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CAS No.:112493-41-1
Product Name : 1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-(4-ethyl-1-piperidinyl)-6-[4-(hexyloxy)phenyl]-
Molecular Formula : C21H31N5O

CAS No.:112493-41-1

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NEW YORK cbot corn futures closed down, and commodity markets suffered across the board sell-off and the dollar rose drag suppress corn downlink, but worried about the hot weather, or lead to production cuts, investors late bargain hunting make corn Fixed a decline.Br_ | integrated media reported on August 4, the Chicago Board 112493-41-1 Trade (cbot) corn futures on the 4th closed down by the commodity markets suffered sell-off dragged down.,
The most active cbot 11 corn futures ended down 11 1/2 cents, or 1.6%, to close at $ 7.01 / bushel.
analyst, said the evacuation 112493-41-1 high-risk assets, a stronger dollar, stock and commodity markets fell sharply as traders.| Br_ correction but corn futures in late decline, as investors bargain hunting. Subjected to heat waves in July, the grain to worry about bad weather may lead to the corn crop., | Br_ private weather forecasting agency telvent dtn meteorologist mike palmerino said, "more moderate rainfall, as well as scattered rains and thunderstorms will ease the pressure 112493-41-1 growing crops."
freese notis weather meteorologist, pointed out that the next five days in central and western from time to time usher in rainfall in some areas during this period every day rainfall.Br_ | U.S. corn weekly export sales in the dealer announced the projected range for the bottom. U.S. Department 112493-41-1 Agriculture (The USDA) said that as 112493-41-1 July 28, when weeks 112493-41-1 corn, the total sales volume 112493-41-1 758,600 tons, traders expected range 112493-41-1 between 60 tons to 120 tons.
analysts informa 2011 U.S. corn crop is expected to 13.759 billion bushels in July down to 13.353 billion bushels. The agency will also corn per mu is expected to lower from the previous 162.5 bushels to 158 bushels.Br_ | The USDA is expected in July 2011, U.S. corn production will reach 13.47 billion bushels, 158.7 bushels per acre were produced to reach.Br_ | cbot December ethanol futures ended down 2.3 percent, to close at $ 2.516 / gallon. cbot oat futures ended September fell 4.1 percent, to close at $ 3.31 1/2 / gallon.
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Product Name:L-Valine, 3-methyl-N-[2-methyl-1-[[[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]methyl]amino]carbon yl]propyl]-N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]glycyl]-, methyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C30H41N3O8S


Product Name:L-Valine, 3-methyl-N-[2-methyl-1-[[[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]methyl]amino]carbon yl]propyl]-N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-alanyl]-, methyl ester, (R)-
Molecular Formula:C31H43N3O8S


Product Name:L-Phenylalanine, N-[2-methyl-1-[[[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]methyl]amino]carbonyl]propyl]- N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]glycyl]-, methyl ester, (R)-
Molecular Formula:C33H39N3O8S


Product Name:L-Phenylalanine, N-[2-methyl-1-[[[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]methyl]amino]carbonyl]propyl]- N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]glycyl]-, methyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C33H39N3O8S


Product Name:L-Phenylalanine, N-[2-methyl-1-[[[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]methyl]amino]carbonyl]propyl]- N-[N-[(phenylmethoxy)carbonyl]-L-alanyl]-, methyl ester, (R)-
Molecular Formula:C34H41N3O8S

Product Name:Tetrazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolinium, 2-ethyl-, tetrafluoroborate(1-)
Molecular Formula:C11H11N4.BF4


Product Name:Tetrazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolinium, 1-ethyl-10-methyl-, tetrafluoroborate(1-)
Molecular Formula:C12H13N4.BF4


Product Name:Tetrazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolinium, 1,10-dimethyl-, tetrafluoroborate(1-)
Molecular Formula:C11H11N4.BF4


Product Name:Tetrazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolinium, 1-ethyl-, tetrafluoroborate(1-)
Molecular Formula:C11H11N4.BF4


Product Name:Tetrazolo[1,5-b]isoquinolinium, 1-methyl-, tetrafluoroborate(1-)
Molecular Formula:C10H9N4.BF4

Company Information
Jiangxi Jishui Hongda Natural Perfume Co., Ltd
Founded in 1996, our company is one of the leading  producers and suppliers of terpene chemicals certificated by ISO9001: 2000. We specialize in the manufacturing of gum turpentine based aroma and miscellaneous chemicals for one decade, the main products in our plant are "HAROMA" brand pinenes, terpene alcohols and other allied terpene chemicals.

    Adopting advanced technology and strict administration in the manufacturing process, plus advanced inspection facilities used to test finished products, the quality of our products is well guaranteed. With full understanding regarding materials produced in our plant, we are going to meet any of your special requirements on terpene chemicals.  We are committed to supporting your business with high quality products, reliable customer services and professional technical support at competitive prices.  The annual productive capacities of natural aroma chemicals including Alpha Pinene and Beta Pinene in our factory are 2000mts and 1100mts respectively. Also we are happened to be able to supply you with other synthetic terpene based aromat chemicals including Dipentene, Gamma Terpinene, Terpinolene, Alpha Terpineol, Terpineol and Pine Oil at a total quantity of 2000mt approximately each year.  

