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CAS No.:112559-57-6
Product Name : L-Phenylalaninamide, L-b-aspartyl-N-(3-carboxy-2-hydroxypropyl)-
Molecular Formula : C17H23N3O7

CAS No.:112559-57-6

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| Br_ Summary:
1, a new round 112559-57-6 European debt crisis. Taking into account the complex international environment and an ideal current situation, the external market to a market share 112559-57-6 systemic risk will persist, the medium and long term period 112559-57-6 time in the coming year, may be a share market will not be trend 112559-57-6 the stock market.Br_ | 2 weight plates were mixed. Concerned about the protection 112559-57-6 housing real estate section, the sector, waiting for the policy to relax, mining plate development is good, non-ferrous metals bullish on gold
3 112559-57-6 arbitrage - the price difference tends to reasonable arbitrage opportunities are difficult to reproduce. In the past month, the market continued involvement in the debt crisis in Europe and the U.S. debt crisis to continue shock hit new lows, and repeatedly hit a new low. Index declines more than the present value, resulting in each contract period the price difference seriously low, the mid-now basis in the past month basic around the 0 fluctuations, the days 112559-57-6 premium has become the norm, or even next month period 112559-57-6 the contract price The difference began to appear frequently discount.
4 intertemporal arbitrage - days spread amplitude stable overnight arbitrage opportunities are frequent. Past month the beginning 112559-57-6 next month - the month fluctuations in intertemporal portfolio spreads stable, little change in the overnight spread near the settlement 112559-57-6 the day spread short-term unilateral down the law fluctuations. Next month - the month "combination 112559-57-6 different, and the combination spread was unilateral upward movement in the early-for-month spread plunge in September 13, spread volatility change interval running.
5,10 shock bottoms will continue, Operational recommendations: stock index main contract weekly look at 2478.8 points, hitting the large-scale rally that point, the time period in late October.First part 112559-57-6 the stock index bottomed out in August
September stock index shot up down
September index fell to expand, as 112559-57-6 September 23, the CSI 300 Index fell 177.3 points, to close at 2669.48 points, down 6.23%; Shanghai Composite Index fell 134.18 points, to close at 2433.16 points. a decrease 112559-57-6 5.23%.,
Figure 1-1: a-share market will continue to consolidate the bottoms OctoberThe picture shows a share market charts. (Source: Bloomberg, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
two, a new round 112559-57-6 European debt crisis| Br_ both in the short or medium term, the debt crisis in Europe is difficult to properly resolve. We believe that the solution 112559-57-6 the debt crisis in Europe is divided into two phases, short term, the ECB National implementation 112559-57-6 the loan assistance to avoid bankruptcy, but is also underway. More fundamental way to resolve the welfare programs that do not match the country you want to its long-term economic growth adjusted to match with their financial level, in order to achieve a balanced budget in order to win the support 112559-57-6 other member states 112559-57-6 the internal, which is a long process.Br_ | ECB focuses not only on the individual country's debt default, the more behind the kidnapping 112559-57-6 bank liquidity, the bank's liquidity problems in the European system has been very severe, although the European Central Bank has claimed that there are some relief measures, but the short-term liquidity means difficult to unrestricted use of, and within the EU, small contradiction exists between Germany and other countries and the European Central Bank, and the pace 112559-57-6 the central bank to buy bonds is difficult to suppress. And the internal problems 112559-57-6 the banking system collapse, is likely to lead to a run, the closure 112559-57-6 a series 112559-57-6 consequences. We note that the Siemens company has 500 million yuan 112559-57-6 deposits in a bank in France to remove the turn deposit the European Central Bank, so once the public lack 112559-57-6 confidence in banks is a very serious problem.The
taking into account the complex international environment and an ideal current situation, the external market to a market share 112559-57-6 systemic risk will persist, a major node 112559-57-6 the data and events will also cause short-term volatility in post-a-share market. The medium and long term period 112559-57-6 time in the coming year, may be a share market will not be the trend 112559-57-6 the market. Short term, we have not yet market turnover rapid shrinking in late October may usher in stage a rebound opportunity, you need to wait.
Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates results difficult to let the market satisfaction,
The meeting on interest rates announced two policies: first, to buy $ 400 billion for six years before the end 112559-57-6 June 2012 to 30-year bond, the funds based on the way to get shot by the same amount 112559-57-6 short-term government bonds, the Federal Reserve will be released in the end 112559-57-6 each month under a month 112559-57-6 purchase and sale 112559-57-6 a temporary plan. We believe that the current ot operation is difficult to play good results, the main reason is difficult to get the co-ordination 112559-57-6 market confidence, the confidence 112559-57-6 the market downturn, stimulate the economy by pushing down the cost 112559-57-6 credit will be very weak.Second part 112559-57-6 the CSI 300 index 112559-57-6 the weight plates,
