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CAS No.:112559-52-1
Product Name : L-Phenylalaninamide, D-a-aspartyl-N-(5-carboxypentyl)-
Molecular Formula : C19H27N3O6

CAS No.:112559-52-1

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| Br_ entered the consumer off-season Zheng sugar will be vulnerable to run| Br_ Summary:
1, the supply prospects for the gradual improvement, the international sugar prices remain under pressure. Northern Hemisphere countries in the new crop is beginning to come, it is estimated that the yield increase, along with Brazil entered the peak production period, the supply 112559-52-1 sugar will also be continuing to flow into the international market, the mid-term global sugar market will shift the excess supply, which will undoubtedly run 112559-52-1 the sugar market a certain pressure.
2 price remains high, policy tightening tone changed. Is expected to sound monetary policy and tight style will remain unchanged for a long period 112559-52-1 time, until the level 112559-52-1 inflation to a more substantial decline, the policy can put up with a "reasonable interval". Obviously, the gradual recovery 112559-52-1 mobility commodity markets will certainly affect the sugar market will be subject to certain constraints.
3, the State Reserve sugar and imported sugar flooding the market, the sugar supply tends to loose. Continuous delivery 112559-52-1 the recent imports 112559-52-1 sugar have been to Hong Kong and the State Reserve sugar in sugar consumption into the low season, making the supply 112559-52-1 sugar market has increased, the phenomenon 112559-52-1 tension in domestic sugar stocks a certain mitigation.
Zheng sugar market outlook, mainly to weak shock pattern. Zheng sugar since the pullback since mid-August, the time has reached half a month long, but Zheng sugar bottom 112559-52-1 the road has not ended. Due to the lack 112559-52-1 the factors that boost the price 112559-52-1 sugar trend is expected to Zheng sugar pattern 112559-52-1 weak shocks in October run interval for the 6000-6800 operation suggest that investors bearish shock ideas.The first part 112559-52-1 domestic and foreign sugar city side by side down
ice trend 112559-52-1 the raw sugar in September, can be divided into two phases. In the first half 112559-52-1 September, the ice raw sugar market is lackluster, the March contract on the price maintained at around 28 cents a sideways consolidation, in the awkward position 112559-52-1 the up and down dilemma. On the one hand, the global sugar supply and demand gap to the pattern 112559-52-1 excess change, brought enormous pressure to upstream 112559-52-1 the sugar; the other hand, the Brazilian production and rising production costs lie in the market worried about the international price 112559-52-1 sugar constitutes a certain degree 112559-52-1 support. In this context, the sugar can only choose the range 112559-52-1 shock consolidation. But on the 16th, when the disk 112559-52-1 a dramatic scene. Involved in rollovers, a wave 112559-52-1 stop-loss selling and the market that India's sugar exports will increase by multiple bad, ice sugar deep-rate fell, marking the biggest one day fall in six months. Ice raw sugar in the next two days on the disk to do a technical correction 112559-52-1 prices had rebounded slightly. But did not last long, to the late ice, raw sugar under the influence 112559-52-1 European and American stock market crash experienced a free fall 112559-52-1 the price fell below the 25 cents mark, piercing the neckline bit 112559-52-1 the double-headed form.
