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CAS No.:112559-27-0
Product Name : L-Prolinamide, D-b-aspartyl-N-(3-carboxy-2-hydroxypropyl)-
Molecular Formula : C13H21N3O7

CAS No.:112559-27-0

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Figure 1: the main rebar 1201 contract date k chartThe picture shows the steel main 1201 contract k line charts. (Source: CHICAGO) Click here to view all News PhotosThe | br_ Since August, renewed twists and turns as the economic situation in Europe and America, all kinds 112559-27-0 domestic commodity prices along with fluctuations in international markets, jointly and severally rebar futures prices are also ups and downs. The sharp decline 112559-27-0 the main 1201 contract at the beginning 112559-27-0 the month to be stabilized around 4550 yuan / ton, rebounded to 4900 yuan / ton in the vicinity blocked down in late August, the basic maintenance 112559-27-0 shocks in 4780-4850 yuan / ton range. Into the September market in terms 112559-27-0 supply and demand, capital, and the external environment is still in the game situation, the fundamentals 112559-27-0 the steel market, the absence 112559-27-0 major good news or bad news, the post-price movements or to remain range-bound consolidation, the upper and lower space are more limited.Second part 112559-27-0 the influencing factors analysis
a supply situation
1,7 crude steel production for the month 112559-27-0 the significant downturn in
status quo from the supply point 112559-27-0 view, according to the latest data from the National Bureau 112559-27-0 Statistics, domestic crude steel production in July was 59.3 million tons, an increase 112559-27-0 15.5%. The average daily output 112559-27-0 1.9129 million tons, the lowest value in a record year, this is also the first time following the sharp rise in June this year, a substantial "diving". July the country's electricity supply situation is more tense, some steel mills limited influence 112559-27-0 power production slowed down, the highs 112559-27-0 crude steel production can be considered in line with market expectations. Crude steel output in the previous period has declined, but remained at a high level as a whole.| Br_ is worth noting that in early August, the average daily production 112559-27-0 the national production 112559-27-0 crude steel 112559-27-0 1.9419 million tons, the mid-ring growth 112559-27-0 0.35 percent, re-emergence 112559-27-0 a rebound phenomenon. With the cooler weather in September, the electricity supply situation eased, with the end 112559-27-0 the summer peak, the less initiative to cut the wishes 112559-27-0 the late steel, and North China Tangshan area, the blast furnace, and pileare rolling line operating rate is not decreased significantly, we believe that late supply 112559-27-0 crude steel there will be no change in trend will continue to maintain a high level.,
Figure 2: The crude steel production and apparent consumption comparison chartThe picture shows the crude steel production and apparent consumption comparison chart. (Source: National Bureau 112559-27-0 Statistics, Shanghai mid-term) Click here to view the pictures 112559-27-0 all the financial news
, import and export status analysis
import and export situation, with the international market bottomed rebound in the market initially appeared in July, China's steel exports to end the trend 112559-27-0 three consecutive months 112559-27-0 decline since March. July, China's steel exports 4.44 million tons, down 100,000 tons, the chain increased 15
tons; steel imports 124 million tons, down 160,000 tons, increase by 40,000 tons; steel is converted into crude steel in July, China's crude steel net exports 112559-27-0 3.36 million tons, an increase 112559-27-0 70,000 tons, the chain an increase 112559-27-0 100,000 tons.| Br_ However, the recent appreciation 112559-27-0 the renminbi faster adverse effects on China's steel exports will be formed. In addition, the recent global trade friction disputes once again intensified the anti-dumping cases on steel exports increase, some impact on export orders, significantly increased the likelihood 112559-27-0 the latter part 112559-27-0 the domestic steel exports.
Figure 3: steel import and export volume chartThe picture shows the steel import and export volume charts. (Source: steel, medium-term) Click here to view the pictures 112559-27-0 all the financial news
Third, the demand conditions
1 post-demand or slowed| Br_ from the national market, January-July, investment in fixed assets 112559-27-0 15.242 trillion yuan, an increase 112559-27-0 25.4 percent, compared to 1-6 in the fallBr_ | 0.2 percentage points. The national real estate development and investment 3.1873 trillion yuan, an increase 112559-27-0 33.6 percent, to accelerate by 0.7 percentage points compared to 1-6 months. The good performance 112559-27-0 the fixed asset investment data show that infrastructure speed to maintain a high level, short-term demand for construction steel is still good.
