to Indian and global specifications.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Amit Ghorecha
Street Address:Shreemad Bhavan, Off.No.SF-37, 3rd Floor, Opp.Kanta Vikash Gruh,
Country: India
Business Type:Manufacturers
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Product Name:Cyclohexanol, 3-[[(1,1-dimethylethyl)dimethylsilyl]oxy]-, trans-
Molecular Formula:C12H26O2Si
Product Name:Cyclohexanemethanol, 2-[[(1,1-dimethylethyl)dimethylsilyl]oxy]-, trans-
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