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CAS No.:112550-64-8
Product Name : L-Leucine, N-[N-[N-(hydrazinocarbonyl)glycyl]-L-phenylalanyl]-, methyl ester
Molecular Formula : C19H29N5O5

CAS No.:112550-64-8

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a market review
1,7 rebar futures rebound, the main contract from the point 112550-64-8 4723 rose to 4927 points, 204 points, or 4.23 percent. (See below)The picture shows the rebar futures charts. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial news
2,7 coke futures shock downstream 112550-64-8 the main contracts from 2348 to 2276, -72 points, or 3.07 percent. (See below)The picture shows the coke futures charts. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial news
, factor analysis
1, the international steel prices continue to fallThe picture shows the international market 112550-64-8 steel price chart. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial newsFrom | br_ to the end 112550-64-8 the month 112550-64-8 June, the the cru international steel price index fell to 208.3 points, a decline 112550-64-8 3.9 points, a decline 112550-64-8 1.8%; compared with the same period last year, the international steel price index rose 13.5 points, an increase 112550-64-8 6.9%. Prices 112550-64-8 long products slightly decreased plate price decline than the apparent end 112550-64-8 June, a cru international long products price index 112550-64-8 230.8 points ring than decreased by 0.3 points, down 0.1 percent; plate price index 112550-64-8 197.1 points, ring than decreased 5.8 points, down 2.9 percent . Compared with the same period last year, long products index rose 20.9 points, an increase 112550-64-8 10.0%; sheet index rose 9.9 points, an increase 112550-64-8 5.3%.
weakness 112550-64-8 the domestic market, steel prices shocksThe picture shows the domestic market, steel price chart. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial newsFrom | br_ to the end 112550-64-8 the month 112550-64-8 June, the China Iron and Steel Association cspi composite steel price index was 134.40 points, a decline 112550-64-8 1.53 points, a decline 112550-64-8 1.13%; compared with the same period last year, the composite steel price index rose 18.99 points, an increase 112550-64-8 16.45 percent. Long, plate prices have come down, the plate fell more than long products. The end 112550-64-8 June, cspi long timber index was 141.76 points, ring than decreased 1.24 points, down 0.87%; sheet index 112550-64-8 129.82 points, ring than decreased 2.10 points, down 1.59 percent, than the long material decline in high 112550-64-8 0.72 percentage points; with the same period last year. long products index rose 24.81 points, an increase 112550-64-8 21.21%; sheet index rose 14.09 points, an increase 112550-64-8 12.17%.
3, construction steel prices fall relatively modestThe picture shows construction steel price chart. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial newsFrom | br_ to the end 112550-64-8 the month 112550-64-8 June, the China Iron and Steel Association to monitor the price 112550-64-8 eight varieties 112550-64-8 steel chain, which declined. Where: a relatively large decline in hot-rolled coil and cold-rolled sheet prices, a decline 112550-64-8 2.05% and 2.18% respectively; plate prices fell 1.60 percent; high wire, steel prices fell 0.97% and 1.41% respectively; angle galvanized steel sheet and hot rolled seamless pipe smaller price decline, a decline 112550-64-8 0.33%, 0.26% and 0.33% respectively.The
4 steel community inventories continue to declineThe picture shows the social stock 112550-64-8 steel charts. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial news| Br_ at the end 112550-64-8 June, the country's 26 major steel market five steel community inventories amounted to 14.32 million tons, a decline 112550-64-8 290,000 tons, a decline 112550-64-8 2.03 percent, the fourth consecutive month lower than the previous, but the decline from the previous month decreases 112550-64-8 3.17 percentage points. Which: rebar, wire rod inventory chain were down 2.13 percent and 12.69 percent, a decline 112550-64-8 5.71 percentage points and 4.60 percentage points respectively from the previous month to reduce; hot rolled stock fell 0.60 percent, a decline from the previous month decreased 1.83 percentage points; in thick board stocks turned up by the drop, an increase 112550-64-8 3.59%; ring 112550-64-8 cold-rolled sheet stocks declined slightly by 0.82%. Changes in inventories 112550-64-8 steel showing weaker demand, market sentiment has increased the trend.
5, raw material prices firmThe picture shows the raw material Jiagezoushitu. (Source: CSC investment and futures) Click here to view the pictures 112550-64-8 all the financial news| Br_ in June, the purchasing prices 112550-64-8 industrial producers rose 10.5 percent, up 0.2%; the price 112550-64-8 fuel and power rose 12.0 percent, an increase 112550-64-8 0.3 percentage points from the previous month; the end 112550-64-8 June, imports 112550-64-8 iron ore, domestic iron ore, coking coal and metallurgical coke prices are basically the same as last month, scrap prices continue to rise. In the case 112550-64-8 steel prices drop, raw materials and fuel prices high, to make steel sharp decline in the prices 112550-64-8 the limited space.
6 rate hike is expected to increase
(1) to stabilize prices is still the primary task 112550-64-8 macroeconomic regulation and control, plus the expected interest rate increase. The characteristics 112550-64-8 the macro-control policies in the first half 112550-64-8 the monetary tightening - raising interest rates three times, six times to raise the deposit reserve ratio. The cumulative effect 112550-64-8 the show along with the tightening 112550-64-8 monetary policy, the SME money shortage problem attendant, a fact that caused the market may loosen monetary policy in the second half 112550-64-8 the speculation. However, the recently held meeting 112550-64-8 the Central Political Bureau emphasized that the total level 112550-64-8 price stability as the primary task 112550-64-8 macroeconomic regulation and control, which means that the policy direction and tone will remain the same. State Council executive meeting held recently proposed to stabilize prices in a prominent position, and continue to increase the intensity 112550-64-8 the real estate market regulation. Meanwhile, relevant departments are implemented on the second and third tier cities in the property market restriction policy to conduct intensive research, these are considered to be an important signal to not loose monetary policy in the second half. The second half 112550-64-8 July, the central counting continuous low-dose release, causing the market in August the central bank will raise interest rates again worry about market funds face is still hard to be optimistic.
(2) the protection 112550-64-8 housing construction is still 112550-64-8 railway construction investment is likely to slow. In June, China's protection 112550-64-8 housing construction show a blowout situation, within one month 112550-64-8 protection 112550-64-8 housing starts and renewed by nearly 20 percentage points. In mid-July, twice the State Council executive meeting, namely the increasing government spending and lending support, as well as speed up the progress 112550-64-8 the land available for, to ensure that all started construction this year, 10 million units 112550-64-8 affordable housing by the end 112550-64-8 November, which shows the central government importance 112550-64-8 protection 112550-64-8 housing construction. Financial bottlenecks in the protection 112550-64-8 housing construction has gradually breakthrough around the building to speed up the process, the protection 112550-64-8 housing construction is still expected to pull one 112550-64-8 the highlights 112550-64-8 the demand for construction steel in August. "7 # 8226; 23 Wenzhou motor car rear-end accident so that the Ministry 112550-64-8 Railways deep crisis 112550-64-8 confidence, the State Council executive meeting requirements 112550-64-8 the overall strengthening 112550-64-8 the production safety 112550-64-8 the transport, coal and other industries. July 26, Zhejiang, a state-owned banks, emergency issued a document requiring a comprehensive investigation within its jurisdiction the High Speed 鈥嬧€婻ail industry related customers in a targeted manner to prevent credit risks. Affected, Hangzhou-Nanjing high-speed rail has been part 112550-64-8 the work stoppage, the Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail has to extend the original duration 112550-64-8 six months. According to statistics, the Ministry 112550-64-8 Railways, the scale 112550-64-8 investment 112550-64-8 745.5 billion yuan this year, and only completed in the first half 112550-64-8 the 278.1 billion yuan, investors expect this in the second half will see a substantial acceleration 112550-64-8 investment in railways, but the motor car accident, and the Ministry 112550-64-8 Railways bonds bids, but the annual investment plan to slow down the possibility 112550-64-8 change. If the slowdown in the construction 112550-64-8 railway investment, will form the adverse effects 112550-64-8 market demand for steel.The
Third, the conclusion
August rebar futures driven by inflation expectations and cost will maintain the upward trend, but to pay attention to the suppression 112550-64-8 the policy control and the key 5,000 point price is valid breakthrough; coke futures prices are relatively weak, concerned about the 2270 effective support.
CSC Futures He Jianqiang

