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CAS No.:141494-02-2
Product Name : 1,1(2H)-Pentalenedicarbonitrile, hexahydro-3-oxo-, cis-
Molecular Formula : C10H10N2O

CAS No.:141494-02-2

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CHICAGO (edit Zhiwei) - 1109 14 Zheng sugar shock to adjust the contract, to close a small negative k-line, to 7532 yuan / ton opened, the highest price 141494-02-2 7604 yuan / ton, the lowest 7438 / t to 7475 yuan / ton closing. Volume increased to 698,522 hand positions increased to 462 928 2070 hand-hand.
As the price 141494-02-2 sugar has failed to effectively break Thursday 33 cents / lb, with a stronger dollar put pressure on the sugar market, sugar Shangwang bearish sentiment in the context 141494-02-2 breeding, ice sugar market on Friday turned down raw sugar futures prices , close disk prices fall across the board. Day 141494-02-2 1103 about the price 141494-02-2 sugar plummeted 75 points (-2.3%) to close at 31.30 cents / lb; 1105 while sugar prices plummeted about 80 points (2.6%), to 29.39 cents / lb at close.
international front, the Mexican Sugar Management Association said recently that, as 141494-02-2 January 29, the Mexican sugar production increased by 25 percent to 1.82 million tons, compared with 168 million tons forecast Association 9%. On a sugar cane harvest time was pushed back, as 141494-02-2 January 29, 1.45 million tons 141494-02-2 sugar communist country.
domestic front, there shot up in early trading today after Liuzhou wholesale market down trend, closing the morning when the price increases in addition to 032 contract, the other contract prices 18--53 per month 141494-02-2 decline, due this week Settlement 141494-02-2 the 023 contract closing price 7302 yuan morning, quote the previous trading day down $ 45, this impact, the main producing areas today around the spot price slightly lower linkage, the sugar group Shunjiaxiaoshou, generally subdued over deal . Follows:
Liuzhou: brokers offer 7350--7360 yuan / ton, quoted last week, six down 30 yuan / ton, volume was light. Sugar Group Shunjiaxiaoshou, transactions in general.
Nanning: brokers today offer 7340-7350 yuan / ton, down six from last week quoted 20-30 yuan / ton, in general. Sugar Group Shunjiaxiaoshou, transactions in general.
main domestic sugar producing areas 141494-02-2 Guangxi meteorological conditions -
today's day and night, the region cloudy to cloudy, cold has frozen the local mountains. Around the minimum temperature: cold mountain -1 ~ 1 鈩? northern Guangxi 2 ~ 5 鈩? Guinan 6 ~ 9 鈩? Nanning: during the day to night, cloudy, northeasterly 1-2 level, maximum temperature 14 鈩? minimum temperature 141494-02-2 8 鈩?
Technically, Zheng sugar contract 1109 by the impact 141494-02-2 external shocks plate fell down, but strong support for stock index futures sharply bullish sentiment, Zheng sugar futures price does not significantly decline. Short-term price shocks upstream along the 10 day moving average, expected to continue. Operation, a temporary wait and see, day trading based. (Investor Futures Research: Xiao Yongzhi)

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Product Name:Carbamic acid, [2-(dipentylamino)-2-oxo-1-(1H-tetrazol-5-ylmethyl)ethyl]-, 1,1-dimethylethyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C19H36N6O3

Company Information
Synthesia, a.s.
We are a major European manufacturer active in the area of speciality chemicals, backed up by more than eighty years of tradition. In our territory of an area of 4.4 km2 we employ more than 2,100 employees. The turnover of Synthesia, a.s. in the 2007 fiscal year was in excess of € 126 million. Our business activities are targeted at three market segments: advanced organic intermediates, cellulose derivatives and pigments & dyestuffs.

Synthesia’s organisational set-up reflects this extensive product portfolio, dividing the company into three strategic production-commercial units (SBU = Strategic Business Unit) - Organic Chemistry (Organics), Nitrocellulose, Pigments and Dyestuffs. SBUs are units featuring a great deal of independence, while internally applying a centralised management pattern.

Key customers of Synthesia, a.s. include mainly the processors of dyestuffs and pigments for the textile industry, tanneries, paper mills, pharmaceutical concerns, armament companies, cosmetic producers and companies active in agriculture.

The structure of the Synthesia, a.s. production is pre-programmed to serve not only the domestic market, since three quarters of its production volume is intended for export to advanced European markets or overseas markets.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Synthesia
Street Address:Pardubice ?p. 103 532 17 Pardubice – Semtín Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic
Zip:532 17
Business Type:Manufacturers
Tel:+420 466 821 111
Fax:+420 466 821 020
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Molecular Formula:C8H14Cl3NO
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