Figure 2-1 CSI 300 Shen Wan industry p / e (ttm, the overall method)The picture shows the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Shen Wan industry p / e charts. (Source: Wind, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
Figure 2-2 CSI 300 Shen Wan industry forecast price-earnings ratio (whole Act)The picture shows the CSI 300 Shen Wan industry forecast price-earnings ratio chart. (Source: Wind, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos,
Figure 2-3 in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index industry weight proportion (%)The picture shows the CSI 300 Index industry the right to re-scale plan. (Source: Wind, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
Figure 2-4 CSI 300 months Shen Wan industry Price (%)The picture shows the CSI 300 months Shen industry 112559-57-6 price charts. (Source: Wind, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
policy control is difficult to relax, the real estate sector to focus on the protection 112559-57-6 housing
real estate section 112559-57-6 the shock dropping this month, all MA showed a downward trend, the end is almost touching to the lowest since July last year.
current real estate market traded flat, but the real estate control policy and no signs 112559-57-6 relaxation. Although the external market 112559-57-6 the poor economic situation, China still has strong confidence to maintain a stable economic growth. On the other hand, in a long time after the regulation, the price 112559-57-6 urban real estate is still not obvious adjustment, while part two, line three cities, housing prices are still rising. Real estate policy objectives 112559-57-6 regulation prices reasonable return "Now that this goal has not yet been reached, real estate policy apparently did not relax in the grounds, should be further tightened to consolidate has begun to show some control results. The purchase 112559-57-6 the new one released is one 112559-57-6 the manifestations 112559-57-6 real estate policy tightening.
protection 112559-57-6 housing construction is the focus 112559-57-6 the real estate sector this month. This month, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting on the 19th. Meeting the requirements continue to vigorously promote affordable housing projects and in particular the construction 112559-57-6 public rental, and accelerate the achievement 112559-57-6 the target and housing. The specific approach 112559-57-6 the meeting that the management 112559-57-6 great importance for improving the housing supply system, but also that the wishes 112559-57-6 the Government troops ordinary commercial housing demand under the premise 112559-57-6 an adverse effect on development 112559-57-6 public rental. In addition, the government hopes to attract social funds to the workers rent the building 112559-57-6 them, which are bound to make the enterprise with the protection 112559-57-6 the housing project to facilitate future financing, the investor can be the appropriate attention. In addition, the protection 112559-57-6 housing construction is one 112559-57-6 the important means 112559-57-6 the housing market tends to normalize, if the protection 112559-57-6 housing construction to ensure a certain percentage 112559-57-6 the market supply, property control the direction 112559-57-6 that change is possible.| Br_ the future, we believe that in the context 112559-57-6 real estate control policy may be further tightening 112559-57-6 industry fundamentals continue to deteriorate, the upward momentum 112559-57-6 the real estate sector is small, but the valuation 112559-57-6 the plate is close to the bottom, so will remain at the bottom 112559-57-6 the shock trend. Investors are advised to focus on the industry's leading enterprises, especially related to the protection 112559-57-6 housing construction companies.. Blkcontainersblkcon p.page,. Page {font-family: quot; the Arial quot;, sans-a serif; text-align: center; font-size: 12px; line-height: 21px; color: # 999; padding-top : 30px;}Page span, page a {padding: 4px 8px; background: # fff; margin: 0-2px}. Page a,. Page a: visited {border: 1px # 9aafe5 solid; color: # 3568b9; text-decoration: none;}Page span {border: 1px # ddd solid; color: # 999;}. Page span.cur {background: # 296cb3; font-weight: bold; color: # fff; border-color: # 296cb3}. Page a: hover,. Page a: active {border: 1px # 2e6ab1 solid; color: # 363636; text-decoration: none}A23Next

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Molecular Formula:C17H23N3O6


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Molecular Formula:C9H10N4


Product Name:Furo[3,4-b]pyridine-3-carboxylic acid, 5,7-dihydro-2-methyl-5-oxo-, ethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C11H11NO4

Company Information
Tianjin Jinxin Welfare Chemical Factory
Tianjin Jinxin Welfare Chemical Factory is located in 1km away from the east of Duliu town, Jinghai, Tianjin. We produce "Chaofan" acid dyes and direct dyes. We enjoy good location. The company has 150 employees. We have experienced technicians and good management. We have become outstanding company of this trade in short times.
Our products have been exported to USA, EU, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. They have been well-received by our customers.
Our spirit:Hard work, Tenacity & self-strong, Developing & enterprising, Overtaking ordinary.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Yue Gang
Street Address:Duliu town, Jinghai, Tianjin, China
Country:China (Mainland)
Business Type:
Tel:+86-22-68815465 68817462
Mobile: 13902051136
Fax: +86-22-68817461
Website: http://www.jinxindyes.com
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Product Name:L-Phenylalaninamide, D-a-aspartyl-N-(5-carboxypentyl)-
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Molecular Formula:C12H19N3O6