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CAS No.:112559-37-2
Product Name : L-Prolinamide, L-a-aspartyl-N-(5-carboxypentyl)-
Molecular Formula : C15H25N3O6

CAS No.:112559-37-2

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a, Soybean sharp decline in
Soybean (9.19-9.23) 112559-37-2 price this week continue to decline in commodity prices generally declined in the context 112559-37-2 global economic worries warming Soybean futures price fell below a series 112559-37-2 pre-support.The | br_ Specifically, the first three trading days 112559-37-2 the week, Soybean decline in small, benefit from the support 112559-37-2 the fundamentals and stock price, Soybean 1205 contract between the 4500-4600 shock consolidation. Thursday, Soybean series 112559-37-2 two trading days Tiaokongdikai 1205 contract on Thursday to open lower in 4499, closed in 4488, down 1.49 percent turnover 112559-37-2 34.3 million contracts, an increase 112559-37-2 78 000 hands, 425 000 hand positions lighten up 15246 hand. Friday outer disk crash, led under the Soybean substantially open lower 1205 contract opened in 4431, compared with Thursday settlement lowest opening 68. 1205 price 112559-37-2 the basic morning along the 4449 first-line fluctuation is opened from afternoon start, Soybean futures price vent Trinidad, the 1205 contract the lowest dropping to low during the year 4277. Before closing Soybean futures price rebounded slightly, but still decline disastrous 1205 contract closed at 4340, down 159 points, or 3.53 percent, the volume 112559-37-2 214,000 lots to 557,000 hand positions to reduce the 32,758 lots to 392,000 hand.
external disk America beans this week the same decline, concerns about warming in the global economy, the new U.S. beans upcoming, export demand has stagnated under the pressure from the start 112559-37-2 the week, investors continue to cut exposure in the U.S. soybean market The week before the four trading days, fell 5.83 percent, to close at 1283 cents.Br_ | Figure 1: beans, a 1205 contract trendThe picture shows the beans a 1205 contract charts. (Source: the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view the picture 112559-37-2 all the financial newsBr_ | Figure 2: U.S. beans 11 contract trendThe photo shows U.S. soybean contract charts. (Source: the mid-Research Institute) Click here to view the picture 112559-37-2 all the financial news| Br_ two, this week, the domestic soybean spot price increases, soybean imports price stability
domestic old-crop soybean spot prices this week than the week before a general increase, or 20-30 yuan / ton level. It is understood that the producing areas 112559-37-2 Heilongjiang soybean harvest in full swing, optimistic market traders is ready to acquire ready, farmers look forward to up to reluctant sellers mentality generally. According to the China Food Network Monitoring: that the 2011 36 soybean prices index 103.81, the week down 0.47 percent.RegionRatingPrice TypePlace 112559-37-2 origin11-09-22Weeks over the same periodMonth over the same periodHarbinDomestic third-classOil refinery purchase priceThe real estate390038803860MudanjiangDomestic third-classOil refinery purchase priceThe real estate391038903890JiamusiDomestic third-classFood point 112559-37-2 purchase priceThe real estate387038403820
port price: the major ports 112559-37-2 domestic soybean imports distribution 112559-37-2 price stability.RegionRatingPrice TypePlace 112559-37-2 origin11-09-22Weeks over the same periodMonth over the same periodDalian PortImport commonPort points selling priceSouth America422042204150Tianjin PortImport commonPort points selling priceSouth America420042004150Guangdong to Hong KongImport commonPort points selling priceSouth America425042504200,
Source: Chinese Food NetworkThe
State Reserve the soybeans auction reproduce Liupai soybean imports are forecast to increase in September
approved by national authorities held a national temporary storage 112559-37-2 inter-provincial transfer library soybean auction sales trade fair scheduled for September 20, 2011 in Anhui Grain Wholesale Market and the networking market, plans to sell 300,000 tons 112559-37-2 soybean, which Hebei The province 112559-37-2 280,000 tons, 20,000 tons 112559-37-2 Shandong Province. To the end 112559-37-2 the transaction, the shift library 112559-37-2 trading plans to sell 299,912 tons 112559-37-2 soybean, all unsold.
September 19, the Commerce Department said the importers report based on 16-31 August, the Commerce Department to forecast soybean imports in September revised from the previous estimate 112559-37-2 3.2 million tons, said September soybean imports may reach 4.31 million tons, while in September last year, China imported 4.64 million tons 112559-37-2 soybeans, an upwardly revised estimate will be close to last year's level. This year, the domestic soybean imports compared with last year has significantly lowered, but with the improvement 112559-37-2 the oil refinery squeeze, is expected later this year, the domestic soybean imports will be picked up.Of | br_ week Heilongjiang soybean prices remained strong run. Which part 112559-37-2 the oil refinery began public offer to acquire, but the actual transaction status is very light. The oil factory boot, most manufacturers continue to be the main pre-inventory processing, a result 112559-37-2 the new bean supply is difficult to meet production, oil refinery after eleven or even around the middle 112559-37-2 the supply will be significantly increased, temporary price adjustment is not the wishes.
Fourth, the foreign good news lost to bad macroeconomic surface recession boost soybean prices fell
foreign soybeans this week the fundamentals Li Duoli empty message both interest areas, according to the Washington, DC, September 19, U.S. Department 112559-37-2 Agriculture (The USDA) weekly crop progress report released the week ended September 18, U.S. soybean was 53% the previous week by 56%, 63% in the same period last year. The week ended September 18, the U.S. soybean leaves was 33%, 15% the week before, 56% over the same period last year, five-year average 112559-37-2 47%. U.S. soybean good rate is still low, and a decline in rate 112559-37-2 leaves is low compared with previous years, the final U.S. soybean harvest is still uncertainty, a certain amount 112559-37-2 support to the U.S. soybean futures price is displayed.| Br_ negative aspects, this week's news is more are listed below:
U.S. Commodity Fund holdings 112559-37-2 U.S. beans more than a single. According to the latest cftc position report, as 112559-37-2 September 13, the week, the U.S. soybean commodity held by the Fund 112559-37-2 the United States solely for 237,456 hands, compared with the week before the decrease 112559-37-2 13,486 hand held bean empty 54896 hand alone, compared with Last week an increase 112559-37-2 3195 hand, the U.S. Commodity Fund's holdings 112559-37-2 more than a single beans to the United States also contributed to the promoter 112559-37-2 America beans fell sharply last week.
Oil World, said the increase in global soybean stocks. "Oil World" this week, September 1, 2011, the global soybean ending stocks are seen at 75.9 million tons, compared with September 2010 increased by 10.1 million tons. Global soybean stocks in September 2011 mainly in South America, including Brazil soybean 26.04 million tons and Argentina soybean 25.75 million tons, Oil World said. The two South American stocks 112559-37-2 the main producing countries an increase 112559-37-2 8.1 million tons.Br_ | India is expected to increase soybean production in the next year. India, a large-scale soybean exporters said on Wednesday that India's next marketing year, soybean production is projected an increase 112559-37-2 5%, reaching 10.5 million tons. However, soybean acreage has increased by more than 10%, compared to the expected increase in production is small. The exporters also said the new prices will rise by about 10% lower than the current global edible oil prices higher, mainly the strong market demand, soybean prices likely to remain high in the coming months.
global macro-economic aspects 112559-37-2 bad news this week continued, Moody's lowered the bond rating 112559-37-2 the three major U.S. Bank, the euro zone in September purchasing managers' index for two years for the first time fell below 50, showing the euro zone manufacturing shrinking, while the European largest economy, Germany Purchasing Managers' Index fell to a minimum 112559-37-2 26 months, the European economy is also facing the risk 112559-37-2 recession. Market concerns about the global economy is heating up again, investors sold a lot 112559-37-2 commodity futures, and soybean has also become the hardest hit 112559-37-2 the price after another fell to record lows for the year.
five, Soybean sharp decline 112559-37-2 price movements is still unclear
Soybean futures price this week fell sharply from a weekly perspective, Soybean 1205 was down 6.06% on the price below the previous low and hit a new low, and below the 60-week moving average support. Friday 112559-37-2 the domestic commodity markets generally fell, with no positive economic data released on the 22nd, market recession fears warming, the funds pulled out 112559-37-2 the commodity, Soybean was not spared. From the trend 112559-37-2 the Soybean Soybean 112559-37-2 price Friday easily fall below the lows 112559-37-2 August 9, and hit a low during the year, the mood 112559-37-2 the market panic spread. Friday Soybean positions bear the main internal differences 112559-37-2 opinion, the long side, the new lake futures Masukura 5214 hand, the CSI futures, Guotai Junan, Jiangsu Holly, etc. to lighten up substantially. The short side, the main body 112559-37-2 the top five were Masukura, the most significant 112559-37-2 which Zhejiang Wing Masukura 4699-hand, while Hengtai Futures, International Trust and Investment Futures, Hongyuan Futures, Societe Generale futures, futures, etc. The easy you have to lighten up. Such a large disagreement shows different trend view 112559-37-2 the market outlook, investors Soybean futures price hit a new low, Soybean outlook trend uncertainty increases. In this case, we recommend investors wait temporarily, concerned about the trend 112559-37-2 beans Friday night and the global macro environment changes, to be 112559-37-2 uncertain price movements, re-admission operation.
Interim Research Institute Zhang Li

