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CAS No.:112550-66-0
Product Name : L-Leucine, N-[(1,1-dimethylethoxy)carbonyl]-L-tyrosyl-2-azaglycylglycyl-L-phenylalan yl-
Molecular Formula : C32H44N6O9

CAS No.:112550-66-0

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| Br_ Zheng sugar rebounded since the end 112550-66-0 May so far, has been going on for two months rose, rose by more than 20%, the 1201 contract hit a record high, up to 7505 yuan / ton. At present, the macroscopic surface 112550-66-0 the national measures taken to control inflation is even more limited, the fundamentals on the domestic sugar supply and demand in 2010/11 crop is still in tight balance, and high international price 112550-66-0 sugar to exclude a recent import sugar to stabilize the domestic price 112550-66-0 sugar may relatively low business inventories make the domestic price 112550-66-0 sugar is ready to go, once the new crop production was less than expected, the price 112550-66-0 sugar will continue to rise. Therefore, I believe that Zheng sugar is still a bull market.| Br_ Figure 1, 1201, Zheng sugar the main contract, contract trendThe picture shows the zhengtang main contract, 1201 contract charts. (Source: CHICAGO, CSC Futures) Click here to view all News Photos,
Figure 2 Chinese sugar productionThe picture shows China's sugar production charts. (Source: Tom Brake, CSC Futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news
China's consumer price index (cpi) in October 2010, the first time since the economic crisis exceeded 4% cpi continue to rise in the next few months, inflation is increasingly serious.Br_ | In general, China's inflation tolerance between 3% to 4%, when one country the cpi more than inflation tolerance, the central bank will take measures to stabilize prices. In fact, since October 2010, the bank reserve ratio and the benchmark deposit and lending rates were raised nine times and five times. Achieved some results in a series 112550-66-0 control measures, control 112550-66-0 inflation, but far from the first set up the control objectives. National Bureau 112550-66-0 Statistics data show that the 6 month 112550-66-0 cpi rose 6.4 percent, marking a new high in the past three years. Premier Wen Jiabao has said that at the end 112550-66-0 June this year to keep inflation below 4% will be difficult, but it should be controlled below 5%. This means that the beginning 112550-66-0 the government work report in the designated annual cpi increase 112550-66-0 4% the control line or move up to 5%.
Figure 3 resident consumer price indexThe picture shows the consumer index charts. (Source: National Bureau 112550-66-0 Statistics, CSC Futures) Click here to view all News Photos, Br_ | inflation tolerance improve or weaken the inhibitory effect 112550-66-0 price on consumption. Sugar just need the goods when the market is generally accepted by the high sugar, the inhibitory effect 112550-66-0 high sugar consumption will gradually reduce, or even disappear. Domestic sugar production and sales data from the crop can be proved. The second half 112550-66-0 last year, sugar prices soaring, the inhibition 112550-66-0 the high price 112550-66-0 sugar on the sugar consumption is gradually becoming apparent. Yield little change in the case 112550-66-0 the national total sugar sales reduced by about 470,000 tons, as 112550-66-0 April this year. With the improvement 112550-66-0 market inflation tolerance, inhibition 112550-66-0 the high price 112550-66-0 sugar on the sugar consumption decreases. Coincides with the summer shopping season opens in May and June, the domestic sugar sales progress 112550-66-0 a change in pre-light situation, the extent 112550-66-0 consumption 112550-66-0 a single month, spending the past year, the end 112550-66-0 June the cumulative amount 112550-66-0 sugar sales up by about 240,000 tons, compared with the April reduction narrowing 112550-66-0 230,000 tons. It can be seen that the inhibition 112550-66-0 the high price 112550-66-0 sugar on the sugar consumption is gradually disappearing, sugar consumption is returning to normal.| Br_ Figure 42009/10 crop season 2010/11 crop season, a single month sales 112550-66-0 sugar comparedThe picture shows the crop in a single month sales 112550-66-0 sugar comparison chart. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news| Br_ Figure 52009/10 crop season 2010/11 crop season total sugar sales comparisonThe picture shows the crop marketing cumulative sugar comparison chart. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial newsThe | br_ on 06/07 09/10 crop statistics found that about three months before the opening 112550-66-0 the new crop 112550-66-0 domestic consumption 112550-66-0 sugar and 270-310 million tons, sugar prices 112550-66-0 industrial stocks 112550-66-0 about 2.86 million tons, coupled with on be selling 250,000 tons 112550-66-0 state sugar reserve the basic Chiheng 112550-66-0 the domestic sugar supply and demand 112550-66-0 the crop, ending stocks will remain low. At the same time, this year and previous years, the biggest difference lies in the same period in business inventories in nearly five years 112550-66-0 low, this inventory is relatively cramped for a gradual recovery 112550-66-0 consumption, once the new crop production was less than expected, the inevitable positive replenishment push the high price 112550-66-0 sugar.,