      With pleasant woody smell and floral notes, our products can be used for a varieties of applications such as flavors, fragrances, perfumes, deodorants, refreshers, industrial solvents and so on. Owing to the existence of cyclic structure, carbon-carbon double bond and  hydroxyl radical´╝îour materials are finding  more use in the industries of fine chemicals, terpene resins, pharmaceutical intermediates and eco-friendly pesticides.  Materials such as terpineol and pine oil have properties of pleasant smell, high boiling point, strong solvency and sterilization, they can be used in electronic, ceramic, dying, glass, medicine and personal hygiene industries. After about  one  decade  of  continuous developments, our products are readily accepted  in domestic market by industrial customers and domestic trade companies. In 2003, we ventured into overseas market, most of our products are being directly exported to foreign countries such as USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Singapore, India, Jordan, Syria, etc, our products also enjoy high reputations in these new markets they have penetrated into.

      Warmly welcome industrial and commercial customers from around the world to take a virtual tour of our facilities, we are looking forward to networking or strengthening business relationships with you on the basis of mutual benefit.

Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Peng Zuo
Street Address:No.19 Wenshan Avenue, Jishui County, Jiangxi Province 331600 China.
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Manufacturers
Tel:+86 796 3511924
Fax:+86 796 3511307
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Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-[4-(hexyloxy)phenyl]-6-(4-pentyl-1-piperidinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C24H37N5O
Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-6-(4-methyl-1-piperidinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C15H19N5O
Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]-6-(4-phenyl-1-piperidinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C24H29N5O
Product Name:Benzoic acid, 4-hexyl-, 1-[6-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl]-4-piperidinyl ester
Molecular Formula:C31H41N5O3
Product Name:Benzoic acid, 4-(hexyloxy)-, 1-[6-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]-1,2,4,5-tetrazin-3-yl]-4-piperidinyl ester
Molecular Formula:C31H41N5O4
Product Name:Butanoic acid, 2-chloro-3-methyl-, 4-(5-heptyl-2-pyrimidinyl)phenyl ester
Molecular Formula:C22H29ClN2O2
Product Name:Pentanoic acid, 2-chloro-4-methyl-, 4-(5-heptyl-2-pyrimidinyl)phenyl ester
Molecular Formula:C23H31ClN2O2
Product Name:Cyclohexanecarboxylic acid, 4-cyano-4-octyl-, 4-(2-chloro-3-methyl-1-oxobutoxy)phenyl ester, cis-
Molecular Formula:C27H38ClNO4
Product Name:Butanoic acid, 2-chloro-3-methyl-, 2-[1-cyano-4-[4'-(heptyloxy)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl]cyclohexyl]-1-methylethyl ester
Molecular Formula:C34H46ClNO3
Product Name:Butanoic acid, 2-chloro-3-methyl-, 4-(5-octyl-2-pyridinyl)phenyl ester
Molecular Formula:C24H32ClNO2
Product Name:Butanoic acid, 2-chloro-3-methyl-, 4-(5-nonyl-2-pyridinyl)phenyl ester
Molecular Formula:C25H34ClNO2
Product Name:Octanoic acid, 3,7-dimethyl-, 4-(5-nonyl-2-pyrimidinyl)phenyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C29H44N2O2
Product Name:Octanoic acid, 3,7-dimethyl-, [4'-(octyloxy)[1,1'-biphenyl]-4-yl]methyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C31H46O3
Product Name:Benzoic acid, 4-(5-heptyl-2-pyrimidinyl)-, 3,7-dimethyloctyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C28H42N2O2
Product Name:Benzoic acid, 4-(hexyloxy)-, 4-[[(3,7-dimethyloctyl)oxy]carbonyl]phenyl ester, (S)-
Molecular Formula:C30H42O5
Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]-6-(4-pentyl-1-piperidinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C23H35N5O
Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-(4-ethyl-1-piperidinyl)-6-[4-(pentyloxy)phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C20H29N5O
Product Name:1,2,4,5-Tetrazine, 3-(4-butoxyphenyl)-6-(4-ethyl-1-piperidinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C19H27N5O
Product Name:Butanoic acid, 4-[[(heptadecafluorooctyl)sulfonyl]amino]-, monosodium salt
Molecular Formula:C12H8F17NO4S.Na
Product Name:Tetradecanamide, 2-[2-chloro-4-[(3-chloro-4-hydroxyphenyl)sulfonyl]phenoxy]-N-[4-[3-[7-[(2 ,2,3,3,4,4,4-heptafluoro-1-oxobutyl)amino]-2-methyl-1H-pyrazolo[1,5-b][ 1,2,4]triazol-6-yl]propyl]phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C44H49Cl2F7N6O6S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-[2,5-dibutoxy-4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-4-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C25H36N2O5S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-4-(dodecyloxy)-
Molecular Formula:C26H40N2O3S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N,4-dimethyl-N-[4-(4-morpholinyl)-2-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C19H21F3N2O3S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N,4-dimethyl-N-[4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-
Molecular Formula:C18H22N2O3S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-[2,5-diethoxy-4-(1-pyrrolidinyl)phenyl]-N,4-dimethyl-
Molecular Formula:C22H30N2O4S
Product Name:Carbamic acid, [2,5-dibutoxy-4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]methyl-, phenyl ester
Molecular Formula:C26H36N2O5
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-[2,5-dibutoxy-4-(4-morpholinyl)phenyl]-N,4-dimethyl-
Molecular Formula:C26H38N2O5S
Product Name:Benzenesulfonamide, N-[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]-4-(dodecyloxy)-N-methyl-
Molecular Formula:C27H42N2O3S
Product Name:Benzenamine, 2,5-dibutoxy-N,N-dibutyl-4-(4-morpholinyl)-
Molecular Formula:C26H46N2O3
Product Name:1,4-Benzenediol, 2-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-5-dodecyl-
Molecular Formula:C22H38O2