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CAS No.:112557-11-6
Product Name : Acetamide, N-[2-[4-[[(2-phenylethyl)amino]sulfonyl]phenyl]ethyl]-
Molecular Formula : C18H22N2O3S

CAS No.:112557-11-6

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| Br_ Summary:
August steel prices followed the general trend. August steel prices the first to fall completely in line with our expectations, the fall 112557-11-6 the main reasons is the systemic impact 112557-11-6 the macroscopic surface.
2. Beware 112557-11-6 the U.S. economy second bottom. The current situation, the U.S. economy affects the main melody 112557-11-6 the global commodity markets, the U.S. economy also affect the further policy 112557-11-6 the Federal Reserve, and therefore focus on the U.S. economy, monitoring the U.S. economic data and operation indicators is the top priority in September. In this paper refer to the macro, research, designed to remind the market emphasis on the risk 112557-11-6 second bottom 112557-11-6 the U.S. economy.
3. The demand side: short-term neutral bearish. Infrastructure construction investment growth continued to decline, restoration 112557-11-6 extension; construction late investment in fixed assets will also be the first to fall; the demand for real estate is still neutral on the steel; stocks may be approaching a turning point.Short time the | br_ 4. Steel prices led to losses were limited. As the upstream raw material prices relative price 112557-11-6 steel running lag response, steel prices fell a short time will lead to shorter upstream raw material prices, which eventually led to steel by the apparent support 112557-11-6 the upstream raw material prices, losses were limited. Comparatively speaking, the upstream raw material prices performed better than the price 112557-11-6 steel.
5. Bdi index close to the high point 112557-11-6 the year. Since 2011, the the bdi index in March, May, reached a high point, the BDI index rose nearly a month has quickly rushed to the high 112557-11-6 the year, the bdi index and the steel prices will usher in a return to the issue 112557-11-6 concern. BDI index rebounded from the low, it must mean that steel prices from highs; BDI index is still in the range 112557-11-6 shocks, steel prices high and volatile still.| Br_ investment strategy. In short-term thinking: Focus on the steel market is range bound market, the shock interval narrowed to 4800-4850. Long-term thinking: Focus on the steel market when End shock Guaitou high down. For investors, each fell even slightly lower can not be missed. 4650,4550,4440 below the target duration 112557-11-6 2-3 months.The first part 112557-11-6 August in steel prices followed the general trend
August steel prices the first to fall in line with our expectations, the fall 112557-11-6 the main reasons is the macroscopic surface 112557-11-6 the systemic impact.
macroeconomic policy changes on all commodity prices caused a significant suppressed. We review the macroscopic surface 112557-11-6 the major events taking place in August and its impact on commodity markets.
In early August, China, Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom have announced manufacturing pmi data pmi data greatly decline in market pessimism on the economic recovery, commodity prices under pressure.| Br_ the latest data released by the China Federation 112557-11-6 Logistics and Purchasing, August 1, China's manufacturing purchasing managers index (official pmi) in July to 50.7 percent, the chain fell 0.2 percent, the highest 29 month low. Europe and the United States manufacturing the pmi decline faster, far below market expectations. The euro zone manufacturing pmi dropped to 50.4, the U.S. manufacturing pmi dropped to 50.9, the UK manufacturing pmi dropped to 49.1, are close to the lowest level since the financial crisis.
Second, early in August, China's central bank stressed that the second half continue to price stability as its primary task, which makes policy easing is expected to burst upstream 112557-11-6 goods to the lack 112557-11-6 the most powerful engine.
