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CAS No.:114414-62-9
Product Name : Glycine, N-[O-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-tyrosyl]-D-ser yl]-
Molecular Formula : C26H33N3O8

CAS No.:114414-62-9

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鈻?Reporters Liu Ziyu text / diagram from the bottom 114414-62-9 Yunnan
2009 骞?5 16, the former girlfriend Wangjia Fei Li Changkui pinch halo rape murder, Wang Jiafei 3-year-old brother were also royal red fall to their deaths in front 114414-62-9 Li Changkui put down.
Subsequently, Li Changkui claim over the Jinsha River on the fly, fled from Yunnan, Sichuan.
Wang Jiafei killed 4 days later, Li Changkui into four Chuan Puge County, surrendered to the police station.
Li Changkui mother CHEN Li village to figure out why his son killed have loved.
Since then, due to Li Changkui poverty, unable to pay compensation. Government ready to cover the Li Changkui marriage room brick, cement, steel bars and forced to sell cattle and sheep, for the dead Wangjia Fei, Wang Hong siblings built two graves, graves arrived on the price 114414-62-9 2 dollars per brick.
murder: "a big blow, kill"
2009 骞?5 16, 14:30 Xu.
is Qiaojia County, Zhaotong City, Shigeru rent rural village party branch meeting parrot Biao, deputy secretary Xu should be a phone call startled. Village committee members with a rapid voice shouting Yang Jialiang: "a big blow, kill it!"
Conference content is recorded Xu Biao was to be "put down the pen, his mind a blank moment", after which he immediately asked: "You make it clear that point, where the kill?"
Xu Biao again be asked, the tension over the Yang Jialiang to react, and then be told Xu Biao, the murder occurred in the village: the villagers Wang Jiafei its year-old brother was killed by the Royal Red.
Zhougui Qing Li Changkui murder is the last village before the meet. He said the incident that day, when he met the cattle wearing white clothes and shoes, from the outside back 114414-62-9 the Li Changkui.
Huangguoshu they went to the one under the shade, the Li Changkui alone leave. Zhou Guiqing said he saw Li Changkui not directly home, but went to the Wang Jiafei the door, then saw the royal door 114414-62-9 the ditch was extended a hand, but not see who's hand, then saw Li Changkui bent.
about half an hour later, Zhougui Qing Wang passed the door, found the ditch with a pair 114414-62-9 red sandals. According to Li Changkui later confessed, when he had killed Wang Jiafei.
Wangjia Fei's brother Wang Jiachong first back to his home. He found the home front and back doors were locked, then climbed over 1 meter high earth walls.
"then the room door to see two Bowang Yan Jin a lot 114414-62-9 blood, and then I entered the main room, and saw his sister and brother lying there." Wangjia Chong said Wang Jiafei and royal red neck and strangled by a rope tied to . He bent down and trembling, with a careful touch 114414-62-9 a finger under the nose 114414-62-9 his sister Wang Jiafei found that people have cut off the gas.
Wangjia Fei's mother, CHEN Li-back gold from the outside, that 19-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son was killed on the spot in a faint.
Jinsha River side 114414-62-9 this humble village, pan fried instantly.
Dispute: Before the incident, the two are negotiating
three hours after the incident, skillfully handling home county Public Security Bureau police walk along the steep cliffs rushed to the scene, and initially to determine the perpetrators 114414-62-9 the same village Li Changkui.
In fact, three hours before the incident, Lee and Wang engaged in a dispute mediation. Parrot village committee members Yangjia Liang, CHEN Li-Li Changkui towards the family and Wang Jiafei about the family to the village the other end 114414-62-9 the power plant ditch negotiations.
The cause 114414-62-9 the negotiations is that Li Changkui brother Li Changgui in the collection 114414-62-9 "thing" people more time-consuming fund-raising water pipe Wang received 20 dollars, causing the mother CHEN Li-Jin Wang Jiafei dissatisfaction. CHEN Li Jin and Li Changgui home in theory, they spat, then CHEN Li Li Changgui gold was injured.
In fact, Li, Wang two are close relatives. CHEN Li-Li Changkui village and the deceased's mother's mother, CHEN Li-Jin Wang Jiafei are cousins, feeling very good. "Busy, we two will help each other." CHEN Li Village, said.
rape and murder in Lichang Kui Wang Jiafei time, two still in mediation, Wang Li.
until 14 o'clock, Li Changkui the sudden emergence 114414-62-9 mediation was halted.
that time, and Royal is "negotiation" Li Changgui couples rush to see is "escape" the younger brother Li Changkui the bloodstains on the nose and mouth, it will catch up to ask what happened.
Li Changkui two fingers, with the sister said: "I am down two 114414-62-9 the whole."
Li Changgui was shocked, and immediately ran with the village committee members said: "My brother may kill."
feelings: the deceased had been in love with the murderer
Lichang Kui Wang Jiafei the news 114414-62-9 the rape and murder 114414-62-9 villagers surprised parrot.