this month Zheng sugar tired 112559-52-1 filling, in a lot 112559-52-1 bad under pressure out 112559-52-1 the stock market wave 112559-52-1 vulnerable callback. In early September, along with the announcement 112559-52-1 the sugar production and sales data, Zheng sugar fell below the pre-shock interval after wearing 60-day moving average. Subsequently proclaimed the establishment 112559-52-1 the m head morphology Zheng sugar accelerated downstream, Zheng sugar has returned to the operating platform in early June to the end 112559-52-1 the month. Factors leading to Zheng sugar fell from a wide range, on the one hand, Brazil's interest rate cuts, the downturn in U.S. economic data gave the shadow 112559-52-1 the external environment covering more dark clouds. On the other hand, the ninth installment 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve auction cooling, ice sugar market slump also constitute some 112559-52-1 the bad effects 112559-52-1 the sugar market. Zheng sugar down the process there have been wavelet rally, but subject to the consumption 112559-52-1 cold and cheerless, the rally did not go far.,
Figure 1-1: nybot11 No. Sugar March contract k chartThe picture shows the nybot11 No. sugar March contract on k-line charts. (Source: Bloomberg, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos1205,
Figure 1-2: Zheng sugar contract k chartThe picture shows the 1205 contract, Zheng sugar k line charts. (Source: Bloomberg, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News PhotosThe second part 112559-52-1 the negative factors leading sugar market
a supply prospects for gradual improvement 112559-52-1 the international sugar prices remain under pressure
Brazilian sugar production is still the focus 112559-52-1 the market. According to Brazil, the unica The statistics, in the latter part 112559-52-1 August, the central and southern regions into the squeezed sugar cane 40.48 million tons, down 3.8%, but a slight increase over the first half 112559-52-1 3853, partly to dispel the doubts 112559-52-1 the market on early closing virgin. Sugar production is 2.96 million tons, an increase 112559-52-1 0.1%. While Brazil the planting Secretary conab had said the country into the amount 112559-52-1 virgin sugar cane 11/12 crop season is estimated at 588.92 million tons, down 5.6 percent to 641.98 million tons lower than expected in May. This is mainly due to last year's drought, lack 112559-52-1 rainfall in May, several growing areas 112559-52-1 frost as well as large areas 112559-52-1 sugar cane flowering led to the production 112559-52-1 sugar, and addition 112559-52-1 sugar cane for many years the ratoon also affect sugar. Acreage increased 4.7% to 8.434 billion hectares, but in the end sugar production is estimated at 37.07 million tons, down 2.9 percent.
Brazilian sugar production that is not the case, most 112559-52-1 the sugar-producing countries, production outlook remains robust and growing. In Europe such as Russia and Ukraine, the sugar-producing crop is harvested in September, the country has begun to harvest the sugar production is expected to record highs. According to the Ukrainian sugar industry association said this year's sugar beet production is estimated at 18 million tons more than last year's 13.6 million tons 112559-52-1 beet sugar production is estimated to 200-210 million tons, an increase 112559-52-1 30-36.4%. Coupled with the existence 112559-52-1 sugar in the crop, it is estimated that the new crop 112559-52-1 Ukraine can export 20-30 million tons 112559-52-1 sugar. At the same time, the Russian sugar industry alliance estimates that, after a lapse 112559-52-1 12 years, Russia will once again become a sugar exporter. The country's raw sugar imports increased by 17.9 percent in the first half 112559-52-1 this year, 2.26 million tons 112559-52-1 value-added, together with the domestic beet sugar is estimated to increase to 5.3 million tons. It is estimated that by the end 112559-52-1 this year - the first quarter 112559-52-1 next year, Russia exports about 400,000 tons 112559-52-1 sugar.
terms 112559-52-1 global sugar supply and demand situation, the International Sugar Organization iso said in its latest report, 11/12 crop season, the global sugar production is estimated at 172.37 million tons, an increase 112559-52-1 4% than the May estimate; consumption than expected in May, down 1.643 million tons, reduced to 168.157 million tons; surplus estimated at 4.2 million tons, far more than 1.2 million tons is expected in May. Surplus, mainly from the EU and India, the form 112559-52-1 refined sugar or white sugar into the international market, due to the economic and political factors, the specific number is hard to estimate; global export volume is estimated at 52.1 million tons, compared with the previous crop an increase 112559-52-1 344,000 tons; import demand is reduced to 48.45 million tons, less than on a crop 112559-52-1 51.99 million tons.The | br_ the whole Northern Hemisphere countries in the new crop starting to estimated production increase, along with Brazil entered the peak production period, the supply 112559-52-1 sugar will also be continuing to flow into the international market, the mid-term global sugar market will shift to excess supply, which will undoubtedly sugar market run constitutes a certain pressure.| Br_, the price is still high run policy tightening tone has not changed
According to the National Bureau 112559-52-1 Statistics data released on September 9, August consumer price index rose 6.2 percent, or last month, down 0.3 percentage points. The month cpi ring rose 0.3%, 0.5% in the low last month. August cpi down from the peak, but the decline rate is more limited. Specific look, pork, vegetables, aquatic products and other food prices rose somewhat lower food prices rose 1.4 percentage points lower cpi drop in power. At the same time, medical and housing or clothing prices callback rate due to insufficient chain 112559-52-1 non-food prices rose 0.2 percent, or last month to expand by 0.1 percentage points more than expected, which is cpi down the range is limited because . From view cpi trend in the future, the upward trend 112559-52-1 food prices unchanged, edible oil price adjustment, egg prices continued to rise will make cpi pressure is expected to ring up more than food prices will remain in September, but the increase is expected narrowing; non-food listed with the autumn and winter clothing, the clothing may become one 112559-52-1 the factors that promote the cpi rose; In addition, the National Day holiday effect on the price can not be ignored.