July 31 to August 1, branches 112557-11-6 the People's Bank 112557-11-6 China governor forum was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the meeting re-emphasized, "the basis 112557-11-6 price stability is not strong, once the policy is loose there is a rebound may, "" maintain the necessary policy efforts. The central bank said the second half 112557-11-6 the year, to be deployed in accordance with the central decision-making continue to handle properly maintain stable and rapid economic development, economic restructuring, management 112557-11-6 inflation expectations in the relationship among the total level 112557-11-6 price stability as the primary task 112557-11-6 macroeconomic regulation, continue to implement good and prudent monetary policy to maintain the necessary policy efforts.
third, early in August, the U.S. debt to reach an agreement at the last moment, the market confidence to the Government 112557-11-6 the United States sovereignty, then the S & P lowered the U.S. aaa sovereign credit rating, the rating 112557-11-6 large U.S. settlement institution, the credit rating 112557-11-6 the United States government-related entities, at the same time, the market began to worry that the British and French sovereign credit rating downgrades, the financial panic in the market plummeted.From | br_ to the evening 112557-11-6 August 5, 2009, rating agency Standard & Poor's U.S. debt rating cut to aa rating outlook is negative. One 112557-11-6 the three major rating agencies to deprive the United States, quot; aaaquot; rating, this is the first time in modern history. Standard & Poor's officials said in August 6th, the U.S. debt ceiling, the political game for several months last Friday, the U.S. ratings downgrade. Standard & Poor's on whether the U.S. decision-makers can work together to deal with financial difficulties skeptical. Standard & Poor's sovereign ratings committee chairman john chambers, said Standard & Poor's is expected, although the United States reached an agreement in the next 10 years, spending cuts 112557-11-6 at least $ 2.1 trillion, but the size 112557-11-6 the U.S. debt will continue to expand. He also said that U.S. policymakers to take further deficit reduction measures can make to improve the prospects and the S & P to reconsider its rating, but in view 112557-11-6 the U.S. government is playing with fire earlier in the debt ceiling, this hope is slim.| Br_ Subsequently, the S & P on August 8, lowered its rating 112557-11-6 the top financial settlement institution. Standard & Poor's depository trust amp; clearing corp. Down a file's settlement institutions and occ rating aaa basis to aa +, the rating outlook is negative. Will the United States government-related entities downgrade a file, to reflect on Friday's sovereign credit rating was reduced to aa's. Among them, 10 out 112557-11-6 12 112557-11-6 the U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank, the senior debt issued by the Federal Farm Credit System, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the priority issue 112557-11-6 rating downgrade.
UBS economists Luke said, following the S & P lowered the U.S. aaa credit rating, Britain and France could become the object 112557-11-6 market speculation, investors are worried that the British and French will also face the risk 112557-11-6 sovereign credit rating is downgraded.
Fourth, in order to avoid further panic in the financial markets, governments began the introduction 112557-11-6 a stable market strategy, the government under pressure from the Standard & Poor's another way to play a stabilizing role 112557-11-6 the market to stabilize market sentiment, commodity prices began to stabilized.Br_ | | First 112557-11-6 all, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain to introduce a new short selling ban. The European Securities Market Authority, said that since August 12, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and France's financial market regulators will implement a new short-selling ban.
Secondly, the S & P said the next two years will not cut the British and French rating. Moritz kraemer, director 112557-11-6 European sovereign ratings division 112557-11-6 Standard & Poor's, said that Britain and France's sovereign rating in the next two years should not be lowered. kraemer, said Standard & Poor's rating outlook to reflect the risk they see; France and the UK's rating outlook is stable, which means from the present point 112557-11-6 view, the next two years, Standard & Poor's did not think the French and British rating downgrades.
Once again, the world's three major rating agencies reaffirmed the French aaa rating. Moody's Investors Service, Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings on Wednesday reaffirmed their impact on France's credit rating aaa rating outlook is stable.
rating after the event, the commodity market has not ushered in good news, a downturn in economic data is still a difficult commodity prices upward, but the Fed qe3 expected commodity prices held firm, began a long time within a narrow range.Br_ | First oecd leading indicators suggest that most economies, growth will slow down.| Br_ OECD (oecd) data show that the measure 112557-11-6 the organization's 34 members 112557-11-6 a leading indicator 112557-11-6 economic activity in June fell to 102.2 from 102.5 in May, showed that most 112557-11-6 the world's major economies will usher in an economic slowdown times. The leading indicators show that the developed economies, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and the UK economic growth will slow down; developing economies, Brazil, China and India's economic growth will slow down.
Second, the U.S. consumer spending fell for the first time.
