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CAS No.:112557-74-1
Product Name : L-Phenylalaninamide, L-a-glutamyl-N-(3-carboxy-2-hydroxypropyl)-
Molecular Formula : C18H25N3O7

CAS No.:112557-74-1

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| Br_ Abstract:| Br_ August, oils and fats by the impact 112557-74-1 the external environment, but because the fundamentals are favorable factors further demonstrated, or to hold above the shock region is not broken, continue gaining upside.Br_ | international market commodity involved slow debt problem in the United States, the euro zone debt worries warming, as well as concerns about the economic development 112557-74-1 the overall slowdown in the mood dominant, crude oil fell below $ 80, regained form to go bad. From the oil market, the impact 112557-74-1 hot weather crop cited worries Weather City speculation warming tendency in support 112557-74-1 U.S. beans and corn maintained strong operating momentum, in order to grease the formation 112557-74-1 support. From the domestic environment, interviews limit move or cease to be a way to limit the terminal price, soybean throw Chu move, although the short-term suppression 112557-74-1 the market, but the limited impact 112557-74-1 the final regression dependence on imports 112557-74-1 the status quo, the future cost 112557-74-1 support may still be strong.| Br_ there is still a tendency to shift in the domestic oil market price shocks, the international market rally recently, it was relatively good, the country due to appreciation 112557-74-1 the renminbi may rally weaker than the outer disk.
grease monthly hot Keywords: economic slowdown concerns, weather speculation, policy interpretation
1, the economic slowdown concerns the goods under pressure, relative resilience 112557-74-1 agricultural productsBr_ | U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor's downgraded from "aaa" as "aa", and the market outlook, outlook to negative. The occurrence 112557-74-1 this event, so that global investors worried about the global capital markets once again caught in a state 112557-74-1 crisis. At the same time, the U.S. unemployment rate climbed often investors worry that the world economy, the second bottom. As a result, the panic 112557-74-1 the market sentiment is naturally gone up. In addition, the debt crisis 112557-74-1 the euro area is also a dog has his day. The debt crisis in Italy and Ireland so that people constantly spreading deeply the debt crisis in Europe. Post-market is the most off| Br_ the heart 112557-74-1 the problem is that the United States qe3 introduced the possibility and time. Worries warming due to the economic slowdown, commodities this month, in addition to gold due to hedging demand to remain strong outside, the rest were varying degrees 112557-74-1 dropping trend. However, due to currency nearly two years 112557-74-1 super-fat, rising production costs, frequent natural disasters, rigid demand steadily go up, agricultural products overall operation 112557-74-1 space on the shift, so the performance is more defensive, by the peripheral impact 112557-74-1 regression after a brief panic basic surface.
Figure 1-1 dollar extended shock trendThe picture shows the trend chart. (Source: the mid-Beijing) Click here to view the pictures 112557-74-1 all the financial news
2 Weather City speculation warming, La Nina's influence
new supply may be subject to adverse weather threat is expected to gradually warming up. The critical growing season in August, U.S. soybean production areas, especially the continuing drought in the Great Plains, causing the beans excellent rate 112557-74-1 decline, the U.S. Department 112557-74-1 Agriculture pursuant to cut soybean yield estimates, the production decline worries lingering form a strong support on the beans. Affected corn, corn has already risen to 700 cents above the distant, the formation 112557-74-1 a strong parity support 112557-74-1 the beans.| Br_ Figure 1-2 due to weather U.S. soybean growth and excellent rate 112557-74-1 decline, the weather speculation foundation 112557-74-1 the existenceThe picture shows the bean growth and excellent rate charts. (Source: the mid-Beijing) Click here to view the pictures 112557-74-1 all the financial news
Table 1-1 U.S. soybean excellent rate 112557-74-1 change and yield production changes are expected (monthly supply and demand report data) are closely related
Figure 1-3 due to soybean corn price ratio in the low region, corn on the strong side also boosted soybeanThe picture shows the soybean corn price ratio chart. (Source: the mid-Beijing) Click here to view the pictures 112557-74-1 all the financial news
Oil World said, "may have added a global range 112557-74-1 supply problems - the South American soybean production in early 2012." "There are indications that La Nina will be formed in the October-December, may cause drought and pressure to bring the crop by the affected areas, mainly in central Argentina and southern Brazil. "after November 2011 or December, the Argentine oilseed and cereal crops may be by the La Nina weather. Thus, while South America is likely to expand acreage, but the weather challenges 112557-74-1 the future is still grim, which continue to have a greater impact on the supply.
Policy Interpretation - toss storage or obscure rose puzzle
Development and Reform Commission to clarify never oil companies packaging limit, which means that the terminal has a policy pressure have great mitigation. But recently also re-transmission 112557-74-1 the state will throw Chu 400 million tons 112557-74-1 soybeans, the supply 112557-74-1 oil refinery, which means that countries will benefit from cost source efforts, and to curb excessive price uplink. This rumor is still subject to more questioning, temporary purchasing and storage 112557-74-1 soybean inventory or straight down, the hands 112557-74-1 the state inventory lack the ability to price regulation is likely to decline, short-term or increase the pressure to be long-term influence is limited. In addition this year, China's soybean acreage reduction 112557-74-1 over 10% further decline in domestic supply, international market especially in the U.S. decline is also expected to exist, the future supply and demand situation is still not optimistic.
two, grease the overall tone is still good
(a) soybean oil long and short interwoven
1, the supply and demand for soybean oil to adjust a bit more empty, but the long-term trend is still toBr_ | U.S. Department 112557-74-1 Agriculture (The USDA) announced in August 2011, the monthly supply and demand report, the report 112557-74-1 soybean oil data is relatively a bit more. New global vegetable oil inventory last month has been cut. Global new season vegetable oil supply is lower than the old annual. 2011/2012 supply data is lower than the previous year while the volume 112557-74-1 trade accordingly raised, ending stocks are lower than the previous report. The information given in this report, the new annual inventory consumption ratio is still lower than prior years, continue to form long-term partial positive impact on the oil.
U.S. soybean oil 2011/12 the amount 112557-74-1 supply and demand will be decline in soybean production expected impact, and reduce the synchronization. But should pay attention to the production 112557-74-1 other oilseeds decline, or soybean oil demand is not overly bleak.
Table 2-1 global vegetable oil supply and demand balanceBr_ | Table 2-2 US soybean oil monthly supply and demand in balance sheet. Blkcontainersblkcon p.page,. Page {font-family: quot; the Arial quot;, sans-a serif; text-align: center; font-size: 12px; line-height: 21px; color: # 999; padding-top : 30px;}Page span, page a {padding: 4px 8px; background: # fff; margin: 0-2px}. Page a,. Page a: visited {border: 1px # 9aafe5 solid; color: # 3568b9; text-decoration: none;}Page span {border: 1px # ddd solid; color: # 999;}. Page span.cur {background: # 296cb3; font-weight: bold; color: # fff; border-color: # 296cb3}. Page a: hover,. Page a: active {border: 1px # 2e6ab1 solid; color: # 363636; text-decoration: none}A234Next

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Product Name:L-Threonine, N-[N-(N-glycyl-L-phenylalanyl)-L-leucyl]-, phenylmethyl ester, mono(trifluoroacetate) (salt)
Molecular Formula:C28H38N4O6.C2HF3O2

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