Taking all these factors point 112559-52-1 view, along with hikes 112559-52-1 substantive fall as well as the effect 112559-52-1 the tightening 112559-52-1 monetary policy continues to show the possibility 112559-52-1 follow-up month cpi general price stabilization. But in the changing international situation led to the increased uncertainty 112559-52-1 the background 112559-52-1 the domestic price, price stability will continue to be the primary goal 112559-52-1 macro-control, capital is still difficult to substantially relax. Is expected to sound monetary policy and tight style will remain unchanged for a long period 112559-52-1 time, until the level 112559-52-1 inflation to a more substantial decline, the policy can put up with a "reasonable interval". Obviously, the gradual recovery 112559-52-1 mobility commodity markets will certainly affect the sugar market will be subject to certain constraints.Br_ | State Reserve sugar and imported sugar flooded the market sugar supply tends to loose
Figure 2-1: China's sugar imports Unit: thousand tonsThe picture shows China's sugar imports in charts. (Source: Wind, the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
Figure 2-2: The crop 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve auctions transaction Unit: 10 thousand tons, $ / tonThe picture shows the crop 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve auctions turnover 112559-52-1 charts. (Source: Queensland suppliers sugar network, medium Institute) Click here to view all News Photos
sugar consumption into the low season, continuous delivery 112559-52-1 the recent imports 112559-52-1 sugar have been to Hong Kong and the State Reserve sugar makes the supply 112559-52-1 the sugar market to increase the phenomenon 112559-52-1 tension in domestic sugar stocks a certain ease. Imports 112559-52-1 sugar, the month 112559-52-1 August, China's sugar imports last month rose 62.5 percent and imports last month rose 74.0 percent. January to August, China's sugar imports 1.201 million tons, an increase 112559-52-1 18.5 percent and imports 112559-52-1 $ 850 million, an increase 112559-52-1 62.5%. In addition, recent imports 112559-52-1 sugar to the message came. Sunshine the third ship 112559-52-1 47,000 tons is said to have been to the Port, Lianyungang Port sugar imports in the first eight months 112559-52-1 this year, 71 batches 112559-52-1 the total 146,300 tons, value 200,000,000 $ 68,370,000.
the state sugar reserve to guarantee the supply 112559-52-1 sugar market, the recent national increase the efforts to put the state sugar reserve, nearly one and a half months accumulated 600,000 tons 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve to market. On the 16th 112559-52-1 this month, the ninth installment 112559-52-1 this crop 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve auction, auctions totaled 200,000 tons. Many businesses competing to get the eighth installment 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve is still at a loss, the auction 112559-52-1 the enthusiasm 112559-52-1 enterprises from the previous month to cool the auction in a leisurely wait, tense grab one end. Guangdong and Shandong auction price is relatively high, the highest price 112559-52-1 7350 yuan / ton, the lowest 6880 yuan / tons 112559-52-1 dead fish price, while the Northeast library point is relatively low, the highest price is less than 6500 yuan / ton. Final average transaction price 112559-52-1 7021.83 yuan / ton, the eighth installment 112559-52-1 the average transaction price fell to 650.2 yuan / ton, which reflects the sugar supply and demand situation in the future expected to be more relaxed, gradually dilute the bullish enthusiasm in this context. At this point, the crop to market with 1.86 million tons 112559-52-1 state sugar reserve, than on a crop 112559-52-1 1.71 million tons, most 112559-52-1 the calendar year, throwing reserves, the state has to sell the sugar regulation 112559-52-1 the State Reserve intention is self-evident.
