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CAS No.:142798-78-5
Product Name : 4H-1,3-Benzoxathiin, hexahydro-4,4,7-trimethyl-2-(3-methyl-2-phenyloxiranyl)-
Molecular Formula : C20H28O2S

CAS No.:142798-78-5

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Dongyue Securities
U.S. dollar against the yen daily chart, the recent price rose, but still in shock consolidation 142798-78-5 the market among the suggested investors buy low sell high can the operation. Short-term exchange rate may be further upstream along the test 84.00 resistance, if resistance is encountered in the vicinity 142798-78-5 the place down, investors can try to short the dollar against the yen, if prices break through the bit, the upward trend indicates the beginning 142798-78-5 the exchange rate, investors can buy U.S. dollar against the yen.
U.S. dollar against the yen: dollar rose strongly in early trading in New York tested the daily chart since last May, the downward trend line resistance fell slightly after the correction, but a strong aversion to support the dollar to remain strong. Is supported in the 82.80 dollar fall, the exchange rate on chart indicators tend to rise further. However, only the effective exchange rate trend line break down the resistance can be expected to further test the former high 84.00. Recommended short-term USDJPY lower in the 83.50-82.70 range to buy, effective Powei 40 points stop loss, target range limit.
U.S. dollar against the yen: dollar rose strongly in early trading in New York tested the daily chart since last May, the downward trend line resistance fell slightly after the correction, but a strong aversion to support the dollar to remain strong. Is supported in the 82.80 dollar fall, the exchange rate on chart indicators tend to rise further. However, only the effective exchange rate trend line break down the resistance can be expected to further test the former high 84.00. Buying United States and Japan today, the main proposal, if the exchange rate near the callback to be considering the purchase 142798-78-5 82.70, stop at 82.30, target 83.40,83.80.
Asia World Strategy
New York session on Thursday opened at 82.94 yen, the dollar around. Probe 83.16 in early trading on the exchange rate slightly high point, the U.S. trade deficit widened in January to $ 46.34 billion and for receiving unemployment benefits the week the number increased to 39.7 million dollars to suppress the intraday exchange rate volatility down, late in the period the exchange rate fell to 82.76 low. The current exchange rate to maintain order in the moving average near 100, if the exchange rate to hold onto the top mark in 83.00, the exchange rate may be up to around 84.00.
Cathay Pacific Capital
usdjpy: slightly yesterday after European markets opened with modest gains, high-value expanded to 83.15, but the evening the results 142798-78-5 poor economic indicators published by the dollar downward pressure, the New York market intraday low dropping to 82.76, closing at 82.97. Feet from the Japanese perspective, if you can not stand 83 units, 82 are likely to remain in the background 142798-78-5 the oscillation movement. "Operation 142798-78-5 the proposed" time 142798-78-5 writing the price 82.80. Can be considered short-term dips in the 82 middle, stop located at 82.30, near the top 142798-78-5 the target price 142798-78-5 83.10.
Asian city early today, the Nikkei index opened down 1.3%, market risk aversion continues to diffuse currency, U.S. dollar against the yen pulled back slightly. European and American time, U.S. retail sales will be announced in February, March, University 142798-78-5 Michigan consumer confidence index and January business inventories data, investors can be focused. Day direction: upward tendency. 3 hours chart shows, the overnight break 83 dollar mark but failed despite a steady, indicating that the barrier resistance is more powerful, macd indicator zero axis side double coincidence, no direction, rsi indicator high turn down, but not significant weakening 142798-78-5 the signal. Operational recommendations: do more bargain-hunting, target 83.20, stop 82.60.
the yen exchange rate:
1. Generally the recent yen fell to 84-85 in the range 142798-78-5 bargain hunters.
2. The recent rebound in the yen rallies in the vicinity 142798-78-5 82 integer-based selling.
3. Once effective below 85 yen next integer off, then stop buying yen.
4. If in the future to effectively break the 81 integer-yen, you can buy high catching, see the high line.
King Goodwill that is made
Japan, the dollar fall against the yen remain range-bound on the situation. As investors continue to focus on tensions in the Middle East, watching the market atmosphere, at 82.67-83.17 yen a day off on a narrow range, and post-trade data released by the United States worse than market expectations, hedge funds into yen by the steady . U.S. dollar against the yen still expected geo-political situation and the flow 142798-78-5 funds led movements lack a clear direction, temporary fluctuations in between 82.00-83.50. Today recommended: at 81.80-83.80 yen, buy low sell high between, just earned 100 points, 60 point stop loss. Support 75.40/79.80 86.40/88.80 resistance

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Product Name:1-Pentanone, 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-phenyl-, (3R)-
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Product Name:3,5,8-Undecatrien-2-one, 6,9,10-trimethyl-, (E,Z,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C14H22O


Product Name:2,5-Octadien-1-ol, 3,6,7-trimethyl-, (Z,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C11H20O


Product Name:2,5-Octadienoic acid, 3,6,7-trimethyl-, methyl ester, (Z,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C12H20O2


Product Name:3,5,8-Undecatrien-2-one, 6,9,10-trimethyl-, (E,Z,E)-
Molecular Formula:C14H22O


Product Name:2,5-Octadien-1-ol, 3,6,7-trimethyl-, (Z,E)-
Molecular Formula:C11H20O

Company Information
Fontarome Chemical
Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. Bonnie
Street Address:4170 S. Nevada Avenue
Country: United States
Business Type:
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Molecular Formula:C14H20O