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CAS No.:142798-56-9
Product Name : Cyclohexanol, 3-[[(1,1-dimethylethyl)dimethylsilyl]oxy]-, cis-
Molecular Formula : C12H26O2Si

CAS No.:142798-56-9

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Dongyue Securities
U.S. dollar against the yen on the daily chart, the current exchange rate is in shock consolidation trend among the 84.50 before the price does not exceed anticipated that this trend will continue. In operation, we recommend that investors trading range 142798-56-9 the main band.
U.S. dollar against the yen: dollar / yen by the 100-day moving average 82.60 overall support to maintain range 142798-56-9 shocks, continue to call on chart indicators, the exchange rate held steady at 20 day MA at 83.00 further testing may be above the downtrend line resistance on map . Buying short-term orientation. Buying United States and Japan today, the main proposal, if the exchange rate near the callback to be considering the purchase 142798-56-9 82.60, stop at 82.20, target 83.40,83.80.
x-trade brokers
US-Japan (usdjpy): short-term United States and Japan continue to rise slightly and touched 83.00 was near. Overall, the U.S. and Japan is expected to continue to maintain short-term rising trend, the session can still be considered a callback to do more is expected today, is expected to exceed 83.00 integer relations.
U.S. dollar against the yen: dollar / yen by the 100-day moving average 82.60 overall support to maintain range 142798-56-9 shocks, continue to call on chart indicators, the exchange rate held steady at 20 day MA at 83.00 further testing may be above the downtrend line resistance on map . Buying short-term orientation. Today, near the US-Japan proposal to buy the 82.30 target at 83.00 near the open, stop in 81.80 below.
Cathay Pacific Capital
usdjpy: 82 yesterday to maintain the basic background 142798-56-9 high oscillation. Tokyo market intraday ascribed to 82.92, but failed to break through 83.00, then dropped slightly, the New York session low 82.57, closing at 82.73. Feet from the Japanese perspective, there should be room for growth, but only to effectively break the 83.00 mark and stand firm. Hour chart shows support at the bottom were 82.60,82.20 nearby. "Operation 142798-56-9 the proposed" time 142798-56-9 writing the price 82.70. 82.20 - 83.10 range today, attention can be considered near the upper limit 142798-56-9 the range 142798-56-9 selling, buying near the lower limit, the effective range will break soon stop watching.
Asian city early today, Japan's latest fourth-quarter gdp data as a whole is expected to push the dollar lower against the yen to rise further. Investors can focus on the U.S. trade account and the last week in January, seasonally adjusted initial jobless claims and other data, also need attention to stock market risk sentiment for guidance. Day direction: upward tendency. 3 hours chart shows, macd indicator two-party zero-axis high overlap, rsi indicator 50 finishing position above the shock. Operational recommendations: do more bargain-hunting, target 83.10, stop 82.50.
King Goodwill that is made
Japan, the Bank 142798-56-9 Japan's quantitative easing measures and strong government encouragement, the local economy picked up slightly, exports have significantly improved. The latest February 20, 2002 the first trade surplus 4,664.2 billion yen, compared with 4.3 times last year soared. However, the yen fundamentals remains bleak. In addition, the Middle East will also bring capital back to Japan, to bring support for the recent exchange rate, I believe is suitable to absorb the level 142798-56-9 83.5. Today recommended: at 81.80-83.80 yen, buy low sell high between, just earned 100 points, 60 point stop loss. Support 75.40/79.80 86.40/88.80 resistance
Bank 142798-56-9 China Beijing Branch
technical analysis point 142798-56-9 view, the U.S. dollar against the yen held steady around 81.50 last week in a row, can be regarded as short-term support; and not far below the 81 mark integer is the low hit in early, if the support negative, the next important support will be directed at the 80-bit integer.

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Molecular Formula:C11H20O


Product Name:2,5-Octadienoic acid, 3,6,7-trimethyl-, methyl ester, (E,Z)-
Molecular Formula:C12H20O2

Company Information
Changzhou Chemical Plant

        Being one of the leading enterprises of Changzhou Changhua Chemical Group. Changzhou Cheical Plant is a chemical complex with the rights to import & export. Changzhou Chemical Plant now has such three branch plants as Xiangtong Plant, Dashun Plant and Heat-Power Plant. It can produce HCl of 36%, Trichlortoluene, Mocuchloric Acid, O-Chlorobenzadehide, Compound Polyols, Defoam Agent and Hydrogen Gas for filling, etc. The Plant is equipped with a heat power electric station which is allocated for use among Group enterprises. The Plant invested in recent years and held The Northwest Chemical Co., Ltd in lnner Mongolia which has become Group's raw material production basis for big need of acetylene. It also holds the famous chloro-alkali enterprise-Jiangsu Jaingdong Chemical Co.Ltd. Changzhou Chmical Plant sticks to its production and marketing ideas as 'Scientific management, High quality products, Continued development and Customer's satisfaction'. It will always carries out the Group's enterprise spirit as 'Study hard, Exceed myself, Pursue the first and March together'. Changzhou Chemical Plant will actively try to found out the way to develop circulation economy and make contribution to the devolpment and the stability of the our society through repeated innovations.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Changzhouchem
Street Address:No.302 North Changjiang Road, Weitang Town, New North Area, Changzhou, China.
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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