four the Nanning sugarcane growth
Nanning average per acre effectively stem this year 112559-52-1 4210 compared to 4052 in last year's 158. Generally more effective stem 112559-52-1 sugarcane than in ratoon sugarcane ratoon sugarcane obvious lack 112559-52-1 stump, effective stem relatively small.| Br_ plant height, aspect, compared with Chongzuo and Liuzhou sugarcane, the height 112559-52-1 maximum 112559-52-1 the Nanning sugarcane overall cane, cane height 112559-52-1 the majority 112559-52-1 more than 170cm, and more than 2m, growth is very good. However, from a year earlier Lueai about 10cm, the majority 112559-52-1 cane has been defoliant, field care; weight Nanning sugarcane per plant weight about 1kg, around the left and right deviation 112559-52-1 0.1-0.2kg, are generally not re- , the average plant weight was essentially flat compared with a year earlier. Cane, cane 2.7cm more range in the 2.38-3.08cm;'s production 112559-52-1 sugarcane growth, combined with plant height, cane per acre effectively stem the expected yield 112559-52-1 3.7-4.6 tons.The | br_ Overall, the sugar cane plant height, high, medium cane sugarcane characteristics 112559-52-1 Nanning. The overall growing well, and continued the good were growing in July, the section number 112559-52-1 the sugar cane ranging from 10-12 is more concentrated in the 9-15 section. Although per acre effectively stem a decline, but still better growing new sugarcane ratoon sugarcane growing. Soil, Yin Nanning August rainfall is relatively sufficient, more moist soil, plenty 112559-52-1 moisture for jointing 112559-52-1 sugar cane.
September, the growth 112559-52-1 sugar cane late there is still some space, the growing depending on the weather conditions may be. According to the Guangxi Meteorological Disaster Mitigation Institute forecast September, Nanning, rainfall will reach 40-50mm 20-30mm less than the calendar year average 112559-52-1 72.2mm. In this case, the late autumn drought will directly affect the growth 112559-52-1 the late sugarcane. If the weather is good, late cane also is expected to have a good upside potential, the event 112559-52-1 the autumn drought, the growth 112559-52-1 the sugar cane will be subject to certain restrictions.The third part Zheng sugar market outlook to the pattern 112559-52-1 weak shocks
Zheng sugar since the pullback since mid-August, the time has reached half a month long, but Zheng sugar bottom 112559-52-1 the road has not ended. Overall, the scarcity 112559-52-1 the factors that boost the price 112559-52-1 sugar trend. First 112559-52-1 all, the poor macro-environment, global recession concerns and European debt problems plaguing the market. Secondly, the node 112559-52-1 a time when the old and new crop alternating time, consumption gradually entered the off-season, and recent state sugar reserve to sell imported sugar to increase the short-term market supply in Hong Kong, the pattern 112559-52-1 supply and demand gradually easing to increase the downward pressure 112559-52-1 the sugar . Finally, the main sugar-producing countries increase-than-expected international sugar market is oversupplied, in this context, the outer plate ice raw sugar continue down the likely breakdown neckline bit This will also drag zhengtang trend.Br_ | open look from the disk, the current moving average system was short order, constitute a significant suppression 112559-52-1 the right 112559-52-1 price, and on k-line running along the the Boolean Tongdaoxiagui Office, Zheng sugar is still in the medium-term down channel. Expected Zheng sugar pattern 112559-52-1 weak shocks in October run interval for the 6000-6800 operation suggest that investors bearish shock ideas.,
Interim Institute Ouyang Vicky

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