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CAS No.:112561-44-1
Product Name : L-Valine, N-[5-ethenyl-4-hydroxy-5,9-dimethyl-1-oxo-4-(1H-pyrrol-2-yl)-8-decenyl]- N-methyl-, methyl ester
Molecular Formula : C25H40N2O4

CAS No.:112561-44-1

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lme 112561-44-1 showing a lead in September plunged the trend 112561-44-1 decline moderate on the mid-to late continuous huge slump, hit a year low 112561-44-1 $ 1,800 / ton. National Day five trading days during the basic maintenance 112561-44-1 a weak shock.
Figure 1: LME three-month lead k chartThree-month lead picture shows the lme k line charts. (Source: CHICAGO) Click here to view all News PhotosBr_ | Domestic Shanghai lead in September also shows a substantial downward trend, with the 1109 contract for delivery, Shanghai lead to completion 112561-44-1 the contract life cycle, the first since listing. Shanghai lead in the doldrums, trading volume continued to September there have been daily limit, but the turnover is still insufficient to achieve the Stock Exchange announced the ranking criteria 112561-44-1 the main positions.
Figure 2: Shanghai Lead 1111 contract k chartThe picture shows the Shanghai Lead 1111 contract date k line charts. (Source: CHICAGO) Click here to view all News Photos| Br_ the last trading day in Shanghai Lead 1109 contract, announced in the previous period's top 20 members for the 1109 Shanghai lead contract positions as follows:
Figure 3: Top 20 member positions summary (unit: hands)The picture shows the ranking member 20 positions summary. (Source: shfe the mid-Shanghai) Click here to view the pictures 112561-44-1 all the financial newsThe second part 112561-44-1 fundamental analysis
According to the statistics 112561-44-1 the International Lead and Zinc Study Group, the first seven months this year, the global lead market supply surplus 112561-44-1 127,000 tons. January to July this year, the global refined lead production was the use 112561-44-1 5.67 million tons, 5.253 million tons a year earlier. Global refined lead production was 5.797 million tons, 5.31 million tons a year earlier.Br_ | Figure 4: Global monthly lead ingots supply and demand changes (tons)The picture shows the global supply and demand changes in monthly lead ingots map. (Source: ilzsg the mid-Shanghai) Click here to view the pictures 112561-44-1 all the financial news
LME Lead stocks in September compared with August has increased, mainly canceled warrants ratio lower in August may be affected by the stock soared to 320,000 tons or so from the beginning 112561-44-1 October 7, over 380 thousand tons. Proportion 112561-44-1 canceled warrants continue to decline in September, the stock 112561-44-1 late to maintain a high probability.
Figure 5: LME lead stocks (unit: tons)The picture shows the lme lead stock charts. (Source: CHICAGO) Click here to view all News Photos
National Bureau 112561-44-1 Statistics data show that the lead in refined production was 394,000 tons in August. Customs data show that China's imports 112561-44-1 lead concentrates in August was 141,300 tons, ring more than 90,100 tons in July increased by 56.87%, and imported a total 112561-44-1 892,300 tons in the previous August, up by 0.71%.
Figure 6: the domestic refined lead monthly yield comparison chartThe picture shows the monthly domestic refined lead production comparison chart. (Source: National Bureau 112561-44-1 Statistics, Shanghai mid-term) Click here to view the pictures 112561-44-1 all the financial newsBr_ | spot price, with the futures market run, the domestic spot price quotation gradually follow the futures price movements, the futures prices to guide the spot price.Br_ | Figure 7: Lead the domestic spot price chart (Unit: yuan / ton)The picture shows the domestic spot price 112561-44-1 lead charts. (Source: smm, Shanghai mid-term) Click here to view the pictures 112561-44-1 all the financial newsThe third part 112561-44-1 the market outlook outlook
recent supply and demand relationship 112561-44-1 the dominant lead price trend is not the lead industry, but the market 112561-44-1 the world's macro-economic expectations. Since last month, the U.S. debt ceiling controversy after this month, the European debt crisis intensified, the latest economic data in Greece serious lower than expected, the euro zone rescue plan because 112561-44-1 the parties to the bargaining has yet to specific measures introduced. International rating agencies launched a series 112561-44-1 downward rating sovereign credit rating on the euro-zone countries as well as many commercial banks. Dexia became the first European European debt crisis faced by the reorganization 112561-44-1 the bank. Europe is suffering from a continuing crisis.Br_ | as the world's economic locomotive in the United States economy is not optimistic economic data have been facing the U.S. economy since the 2008 financial crisis since the risk 112561-44-1 recession in the second, some economists even pointed out that the U.S. economy has begun to secondary bottom.
Lead fundamentals data show oversupply is still present the main theme. Therefore, when the market gloom and doom on the world economy, lead prices fell rapidly, while lead prices can not rebound quickly when the market sentiment eased, but low volatility.The | br_ We expect that the current international financial market is a huge risk, the recent Lead prices appear easy to fall hard up, investors should exercise caution and avoid blindly buy the dips.
Shanghai mid-term

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Company Information
Tianjin Xintaiweiyuan Chemical Co

Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. elisey
Street Address:Tai he du shi industrial park ,Da ming street. Xi qing. district. Tianjin city China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Buying office
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