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CAS No.:141499-28-7
Product Name : Ethanethioic acid, S-(1-formyl-4-pyrazolidinyl) ester
Molecular Formula : C6H10N2O2S

CAS No.:141499-28-7

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CHICAGO (Editor He Lili) - today's market
Shanghai zinc finished lower today, intraday diving in the afternoon to maintain low volatility. Main 1102 contract opened at 20,945 yuan / ton, up 21,160 yuan / ton, the lowest 20,355 yuan / ton to close at 20,560 yuan / ton, down 440 yuan / ton, down 2.1%. Shanghai zinc index volume increased 671,000 to 1.661 million hand hand, hand positions increased 38,628 to 53.2 million contracts. Shanghai stock price 19,800 yuan / ton, down 150 points. London Asian trading session following the Shanghai zinc zinc lower, as Beijing 08 鏃?15:00, lmes zinc 3 closing price 141499-28-7 $ 2,507, the dollar index 76.948 points. lme zinc stockpiles increased by 50 tons, the total stock to 633,300 tons.
economic data, nonfarm payrolls in October, the chain rose more than expected, and obviously, this is the United States since May this year, employment growth in the first chain. Meanwhile, the third straight month the unemployment rate at 9.6%; National Association 141499-28-7 Realtors (nar) said in a report Friday, the United States in September pending home sales unexpectedly fell, indicating that the housing market will take a long time be improved.
5 Bank 141499-28-7 Japan interest rate decision announcement, announcement that the overnight interest rates unchanged at 0-0.1%, maintaining the scale 141499-28-7 asset purchases unchanged at 5 trillion, delayed relaxation 141499-28-7 monetary policy. Bank 141499-28-7 Japan said that Japan's economy suggests a moderate signs 141499-28-7 recovery, but recovery seems to pause, be aware 141499-28-7 downside risks to the Japanese economy.
Zhou Xiaochuan said recently that, for the entry 141499-28-7 "hot money", China can take measures to hedge the total. In other words, if short-term speculative capital inflows, by this measure put it in the "pool" where, without any spread to the whole 141499-28-7 the Chinese real economy.
market analysis
Friday the U.S. Labor Department data showed non-farm employment growth better than expected, but the unemployment rate remain high, a stronger dollar, lme pressure Gaokaidizou base metals, zinc closed cross Yinxian London, rose slightly continue to stand above 2,500 points. Today, the domestic commodity market trends apparent differentiation, basic metal ignore the stock market rising trend, the current decline in general, and agricultural products are favored by the funds, rose sharply. Shanghai zinc turbulent, early rising trend was maintained, but the disk mass commodity markets diving, followed by Shanghai zinc fell in the afternoon also failed to recover losses, to maintain low volatility. Spot market, although today with the period 141499-28-7 the spot price 141499-28-7 zinc fell, but not downstream procurement prices fall warm, near the Asian Games, limit production will inhibit the downstream purchase, buyers and sellers stalemate, traded flat. Shanghai zinc dollar rebound today to the decline. The recent London and Shanghai zinc inventories are zinc have increased, the spot price stagflation, Shanghai zinc involvement in the weak fundamentals, in the performance 141499-28-7 base metals in the most vulnerable, while the more highly speculative but also determine its role in leading the decline led . Technically, today received Yinxian Shanghai zinc, covering the previous upward gap, below the 5 junction with the 10 day moving average to obtain support. Awash in liquidity and inflation expected to heat up in the context 141499-28-7 Shanghai zinc rose trend has not changed. However, National Bureau 141499-28-7 Statistics will release on Thursday October economic data, now widely believed that China cpi October will exceed 4.0%, compared with September, at least 0.4 percentage points, the central bank again raised concerns about the introduction 141499-28-7 control policies, guard against policy risk. Operation, the proposed pre-reduction 141499-28-7 more than one, concerns the support 141499-28-7 20000. (Wing Futures Institute Hou)

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Product Name:Propanenitrile, 2-[4-[2-chloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2,4 -triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorophenoxy]phenoxy]-
Molecular Formula:C19H14ClF3N4O3


Product Name:Propanoic acid, 2-[3-[2-chloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2,4 -triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorophenoxy]phenoxy]-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H19ClF3N3O5


Product Name:Propanoic acid, 2-[3-chloro-4-[2-chloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo- 1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorophenoxy]phenoxy]-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H18Cl2F3N3O5


Product Name:Propanoic acid, 2-[2-chloro-4-[2-chloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo- 1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorophenoxy]phenoxy]-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H18Cl2F3N3O5


Product Name:Propanoic acid, 2-[5-[2-chloro-5-[4-(difluoromethyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1H-1,2,4 -triazol-1-yl]-4-fluorophenoxy]-2-nitrophenoxy]-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C21H18ClF3N4O7

Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, 4-methyl-N-(2-oxo-3-phenylcyclohepta[b]pyrrol-1(2H)-yl)-
Molecular Formula:C22H18N2O3S


Product Name:Cyclohepta[b]pyrrol-2(1H)-one, 3-phenyl-1-(phenylamino)-
Molecular Formula:C21H16N2O


Product Name:Cyclohepta[b]pyrrol-2(1H)-one, 1-(4-bromophenyl)-3-phenyl-
Molecular Formula:C21H14BrNO


Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-(3-chloro-2-oxocyclohepta[b]pyrrol-1(2H)-yl)-4-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C16H13ClN2O3S


Product Name:Cyclohepta[b]pyrrol-2(1H)-one, 3-chloro-1-(phenylamino)-
Molecular Formula:C15H11ClN2O

Company Information
contact us :Hyacinth@hanhonggroup.com MSN:zhuangjinlin@sina.com  
Hanhong Group is a professional enterprise engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting unnatural amino acids ,nucleosides, nucleotides, chiral chemicals and other fine chemicals in China, owning several branch companies.     Shanghai Hanhong Chemical Co., LTD. is the core member of Hanhong Group. It is the window to the world of Hanhong Group products. It is business includes sales, R&D and manufacturing kilograms chemicals. It has owned a lot of senior researchers, including doctors, professors and experts of organic chemistry for R&D and process control. The company has built R&D center in the Universities, and has established pilot plant owning over 50 sets of various reactors from 10L-5000L.      Binhai Hanhong Biochemical Co., LTD. is the total venture company of Shanghai Hanhong Chemical Co., Ltd., mainly produces pesticides, dyestuffs, pharmaceutical materials and their intermediates. It is located in Yancheng Coastal Chemical Zone, which is the famous chemical zone in China. It covers an area of 35,000m2 including four multifunction chemical plants, one pilot plant, one waste water treating plant and labs. The company has 80 employees. There are over 40 sets of reactors from 50L-8000L.It possesses such advanced analytic instruments as HPLC, GC, HPCE and etc.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. zhuangjinlin
Street Address:Room 207,Zenghe Building ,Jiachuan Road 245, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
City:shang hai
Province:shang hai
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
Fax:+21 54291107
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Molecular Formula:C38H44FN3O2.ClH
Product Name:1H-Imidazole-4-carboxamide, N-(2-methylpropyl)-N-4-piperidinyl-
Molecular Formula:C13H22N4O
Product Name:1H-Imidazole-4-carboxamide, N-methyl-N-4-piperidinyl-
Molecular Formula:C10H16N4O
Product Name:2(1H)-Quinolinone, 5-hydroxy-8-(phenylmethoxy)-
Molecular Formula:C16H13NO3
Product Name:Propanamide, N-[5-(acetyloxy)-2-(phenylmethoxy)phenyl]-3,3-dimethoxy-
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