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CAS No.:112481-91-1
Product Name : 1-Pentanol, 4-methyl-4-[(phenylmethoxy)methoxy]-
Molecular Formula : C14H22O3

CAS No.:112481-91-1

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NEW YORK Dalian soybean 1205 contract member turnover positions in league tables
----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
ranking member referred to the volume increase or decrease in member referred to held pay increase or decrease in the increase or decrease 112481-91-1 the members referred to as holding sell orders
Zhejiang Wing 4,0512,167 Zhejiang earth 7,859-30 Hongyuan Futures 8,05032
2 channel through futures 3,8622,646 Zhejiang Wing 7,337395 Wanda Futures 7,253335
COFCO Futures the 3,6362,441 CSI futures 6,901-28 a German futures 6,8821Br_ | 4 GF Futures the 2,7912,176 Daotong futures 4,393-800 Hengtai Futures 6,0000,
5 mid-term 2,7612,644 Haitong Futures 3,832162 Shun futures 4,66162Br_ | 6 CSI futures Boseong futures 2,659643 3,04543 COFCO Futures 4,626-2,507
the Tianqi futures 1,7781,496 Jiangsu Holly 3,004-265 Shanghai Jinyuan 4,5375Br_ | Wanda Futures 1,741837 Zhejiang futures 2,918-152 COFCO Group 4,0000Br_ | Founder futures 1,6891,346 Galaxy Futures 2,521142 SDIC futures 3,827161Br_ | 10 Jiangsu Holly 2,483162 1,662389 Nanhua Futures country Hailiang 3,537269
11 the Huishang futures 1,646258 Shanghai the mid 1 2,334-227 Beijing mid-term 3,3142,663Br_ | 12 2,182185 Minmetals Zhejiang futures 1,6061,214 Bohai Futures Futures 2,82471
13 Green Futures the 1,5151,368 guangfa futures 2,166468 Chengdu special times 2,79847
14 Galaxy Futures 1,386191 Lake futures 112481-91-1 2,059441 Zhejiang futures 2,705-278
15 the mid 1,321474 Zhaojin futures 1,92867 HNA East Bank 2,3473
16 Guolian Futures 1,268587 Zhejiang Zhongshan University 1,729-16 Shanghai mainland 2,3009
17 China International 1,218651 create futures 1,661-52 Shenzhen Jinhui 2,0075
18 Zhejiang Xinhua 1,164120 1,639512 BOC Founder futures 2,0000
19 new lake futures 1,135732 Zhejiang more 1,63162 Guolian Futures 1,770-30
20 Boseong Futures 1,061385 1,50944 letter Huixin Futures Futures 1,72425,
Total 39,95022,76563,131111377,162873
----------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Source: Dalian Commodity ExchangeThe | br_ (Zhao Zhixin editor)

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Molecular Formula:C15H22N2O2


Product Name:Pyrazolidine, 2-acetyl-1-phenyl-3-(phenylmethoxy)-
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Product Name:Pyrazolidine, 2-acetyl-3-(1-methylethoxy)-1-phenyl-
Molecular Formula:C14H20N2O2


Product Name:Pyrazolidine, 2-acetyl-1-phenyl-3-propoxy-
Molecular Formula:C14H20N2O2


Product Name:3-Pyrazolidinamine, 2-acetyl-N-cyclohexyl-5-methyl-1-phenyl-
Molecular Formula:C18H27N3O

Company Information
Suzhou Qilin Pharm-Chemicals Research Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Qilin Pharm-Chemicals Research Co., Ltd. is invested by Jiangxi Qilin Chemical industry Co., Ltd., one of the new high tech enterprises and key enterprises in Jiangxi province. The registered capital for our company is ¥10,000,000, and its scope of business mainly covers chemical raw material, medicine intermediates, and pharmaceutical raw material techniques research and supply.
The company gives up copying overseas expired patented pharmaceuticals, a fast growing but lack of long-term driving force way which most domestic pharmaceutical companies take nowadays, while we don’t set an impractical goal about developing new drugs in the very beginning. Instead, with foothold in enterprise reality and personnel strengths as well as cooperating with domestic and foreign chemical/pharmaceutical corporations, the company walks out a unique win-win road: developing new synthesis process mainly, innovating drug development secondarily, aiming at bringing domestic pharmaceutical enterprises to overcome the technical barriers, while achieving our self-value. Our goal is: To provide highly efficient and quality R&D services to our customers, to help them complete production process smoothly, and satisfy them with every other needs.
Currently our company mainly emphasizes on the research about new synthesis processes of the depressor for ACE. Compared to normal methods, the new techniques introduce a totally new pathway. The cost is greatly reduced and the quality of the products is significantly enhanced, former side products in the final stage of normal synthesis process now represent a much lower content, the reaction condition is mild, suitable for industrialization production, all these suggesting a very promising market prospect. Presently, the laboratory R&D project has already been finished, and the next stage is testing in workshop. We have also conducted a primary laboratory test on a category three anti-allergy drug, now it is in the process of clinical stage declaring.
We have a powerful R&D team. The director of technology, got his Ph.D. from Peking University and continued pursuing his study overseas. He did his post-doctoral research in Hong Kong Technology University and Sweden Gotenburg University, and has excellent academic achievements in many research areas, such as sugar and heterocyclic chemistry research. In recent years, he engages in introducing his research products to the market, and has achieved good results. The academic leader of the company is graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Shanghai Medicine, with the main research direction for the physiological activity of the extracts triptolide total synthesis work. The company’s main project principals are college-level or higher qualifications, above the middle title, with rich experience in large foreign companies for years and product development. Meanwhile, the company also has a team of foreign experts, university professors, and a consultant team to give advice on topics of the project and to provide technical support.
Company assigned to the Suzhou High-Tech Park District foreign students venture garden which is set up by Suzhou municipal government. We have such as SHIMADZU high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, Bruker 300MHz NMR, Agilent liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry instruments, IR, UV, polarimeter, melting point and refractive instruments. This large number of analytical facilities provides us convenient tools to the project of company.

The company focuses on using existing resources by cooperating with industry, academia, and members of the research field to develop new drugs. Works like several new dihydropyridine calcium antagonist drugs, chiral separation with a view to securing a single three-dimensional structure of chemical substances have made breakthrough progress. Once complete the development work, it will be a class of new drugs within the scope of World Intellectual Property Rights, the effect of economic and social effects will be very large.
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr. Ting Fan
Street Address:Suite 222, A3Building, 218Xinghu RD., Suzhou Industrial Park, China
Country: China (Mainland)
Business Type:Lab/Research institutions
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Molecular Formula:C11H10ClF3
Product Name:2-Pentanol, 1,1,1,3,3,4,4,5,5,5-decafluoro-2-(trifluoromethyl)-, potassium salt
Molecular Formula:C6HF13O.K
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Molecular Formula:C15H20O2
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