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Molecular Formula:C10H9BrN4O

Company Information

        Handan city Guangzheng Disinfectant Co.,LTD is specialized in producing chlorinated disinfectants. The company possesses advanced equipment as well as technologies up to the date. Among 500employees, 50 are senior technicians. The plants keep an annual productive capacity of 5000 tons of Trichloro isocyanuric acid, 4,500tons of Sodium dichloro isocyanurate, together with 10,000 tons of Cyanuric acid. The company has its self-supporting right of import and export. Our products are exported to many countries and regions such as America, Europe, Asia and Africa etc., and our products received welcome from clients. Adhering to the ideology of"Qualified Goods by honest Human" we are sincerely looking forward to a good relationship with you. Your visit will be worthwhile and fruitful. E-mail:tcca@vip.sina.com
Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. Sally Liang
Street Address:No.29 Shuzhi Road, Fuxing Zone, Handan city,Hebei, China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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Molecular Formula:C24H37N3O6
Product Name:L-Threonine, N-[N-(N-glycyl-L-phenylalanyl)-L-leucyl]-, phenylmethyl ester, mono(trifluoroacetate) (salt)
Molecular Formula:C28H38N4O6.C2HF3O2
Product Name:D-Threonine, N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-tyrosyl]-
Molecular Formula:C21H24N2O7