Figure 6 commercial inventoryThe picture shows the sugar a single month net imports 112550-66-0 charts. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news| Br_ import side, 1-6 months 112550-66-0 this year, China imported a total 112550-66-0 about 520,000 tons 112550-66-0 sugar, an increase 112550-66-0 27%. Generally speaking, a large number 112550-66-0 imports will continue until around September, the first five months 112550-66-0 China's sugar imports to Cuba and Thailand, then post-import is mainly concentrated in Brazil and Thailand. But taking into account the international price 112550-66-0 sugar as a whole is still in high reality, the possibility 112550-66-0 late Chinese sugar imports a substantial increase in the number 112550-66-0 small, rely on imports to make up for insufficient domestic production will estimate difficult to achieve. Even if the realization 112550-66-0 the import, the cost price 112550-66-0 the imported sugar will be higher than the domestic price 112550-66-0 sugar on sugar prices also played a supportive role.| Br_ Figure 7 sugar single month net importsThe picture shows the sugar a single month net imports 112550-66-0 charts. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news,
sugar price trend is to maintain or change ultimately depends on the new crop 112550-66-0 sugar production increases and decreases. The international front, the Brazilian cut speculation still seems no end, which became the biggest variable 112550-66-0 the international sugar market. Domestically, it is learned that this year's cane growth generally delayed, mainly the number 112550-66-0 sugarcane is expected to open virgin would be delayed, but the effective number 112550-66-0 stems 112550-66-0 sugarcane tillering and per acre is still relatively optimistic, the latter if the weather is suitable, growth is still possible to catch up expected in 2011/12 crop production increased, but the increase is limited.Br_ | Global sugar productionThe picture shows the global sugar production charts. (Source: The USDA, CSC Futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news| Br_ Figure 9 sugar production in BrazilThe picture shows the Brazilian sugar production charts. (Source: The USDA, CSC Futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news| Br_ Figure 10 sugar production in IndiaThe picture shows India's sugar production charts. (Source: The USDA, CSC Futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news| Br_ Figure 11 sugar production in ThailandThe picture shows the Thai sugar raw charts. (Source: The USDA, CSC Futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-66-0 all the financial news
outlook outlook and strategy proposalsThe | br_ based on the above analysis, I believe that the mid-Zheng sugar rose 1201 contract target price 112550-66-0 8000 yuan / ton. However, taking into account the recent disk continued to rise accumulated a lot 112550-66-0 profit taking, high risk-adjusted increase, investors want to select carefully the operation strategy, do not chase high, every callback intervention.| Br_ risk points:
U.S. debt and the debt crisis in Europe
Mid-Autumn Festival after the end 112550-66-0 the prepared sugar high season slowed, high sugar prices, weak demand| Br_ the new crop 112550-66-0 domestic and foreign sugar yield optimistic
CSC Futures Pan Ying

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Molecular Formula:C9H13O4.Li


Product Name:1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione, 2-[3-[1-(triphenylmethyl)-1H-imidazol-4-yl]-2-propenyl]-, (E)-
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Product Name:1H-Imidazole-1-sulfonamide, 2-[(4-bromophenyl)azo]-4-formyl-N,N-dimethyl-
Molecular Formula:C12H12BrN5O3S

Company Information
Yuan Yue Shanghai Chemical Co.

Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. du
Street Address:shanghai
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
http:// www.chemyy.cn
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