U.S. June consumer spending fell for the first time in nearly two years, but no personal income growth, indicating that the lack 112557-11-6 kinetic energy near the end 112557-11-6 the second quarter, the occasion 112557-11-6 economic growth. U.S. Department 112557-11-6 Commerce, said the country in June personal spending from the previous month fell 0.2 percent decline for the first time since September 2009, for the modest growth 112557-11-6 0.1 percent in May.| Br_ Finally, in late August, the focus 112557-11-6 the market, especially concentrated in the August 26 Federal Reserve Chairman's speech in the central bank meeting, because a year ago, the Fed chairman is also implied in this place the second round 112557-11-6 quantitative easing policy, so far have a strong market for more stimulus expected commodity prices in this firm.
Throughout August, the steel market did not show the uniqueness, the basic trend with most commodities run.Second bottom 112557-11-6 the second part to guard against the U.S. economy
the current situation, the U.S. economy affects the main melody 112557-11-6 the global commodity markets, the U.S. economy also affect the further policy 112557-11-6 the Federal Reserve, so focus on the U.S. economy, monitoring the U.S. economic data and operation indicators is the top priority in September. The following main reference to the macro, research, designed to remind the market emphasis on the risk 112557-11-6 second bottom 112557-11-6 the U.S. economy.Likelihood 112557-11-6 a recession
a, economists continue to rise the U.S. economyNo. | br_ in late August, to accept the Wall Street Journal survey 112557-11-6 economists believe that considering the current economy is subject to the double blow 112557-11-6 the slowdown and global market volatility, the U.S. economy into a second recession risks have increased substantially. 46 economists surveyed expect the U.S. has fallen into the second recession, the possibility 112557-11-6 13%; the possibility 112557-11-6 recession next year is expected for 29% and 17% higher than expected in the month before the survey.Br_ | other U.S. media survey results 112557-11-6 39 senior economists, the current U.S. economy into a second recession, the possibility 112557-11-6 twice three months ago. Even if the U.S. economy can escape the doom 112557-11-6 the recession once again, economists expect next year's economic growth will slow to 2.5 percent, 3.1 percent lower than expected in April.
U.S. real consumer spending declined
U.S. economic growth was mainly driven by consumption, personal consumption accounted for the GDP accounted for more than 70%, while U.S. personal consumption changes leading to changes in other parameters in the economic field, such as changes in consumption leading and industrial index changes, leading to changes in private investment. Changes in consumption indicators judged that the U.S. economy is very important.Br_ | personal consumption growth decline from the beginning 112557-11-6 March this year. Data from the historical point 112557-11-6 view, the normal growth rate 112557-11-6 the index should be more than 2 percent in June, personal consumption growth 112557-11-6 1.84 percent, lower than the historical norm. U.S. consumption has started to slow down.
In addition to a response level 112557-11-6 consumer sentiment index is the consumer confidence index, the index and personal consumption indicators have a strong correlation can be mutually confirmed. Index 112557-11-6 consumer confidence began to decline from the beginning 112557-11-6 the year, faster than it began to decline in June, August, the index data is only 54.9, has fallen below the lowest point 112557-11-6 the financial crisis period, the reaction 112557-11-6 consumers is very pessimistic about future economic prospects . Also shows that personal consumption growth in July and August data will continue the downward trend. This is the first sign 112557-11-6 recession in the U.S..
, inflation lead to a negative growth in real wagesBr_ | U.S. personal consumption, the main reason is the rise 112557-11-6 U.S. inflation. By the impact 112557-11-6 high oil prices, the U.S. cpi is the way up, the current cpi has reached 3.6%, core cpi reached 1.8 percent, from the policy target 112557-11-6 2%, only one step away. High inflation severely weakened the ability 112557-11-6 U.S. consumption. U.S. average hourly earnings adjusted for inflation, the actual average hourly earnings. The actual hourly earnings began to decline from the end 112557-11-6 last year, has been in negative growth in the state. Historical data show that average hourly earnings whenever the case 112557-11-6 negative growth, personal consumption will be plummeting and with the economic recession. This is the U.S. economy, the second sign 112557-11-6 the second recession.