Figure 4: fixed assets, real estate investment amount and the year-on-year growthThe picture shows the fixed assets, the amount 112559-27-0 real estate investment and an increase 112559-27-0 the Chart. (Source: Wind, Shanghai mid-term) Click here to view the pictures 112559-27-0 all the financial news
Housing and Urban released by the Ministry 112559-27-0 data show that 1-7 months 112559-27-0 this year, affordable housing in cities and towns and shantytowns, housing has started construction 112559-27-0 7.218 million units, the operating rate 112559-27-0 72% (excluding the Tibet Autonomous Region), each region as at the end 112559-27-0 July started compared to the end 112559-27-0 June are more substantial growth. Accordance with the provisions 112559-27-0 10 million units 112559-27-0 affordable housing will be before the end 112559-27-0 November at full capacity, the operating rate 112559-27-0 affordable housing in the remaining four months only 28% 112559-27-0 the pressure 112559-27-0 the building process will be slowed down. In addition, from the point 112559-27-0 view 112559-27-0 provinces and cities started, in addition to Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangdong, most parts 112559-27-0 the operating rate over Liucheng. There will be a certain degree 112559-27-0 regional differentiation in post-materials procurement, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou has been built-up areas for the steel trade, the demand for long-term to maintain a relatively strong pattern to the point 112559-27-0 view, the construction steel procurement process will slow down. In addition, from the recent stock market performance, needs a bit tired, businesses can not significantly raise prices, fears 112559-27-0 economic stability is still limited range 112559-27-0 price rebound, the market turnover was light, the inventory levels 112559-27-0 decline has been significantly reduced. We believe that this year's golden nine silver ten or will suffer from the bottleneck 112559-27-0 the traditional shopping season will have slowed the possibility.Br_ | 2 steel prices late pressureBr_ | this month domestic Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel Plate manufacturers to round up to September prices 50-150 yuan / ton range since May plate factory for the first time round up prices, reflecting the continued downturn in the plate The market has warmed up. Construction steel factory price adjustment in general this month first and then down around the steel prices in all substantially increased in early August, leading steel mills led Jiangsu Sha Steel prices substantially increased in early August, 60-150 yuan / ton, eight 112559-27-0 the Northwest steel prices are one-time greatly increased 250 yuan / ton, but the market price fall after a brief rise to prove that steel prices pull up to fail. With the intensification 112559-27-0 the steel mills and the market prices upside down to the mid-part 112559-27-0 the steel mills began to cut prices, which in mid-August, the East China Sha Steel Wing Steel, transit mills prices are down 30-50 yuan / ton. Late changes in market prices is very small, around the steel mills to a steady minor adjustments. Comparison from leading steel mills and the market prices around the inversion phenomenon is more common, in the case 112559-27-0 the high cost 112559-27-0 funds, part 112559-27-0 the steel contracts the organization has a certain degree 112559-27-0 pressure, the late steel prices face downward pressure .
3, inventories continue to decline
8 months, the domestic construction steel stocks declined slightly overall from the previous month to lighten up 1.9%, construction steel inventory levels decreased by 8% over the same period last year. Overall, the domestic construction steel stocks hit a new high in early March, continued to decline, including wire inventory has been 24 weeks down, rebar inventories five weeks a slight increase, 19 weeks decreased the low level 112559-27-0 inventory 112559-27-0 steel price trend form a strong support.Br_ | Figure 5: The trend 112559-27-0 rebar inventories 112559-27-0 price comparison chartThe picture shows the steel stocks on the price trend comparison chart. (Source: My steel net, China Finance) Click here to view all the financial news picture| Br_ four, raw material cost impact
1, the trend 112559-27-0 domestic raw materials market is strong
