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CAS No.:112550-48-8
Product Name : L-Threonine, N-[N-(N-glycyl-N-methyl-L-phenylalanyl)-L-leucyl]-, phenylmethyl ester
Molecular Formula : C29H40N4O6

CAS No.:112550-48-8

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| Br_ a week, the market review: record highs, overwhelming
international market @ comex-month contract 12 August (Monday) this week opened at $ 1,609.8 / oz, the Asian session late on Friday near $ 1,666 / ounce this week, gold record high, the highest point $ 1,684.3 / oz. Shanghai Gold 1112 contracts open on Monday at 333.94 yuan / g, this week, the highest point 112550-48-8 346.99 yuan / g, to close at 344.08 yuan / g. This week, the gold market as a whole finished lower, weekly support 112550-48-8 European bonds and global economic weakness, gold prices are constantly rising Thursday in U.S. stocks and crude oil prices fell sharply, driven under the gold market fell callback. The world's largest gold etf fund-spdr positions continued this week, an increase 112550-48-8 22.72 tons, the total reached 1286.3 tons.Br_ | Figure 1: @ comex gold and spdr positionsThe picture shows the comex gold and spdr positions Chart. (Source: Bloomberg mid-term Research Institute) Click here to view the pictures 112550-48-8 all the financial news
two, the U.S. debt temporarily paragraph, the European debt changingBr_ | Tuesday from the edge 112550-48-8 default, the Senate at 74:26 112550-48-8 the voting results by $ 2.1 trillion in deficit reduction plan. U.S. debt ceiling temporarily come to an end, but is not very obvious signs 112550-48-8 decline in the risk aversion 112550-48-8 the market, mainly the one hand, the market for U.S. debt ceiling finally be able to successfully passed the long expected, on the other hand, the global economic weakness to seize the eye 112550-48-8 investors, out 112550-48-8 concerns about weak U.S. economic recovery, especially on the global economy, hedge funds do not want to withdraw from the gold market.| Br_ the convening 112550-48-8 the EU summit late last month, the debt crisis in Europe temporary relief, but we have been emphasizing Europe's debt crisis is only temporary relief while and did not resolve the eurozone constantly exposed to risk. This week the third and the fourth largest in the euro area countries with economies in Italy and Spain bond yields surged to a 14-year high market deeply worried. Italian 10-year bond yields rose on Tuesday by 21 basis points to 6.21%, Spain 10-year bond yields rose 18 basis points to 6.46 percent, bond yields rose sharply to lead to market volatility, debt problems in Europe continue to be the hot speculation. worry about surge in global economic uncertainty.| Br_ the global economic recovery is weak, inflation is expected to support the price 112550-48-8 gold
recent U.S. economic data further validate the market slowdown in U.S. economic growth this argument.
U.S. Institute for Supply Management data released Monday show that the manufacturing index fell to 50.9 in July, the lowest since July 2009. The new orders index fell to 49.2 from 51.6. The agency announced on Wednesday the service industry manufacturing data in July fell to 52.7, below market expectations and in June was 53.3. The new orders index fell to 51.7 from 53.6, the employment index fell to 52.5 from 54.1. At the same time, the U.S. Commerce Department released data show that personal spending in June fell 0.2 percent from the previous month, as the decline for the first time since September 2009. June factory orders dropped 0.8 percent, higher than the expected value 112550-48-8 the market.,
economic recovery is weak not only performance in the United States, the global economy is equally worrying, slow the pace 112550-48-8 global expansion in manufacturing in July two years, according to JP Morgan Chase compilation 112550-48-8 global manufacturing pmi report. July pmi previous month, 52.3 50.6, is the minimum, and manufacturing new orders sub-index contraction since July 2009, the first time since the global economy out 112550-48-8 the 2008 financial crisis. The status 112550-48-8 the global economic slowdown, the market's inflation expectations continue to increase, it also gives the gold to form a strong support.
Figure 2: @ comex gold and the dollar indexThe picture shows the comex gold and the dollar index charts. (Source: Bloomberg mid-term Research Institute) Click here to view the pictures 112550-48-8 all the financial news| Br_ four, the central bank to buy gold will enhance the
As the credit crisis and inflation expectations increase, the willingness 112550-48-8 central banks to purchase gold and constantly enhance. 2010 as a whole, the central banks from the traditional gold sellers into the purchase side, bought a total 112550-48-8 73 tons 112550-48-8 gold. In the first half 112550-48-8 this year, central banks around the world stepped up efforts to buy gold. Bank 112550-48-8 Mexico in the first quarter 112550-48-8 this year to buy nearly 100 tons 112550-48-8 gold, equivalent to 4% 112550-48-8 the country's international reserves, the highest in recent years, most 112550-48-8 the national central bank gold transactions scale. Bank 112550-48-8 Korea said on Tuesday, June and July to buy 25 tons 112550-48-8 gold, more than a decade for the first time to buy. Bank 112550-48-8 Thailand in June the second time this year to buy gold, buy 18.66 tons 112550-48-8 gold reserves reach 127.524 tons. Other central banks in Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries are in a constant increase in gold reserves to counter all kinds 112550-48-8 uncertain risks.
- The attitude 112550-48-8 the central bank gold as the world's largest holder 112550-48-8 gold, the impact on the price 112550-48-8 gold is the most direct, central banks are increasing purchase will no doubt eat the pieces 112550-48-8 reassurance into the gold market to investors.
gold as a hedge diminished callback, concerned about the U.S. payrolls dataThe | br_ present round 112550-48-8 the price 112550-48-8 gold has risen nearly 200 points, but the European debt crisis intensified, the recovery 112550-48-8 the global economic weakness, the continuous increase in inflation expectations and central banks to buy gold will enhance gave the gold market continue to provide rise in support themes, driven by investment demand for gold under the rising power 112550-48-8 gold medium-and long-term still exists. From the nearly two weeks the world's largest gold etf positions, the positions continued to increase, which also support the formation 112550-48-8 the price 112550-48-8 gold. Technically the kdj indicators suggest that short-term callback needs, but the market is waiting for the U.S. tonight announced payrolls data. Short-term operation, we recommend that investors pay close attention to the non-farm data, such as below market expectations, may continue to do more dips, the first goal 112550-48-8 1680. As significantly better than market expectations, it is estimated that gold will enter the adjustment, the bottom support bit 1650-1630-1610. Medium-and long-term continue to hold to see more ideas, objectives 1700.
Interim Research Institute Xiaojun

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Product Name:b-Alanine, N-(N-L-a-glutamyl-L-phenylalanyl)-
Molecular Formula:C17H23N3O6


Product Name:L-Phenylalaninamide, L-a-glutamyl-N-(3-carboxypropyl)-
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Molecular Formula:C36H30Cl3N


Product Name:11H-Benzo[a]carbazole, 5-(2,2-diphenylethenyl)-3-(methylthio)-11-propyl-
Molecular Formula:C34H29NS


Product Name:11H-Benzo[a]carbazole, 5-(2,2-diphenylethenyl)-4-ethoxy-11-propyl-
Molecular Formula:C35H31NO


Product Name:11H-Benzo[a]carbazole, 11-butyl-5-(2,2-diphenylethenyl)-10-methoxy-
Molecular Formula:C35H31NO

Company Information
Fenghua Yuron Chemical Industry Material Co., Ltd
Contact Information
Contact Person:Ms. Cindy
Street Address:Houge Xikou Town
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
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Molecular Formula:C24H38N4O6
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