manufacturing apparent landslide
Consumer slowdown has also led to the slowdown in the production industry, especially in durable goods consumption slowdown will adversely affect the manufacturing sector. Durable goods orders and the pmi data a strong correlation. Due to the slowdown 112557-11-6 consumption 112557-11-6 durable goods, durable goods orders since last year, showing a trend down gradually, which also led to the adjustment 112557-11-6 the pmi data pmi data in April this year after a significant correction, has now dropped to 50.9 %, such as Philadelphia, New York's manufacturing index also appeared for several consecutive months 112557-11-6 negative growth. the largest decline in pmi index is forward-looking components, including new orders, employment, etc., while inventory growth is also accelerating, indicating that the U.S. manufacturing sector in the next few quarters is likely to remain weak state. Pmi index and the U.S. stock market is very closely linked, it is pmi data in July fell sharply, only led to the current round 112557-11-6 European and American stock market crash. pmi 112557-11-6 a substantial decline in the third sign 112557-11-6 reaction 112557-11-6 the economic downturn. We need to focus on the August pmi data, if the August the United States the pmi fell below 50% 112557-11-6 the ups and downs 112557-11-6 watershed, then the economy will accelerate the decline, the second bottom 112557-11-6 the possibility 112557-11-6 the U.S. economy will be greatly increased.
, real estate continues to slump
real estate in the United States is still in the doldrums, the U.S. real estate has accumulated a lot 112557-11-6 inventory before the financial crisis, financial crisis the U.S. real estate is still in the destocking phase. Standard & Poor's housing index shows U.S. home prices still in decline, with the decline in housing prices, housing investment landslide. Of housing investment in the United States occupies a very important position in the field 112557-11-6 private investment, and leading indicators for the entire private investment, real estate downturn affecting the entire U.S. private investment. From the current U.S. real estate downturn is difficult to be changed.| Br_ six U.S. companies to large-scale layoffs in July 112557-11-6 actions that increase| Br_ U.S. companies in July 112557-11-6 large-scale layoffs slightly more than in June, a slight growth in the number 112557-11-6 layoffs, the labor market is still weak. U.S. Labor Department said on Tuesday that a seasonally adjusted basis, in July the United States implemented a total 112557-11-6 1579 large-scale layoffs, increased by 47 times compared to June, an increase 112557-11-6 3%. Massive layoffs in July resulted in 14.5 million people are unemployed, resulting in the month for the first time jobless claims increased by 1%. Which the major investment banks to main layoffs positions.
September we need more than data to be closely monitored, beware 112557-11-6 the U.S. economy is the second bottom 112557-11-6 the possibility 112557-11-6 further increase, more diagrams, please refer to the macro, research reports.. Blkcontainersblkcon p.page,. Page {font-family: quot; the Arial quot;, sans-a serif; text-align: center; font-size: 12px; line-height: 21px; color: # 999; padding-top : 30px;}Page span, page a {padding: 4px 8px; background: # fff; margin: 0-2px}. Page a,. Page a: visited {border: 1px # 9aafe5 solid; color: # 3568b9; text-decoration: none;}Page span {border: 1px # ddd solid; color: # 999;}. Page span.cur {background: # 296cb3; font-weight: bold; color: # fff; border-color: # 296cb3}. Page a: hover,. Page a: active {border: 1px # 2e6ab1 solid; color: # 363636; text-decoration: none}A23Next

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Company Information
Changzhou Hundreds of Millions Foreign Trade Corp.,Ltd
Changzhou Hundreds of Millions Foreign Trade Corp.,Ltd., granted with independent import & export rights, deals in nine categories: medicines, chemicals, commodities, garments, textiles, travelling articles, hardwares, building materials, machinery and electronic products. Located at the entrance to sea by the Yangtze Delta, our company takes full advantage of the highly developed economy and products of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to develop foreign trade business.
    Firmly holding the business policy of clients first and service upmost, and vigorously promoting the enterprise culture of faithful cooperation and common development, our company is determined to expand more business to world market.
    Cordially welcome the talks for cooperation at home and abroad.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. li
Street Address:Room 301,Apartment No.14,Sunny Garden,Changzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China.
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:
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