Li Changkui mother CHEN Li village has to figure out how his son would kill a loved one. CHEN Li village in memory 114414-62-9 his son Li Changkui more than once with reference to his own and Wang Jiafei in love, and have been living together when working in Kunming: "He said, my mother always said you can not discuss my wife, Wang Jiafei now and I with it. "
villager who declined to be named, also said that they had previously talked about love.
However, this argument is Wangjia Fei's brother Wang Jiachong denied: "just work together, not living together." Wang Jiachong work in Kunming in 2008 when he wound up doing in the hands 114414-62-9 contractors to do whitewashing 114414-62-9 Li Changkui workers.
is the year, Li Zhou Tianxiang find a matchmaker to propose marriage to Wang.
According to both recalls that Li Wang with sugar and fruit to propose marriage, Wang was rejected.
Lichang Kui's mother, cousin CHEN Li Kim had told her, do not want their daughters married into the village, wanted his daughter married into the city, leaving the mountains, it rejected the marriage.
CHEN Li-Jin, but do not think so, she felt bad character Lee family.
Previously, Wang Jiafei's family refused to recognize the two talked about love. But on July 11, Express reporter asked again whether they talked about love before, the Wangjia Fei's brother Wang Jiachong admitted: "Yes." Then he added, "but then talk about the."
Wangjia Chong said that their families do not like Lichang Kui, Wang Jiafei also do not want to talk about it.
controversy: kill the idea because 114414-62-9 disputes or feelings?
Wang Jiachong previous statements to the media, Li Changkui because 114414-62-9 a dispute the two had killed Wang Jiafei.
Li Changkui argued that he was not premeditated revenge killings, because Wang Jiafei called him back to deal with feelings and family matters, in the negotiations, Wang Jiafei first beat 114414-62-9 their own, He's anger will eventually kill each other.
be the first instance court-appointed defense lawyer for the Li Changkui Tangxing Yong said Li Changkui murder "because that baby girl to break, Li Changkui just kill her."
Zhaotong in Yunnan Provincial High Court and also with reference to the verdict, Li Changkui and Wang Jiafei tangled feelings exist.
Royal does not endorse this, they always occur because 114414-62-9 two disputes and murder.
time 114414-62-9 the incident, the two are to negotiate the dispute. That time, the village committee members mediate the coordination 114414-62-9 this one CHEN Li told reporters that North Korea has for the Express, in fact, before the onset 114414-62-9 the Li Changkui, that Li Changkui attack, the two come to an end the mediation. "The two almost said yes, and soon to talk over."
ending: marriage room brick tomb puzzle
19-year-old Wang Jiafei and 3-year-old royal red dead.
royal grief, decided to bury Wang Jiafei and Royal Red. However, re-intensification 114414-62-9 contradictions.
Wangjia Chong said they the next day (May 17, 2009) to Lee, Lee requested funeral expenses out 114414-62-9 50,000 yuan, Li Changgui but was refused. Li Changkui father Lishun Xiang said: "People are killing our family, but our family had no money."
Royal thoroughly enraged the afternoon, the two royal bodies carried to the front 114414-62-9 Lee.
village cadres and cadres 114414-62-9 county and township levels were initially involved. After repeated coordination, Lee eventually unable to take the money compensation. Helpless, Mao township people's government decided to rent the sale 114414-62-9 Lee's force open steel, cement, bricks, sheep and other property.
Lichang Kui's mother, said, steel, cement and bricks, is ready to cover his son had bought the marriage room. "He's willing and Wang Jiafei married, bought a brick out specifically from the mountains, ready to cover the marriage room."
However, Wang finally arrived with the price 114414-62-9 two dollars per brick red to Wangjia Fei and Wang puzzle 114414-62-9 two graves, and graves on the fields in Lee from Lee less than 100 meters.
Now this grave has been covered with white flowers.
"I am riding a tiger, but the death penalty is time to change"
Yunnan Province, vice president 114414-62-9 that high, not the way to kill the public carnival
鈻?Express reporter Liu Ziyu Duli dimension from the bottom 114414-62-9 Yunnan
Zhaotong man raped and killed 19-year-old girl Wangjia Fei Li Changkui after the turn 114414-62-9 their 3-year-old brother burned to death.
Subsequently, Li Changkui gave himself up in Sichuan. The family 114414-62-9 the deceased will not be accepted surrender, eventually to become his "amnesty."
2010 骞?7 15, Zhaotong City Intermediate People's Court 114414-62-9 intentional murder, rape, sentenced Li Changkui death. However, the Yunnan Provincial Higher People's Court case, the commuted Li Changkui reprieve.
reason is - they have voluntarily surrendered themselves.
This decision eventually led to a media storm hit the country, and was known as the "race home Xin" case (surpass Xin drug house).
Yunnan Provincial Higher People's Court has thus been pushed to the cusp.
In that case, the maximum difference between the two judgments, the Court 114414-62-9 First Instance that, although voluntarily surrendered themselves, but shall not be given a lighter punishment. Court 114414-62-9 second instance is identified voluntarily surrendered themselves, and this as an important basis for commuted reprieve.
this "surrender", whether the law could reduce or lighter punishment surrender? "Surrender" can become "amnesty"?