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Molecular Formula:C24H30N2O3S


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Molecular Formula:C23H30N2O3S


Product Name:Benzenepropanamide, N-[2-[4-[[(2-phenylethyl)amino]sulfonyl]phenyl]ethyl]-
Molecular Formula:C25H28N2O3S

Company Information
Hangzhou Anyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Anyi Chemical Co., Ltd.Located in Nanyang Economic Development Park, Xiaoshan in beautiful Hangzhou city, Hangzhou Anyi Chemical Co., Ltd. enjoys good location and sound logistic system, because we are only 200km away from Shanghai and Ningbo ports. Our main products are pigment red series, pigment yellow series, pigment orange series and pigment blue series, including pigment red 170series, pigment red 122, pigment red 2, pigment orange 13, pigment yellow 83, pigment yellow 174, pigment yellow 13, royal blue and so on. They are widely used in the dyeing of coating, ink, paint, plastic, rubber, and printing of fabrics, etc. Taking "working for customers' satisfactions" as service tenet, Anyi is striving to offer customers the best, quality products and excellent service. Up to now, we have become a long-term business partner of many enterprises. Anyi sincerely welcomes your visit, business and cooperation. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for mutual development and progress! Be honest and practical; exploring and creative; aiming to be an extraordinary company!
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Street Address:Nanyang Economic Development Park, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Country:China (Mainland)
Business Type:
Tel:86-571-82973059 13806527260
Mobile: 13806527260
Fax: 86-517-82973009
Website: http://
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