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CAS No.:112559-41-8
Product Name : L-Prolinamide, L-a-glutamyl-N-(5-carboxypentyl)-
Molecular Formula : C16H27N3O6

CAS No.:112559-41-8

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market description
Hujiao failed to extend last week's concussion, the main 1201 contract plunged this week, on Monday opened higher at 33,210 on Wednesday despite a slight rebound, but a helpless peripheral negative factors, a series 112559-41-8 drastic devaluation 112559-41-8 more than, and ultimately fell below 29000 , to close at 28735, 4945 last week plunged the range 112559-41-8 14.68 percent, to 486.4 million contracts traded, 233 000 hand positions.
Top day-gum followed Hujiao trend, but decreased to less than Hujiao day plastic index opened at 363.1 yen, the lowest probe to 338.8 yen, close to 341.12 yen, down 21.9 yen last week, the rate 6.03%.
nymex index 112559-41-8 crude oil this week, all the way lower, to close at $ 80.59, up $ 8.17, or 9.20 percent. As 112559-41-8 September 20 weeks, managing the Fund in the New York Mercantile Exchange crude oil futures and options net long the previous week's 179,547 hand reduced to 167 177 hand, which longs to 7496 hand, the short increase in 4873 hand held. U.S. crude for August, a slight increase in gasoline demand is still down by, the American Petroleum Institute said on Friday.
market analysis
(1) international market
1, the 19th U.S. President Barack Obama announced a new deficit-reduction package, including $ 1.5 trillion in taxes over the next 10 years, to cut defense spending, reform the social security system, which is also in preparation for pre-election , but this was the Republican opposition. International Monetary Fund on the 20th 112559-41-8 the global economic outlook report, the sharp decline in global economic growth is expected, global economic growth is expected the next two years were reduced by 0.3% and 0.5%, decreased to 4% level, which expected the U.S. economy this year will be increased by only 1.5%, next year's economic growth forecasts from 2.7% to 1.8%.
Fed Executive Committee 112559-41-8 the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday to end the two-day regular meeting 112559-41-8 the interest rate decision, and post-meeting statement that will be sold before June 2012 a total 112559-41-8 $ 400 billion in short-term bonds, and is replaced with a more long-term bonds maturity time between 6 to 30 years. The take the distortion policy has been expected 112559-41-8 them in the market, global investors do not buy it on the market reaction did not receive effective.
3. Quantitative easing policy 112559-41-8 the Bank 112559-41-8 England quarterly summary 112559-41-8 the previous 19 shows, in contrast, the United Kingdom qe2 Citigroup economist Sanders is expected Bank 112559-41-8 England as early as next month to restart the printing press, the introduction 112559-41-8 the 拢 200 billion quantitative easing policy . International rating agency Standard & Poor's suddenly announced on the 19th downgraded Italy's sovereign debt rating, down to a a/a-1, remained negative outlook, Standard & Poor's believes that the slow economic growth in Italy, the government is unable to rescue the economy and for the EU The overall economic situation is a direct impact on the S & P will be the country's 2011-2014 economic growth forecast from 1.3% to 0.7%, a move that the European debt crisis worse, which is also the economic outlook in Europe and America Adds uncertainties. The Group 112559-41-8 Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting, Local 22 in Washington issued a joint statement said, will focus on coordinated international action to address the challenges facing the global economy to ensure that the banking system and financial market stability, and response to the threat 112559-41-8 European debt crisis, This to some extent, to stabilize market confidence.
(b) the domestic market
International Monetary Fund on the 20th World Economic Outlook forecast real GDP growth will reach 9.5% growth rate will reach 9.0 percent in 2012. HSBC released data show that the initial value 112559-41-8 China's manufacturing purchasing managers index for September was 49.4, compared with 49.9 in August, slightly down, the lowest in two months, the initial value 112559-41-8 manufacturing output index in September from 50.2 in August dropped to 49.2, the current market for China's economy may further slowdown is expected to be enhanced.The | br_ 2.9 months, deposits accelerated out 112559-41-8 the banking system, 15 days before the four major state-owned commercial bank deposits less than the end 112559-41-8 August, about 420 billion yuan, a rare negative growth. The data show that the People's Bank 112559-41-8 China announced on the 21st, the end 112559-41-8 August total, China's foreign exchange amounted to 252,645.6 billion yuan and 376.94 billion yuan new month growth 112559-41-8 71.7 percent compared with July, Central.
(c) supply and demand 112559-41-8 natural rubber
German auto industry association recently released data show that the German car sales in August grew by 18%, remove German incremental, new car registrations in Europe in August to maintain the 4% level 112559-41-8 growth, but the previous eight months cumulative sales in the European Union and European Free Trade Area the efta 112559-41-8 total sales 112559-41-8 9.19 million, down 1.1 percent over the same period last year.16
2.9 months, the Ministry 112559-41-8 Finance officially announced the notice 112559-41-8 the subsidy policy on the adjustment 112559-41-8 fuel-efficient vehicles to promote the implementation 112559-41-8 the existing fuel-efficient vehicles to promote subsidy policy to the September 30, 2011, fuel-efficient vehicles to promote subsidies for New Deal from October 1, 2011 come into effect, the same subsidy standard, one-time 3000 yuan 112559-41-8 quota subsidies still continue to give the consumers to buy energy efficient cars, and a substantial increase in fuel-efficient cars subsidy threshold.
Vietnam Customs Tuesday released data that rubber export volume ring in August 2011 to increase 1.7% to 81000 tons 112559-41-8 January-August exports 112559-41-8 rubber, 450,000 tons, year-on-year increase 4.6%, September exports 112559-41-8 75,000 tons, chain decrease 112559-41-8 7.4 January-September, the country's rubber export volume 112559-41-8 material to 525,000 tons, an increase 112559-41-8 2.4%. Malaysia National Bureau 112559-41-8 Statistics recently announced, in July this year, Malaysia's natural rubber production 112559-41-8 10.03 million tons, an increase 112559-41-8 17.4%, an increase 112559-41-8 23.7%, in July 2011, the country's natural rubber exports totaled 57,300 tons, a decline 112559-41-8 16.4%. fell 24.1 percent. Standard Malaysian Rubber accounted for the major share in the exports 112559-41-8 natural rubber, up to 54,700 tons.
4 spot, the Commerce Department data show that by the natural rubber producing areas offer lower chemical raw material prices fall, inventories increased impact, rubber prices fell slightly after rising for two weeks, last week (September 12 to 18 day) domestic rubber prices fell 0.1 percent from the previous week, September 16, Chinese imports the toluene CIF report about 1130 U.S. dollars / ton, 23.9 percent fell sharply in early. Qilu Petrochemical butadiene rubber maintained at 34,100 yuan, and butylbenzene 1502 fell 1,000 to $ 30,600.| Br_ Third, the market outlook is judged
Hujiao week fell sharply, close to the lows 112559-41-8 a year ago, by the global economic outlook, the European debt crisis and the domestic relative tightening drag Hujiao the recent trend 112559-41-8 weakness, although the United States and Europe have issued a series 112559-41-8 rescue measures , but the effect is not obvious in the case 112559-41-8 rubber fundamentals do not change much, it is expected that the outlook may have pulled back slightly, will remain weak, suggesting investors look at 26000-28000 interval, empty single-holder before the holiday note guard against risk, profitable positions, operating on short-term oriented.The | br_ Lu permit futures

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Molecular Formula:C24H30N2O4S

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shanghai luao
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Contact Person:Mr. zhao chang rong
Street Address:shanghhai
Country: China (Mainland)
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Tel:021-66867959 13816504459
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