Yesterday, vice president 114414-62-9 the Yunnan Provincial Higher People's Court has accepted the fields into the Express reporters.
what he says is: Carnival 114414-62-9 the way the public can not kill, Sharenchangming old ideas have to make a change.
carnival 114414-62-9 the way the public law 114414-62-9 homicide is tarnished
press as reporter, online public opinion poll shows that 97.61% 114414-62-9 the users requirements sentenced Li Changkui death, 1.39% 114414-62-9 users support the Yunnan Provincial High Court sentenced to death, 1% 114414-62-9 the users that can not say.
Yunnan Provincial High pressure 114414-62-9 public opinion will soon be overwhelmed. "Death" seems to be the only means 114414-62-9 appeasement.
However, the Yunnan Provincial Higher People's Court or the vice president 114414-62-9 field into a table 114414-62-9 the state: "This country needs a calm, be calm in this nation, this is a community to vent their emotions, but such a feeling for the national law, should be calm, we will not because everyone Hansha, and easily hastily away a person's life. "
Tian Cheng has said he is really a great pressure, but "commute or not commute, not one person, and can not be angry because we, on the random killing 114414-62-9 a person, the court will listen to the views, including public, media, academia but in the end, the trial or to the state's law as a benchmark. "
"some 114414-62-9 the social need to be more rational, the public must not be in a carnival-like approach to a person sentenced to death, this is the law 114414-62-9 the stain."
death penalty is time to change the
"10 years later look at the case, perhaps there will be many new ideas." This is a field into a knowledge 114414-62-9 the case. "We had so much pressure on the top, but 10 years after the case is certainly a benchmark, a classic."
Tian Cheng has said that the reason to take reprieve, also based on the Supreme Court has clearly defined: for marriage and family, neighborhood disputes, intensified civil conflict caused by intentional homicide for the death penalty must be very careful.
Why the Supreme Court in recent years has been that "small kill," "cautious kill" is to give humanity and human rights. "We can not be indifferent, did not like was hasty sentenced to death, Sharenchangming old ideas to make a change." Tian Cheng has said.
In his view, to reduce the death penalty has become a trend, at this stage we can not re-use 114414-62-9 torture, which is slavery, feudalism and backward methods.
There is a feeling 114414-62-9 riding a tiger
Turning to the pressure 114414-62-9 public opinion, the field also say that they have become very difficult. As a law enforcement, there is a feeling 114414-62-9 riding a tiger.
He said: "speak the truth, I am not for Li Changkui personal intercession, Li Changkui and I do not have any relationship, I was as a law enforcement about the case itself, but, the verdict is not out after a person is after 27 Name 114414-62-9 the High Court from the Judicial Committee members to discuss. "
He also stressed that users understand the objections raised by the verdict, but it is a question 114414-62-9 ideals, is Sharenchangming traditional and modern sense 114414-62-9 the concept 114414-62-9 justice, national criminal policy differences, which are to be open to explore.
鈻?expert opinion
case should be stressed that "can not be lighter" side
Vision East, the National Association 114414-62-9 Criminal Defense Bar Committee, 1999-2003 as the Supreme Tribunal judges.
Vision East that is not appropriate commuted reprieve. Law, must be dealt with leniently than surrender, surrender just a lighter ground. Note that, is "can be lighter," not "should be lighter." That all depends on circumstances 114414-62-9 the crime, if the circumstances 114414-62-9 the case was particularly bad, with particular cruelty, the consequences are especially severe, great resentments, then, we can not mechanically lighter.
In his view, the case was premeditated, prepared the crime, unlike the case 114414-62-9 family medicine Xin, as is unexpected traffic incidents caused by the killings, which the middle ages there is the problem. "Li Changkui this case, we want to stress is not a lighter side."
or to retain the death penalty
Yangxue Lin, Beijing well-known lawyer, Li Zhuang case defense counsel.
Yangxue Lin believes that the concept 114414-62-9 the court to reduce the death sentence is right. But the choice 114414-62-9 this case is not appropriate as a typical case.
case the dispute is said to have feelings inside, but not directly involved in a relationship with a child murderer, so classified as "family neighborhood dispute" and thus reduce the verdict is not appropriate.
The case again raised by the abolition 114414-62-9 the death penalty controversy, Yang Xuelin that did not abolish the death penalty in the present case, to minimize the death penalty, to retain the death penalty, gradually reduce the future abolition.
He calls for the gradual abolition 114414-62-9 sub-types 114414-62-9 cases. "But now there is no need to cut the cut, one 114414-62-9 the reasons is that the High Court over the country in reducing the death penalty on the control, the standard is not the same."
He believes that the death penalty certainly be abolished. However, according to China's specific conditions, temporarily or to retain the death penalty.
WCC: Li Changkui case, justice can not stand the twists and turns
Yangzi Evening News: Xin drug house sentenced to death, who are charged with two death-free life 114414-62-9 Li Changkui Why
Beijing News: stay 114414-62-9 execution has led to public questioning why the sentence. Blkcomment pa: link {text-decoration: none}. Blkcomment pa: hover {text-decoration: underline}
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