this month Tangshan billet prices in early to undertake strong rally late last month trend Carbon Billet price once reached 4540 yuan / ton during the year a new high, after a wave 112559-27-0 rapid decline in the late prices have been in 4410-4480 yuan / ton interval fluctuations within a narrow range. Steel billet spot basic zero inventory and orders for 6-7 days; traders inventory reduction, but the mentality is better for the market outlook, although grasp. Coke prices rose slightly this month, Shanxi coke Association, called to raise coke prices 112559-27-0 60 yuan / ton, Hebei coke Association also raised the coke price 112559-27-0 40 yuan / ton, however, face several major focal Association recommendations prices, steel mills found it difficult to accept, the market The actual price increase is less than the the coke Association called on the magnitude of. Scrap prices rose and then fell this month, by the beginning 112559-27-0 billets rose to drive once rose slightly, but after shipping difficulties, to the late prices fell markedly. Recently, Jiangsu steel held scrap procurement meeting, the participating steel mills that the current market as a whole showed a stable operation 112559-27-0 steel mills may be appropriate according to the contract situation 112559-27-0 steel down the scrap purchase price.
2 iron ore prices and easy up than going down| Br_ long association mining, Rio Tinto hamersley powder ore conversion (calculated at 62%) from Western Australia to Beilun Juban (including tax and including insurance, port charges, etc.) As 112559-27-0 August 22, 1360 yuan / ton higher than that 112559-27-0 Qingdao Port, 63% Indian iron ore fines 45 yuan / ton, less than the Qian'an 66%
120 yuan / ton dry basis. Among them, the conversion prices 112559-27-0 the imported ore is relatively long association mining is still a slight advantage, but the domestic ore prices have been higher than the conversion price 112559-27-0 the long association mining. Domestic iron concentrate prices rose sharply last week, continued to decrease with the imported ore price difference is no longer a price advantage, the domestic steel mills to the rapid increase in demand for imported iron ore.
From the long-term point 112559-27-0 view, the space 112559-27-0 the late iron ore prices will also be limited. Since the beginning 112559-27-0 2011, due to domestic policy-oriented, such as India iron ore exports to China dropped significantly. According to customs statistics, in the first six months 112559-27-0 this year, the Indian mine the proportion 112559-27-0 Chinese imports 112559-27-0 iron ore market has dropped by 20.9 percent last year to 14.9%. India as one 112559-27-0 the major importing countries 112559-27-0 China's iron ore export volumes dropped significantly on the market low-cost resources appear scarce, if exports continue to remain low, the late iron ore prices and easy up than going down trend will continue.Br_ | Figure 6: iron ore spot price movementsThe picture shows the spot iron ore price chart. (Source: Wind, Shanghai mid-term) Click here to view the pictures 112559-27-0 all the financial news
3 bdi index rebounded sharplyFreight Index (BDI) | br_ sea dry in August rebounded sharply, August 24 bdi index closed at 1602 points, up 2.36 percent over the previous day. Since August 9, BDI index has ten consecutive trading days to keep rising, soared 27.4 percent, reaching nearly seven-month high. It is reported that the dry bulk market rose and iron ore factors. A shipping weekly show, the recent domestic port low-grade ore inventory decline in domestic ore prices are rising, the imported ore demand has risen. China the amount 112559-27-0 ore shipped from Brazil and Australia increased significantly.Br_ | Figure 7: Comparison Chart the bdi index and the trend 112559-27-0 Indian iron ore finesPicture shows the BDI index and comparison chart 112559-27-0 the trend 112559-27-0 Indian iron ore fines. (Source: My steel net, China Finance) Click here to view all the financial news pictureThe third part 112559-27-0 the market outlook outlook| Br_ low inventory, high-cost situation on the steel support obviously, but funds are tight and high financing costs will be formed to significantly inhibit market activity, and the slowdown in infrastructure investment, external macro-environment, bad, etc., will also have a domestic steel The price trend 112559-27-0 a certain degree 112559-27-0 uncertainty. September steel prices below the adjustment space is more limited, but the combination 112559-27-0 changes in supply and demand 112559-27-0 steel trend is sharply upward conditions still do not have. The main 1201 contract trend should not be too optimistic, the top 112559-27-0 the limited space, 112559-27-0 the price will bounce back to 4950-5000 range blocked. Short term, the 1201 contract is still a slight downward adjustment to the needs, concerns the 4700 first-line support 112559-27-0 the September shock interval in 4700-4950.The
the mid Huanghui Wen

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Molecular Formula:C7H10NOSSe.BF4


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Molecular Formula:C7H10NOS2.BF4

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