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Dimethyl carbonate: fast increase productivity in market slowly
Source:    Published:2010-7-22 16:35:32
Business information agency on December 21 from the end of September 2008 into the Dongchu phase, fertilizer prices way down, come down significantly. Judging from the recent market, dealers cautiously waiting Dongchu time, individual dealers have action, but the quantity is very limited. During the last year, Dong Chu, dealers profit by Dongchu mind not only failed to achieve, but lost the one. Painful lesson for many dealers, especially the small profits again this year, micro-small dealers not to act rashly. Given the expected further decline in fertilizer prices are still pervasive, no dealers stocking plan, hold out. "Strong Sales Dan Chu" is a long time according to the production, supply of fertilizer and its apparent relationship between the seasonal demand for the operating characteristics of the formation of the law. In the off-season fertilizer through on the effective control and integration of resources, focus on achieving the "reservoir" effect, with the peak season period of surging demand increases, the market put products Jishi, Baozhanggongying, stabilize Jiage can Weihushengchan manufacturers and sales companies which on interests of the community's long-term collaborative relationship. Business News Agency December 21 dimethyl carbonate (DMC) 1992 in Europe is defined as the green chemical. In 1996 China completed the first set of annual output of 300 tons of dimethyl carbonate device. With the green economy in this century upsurge in recent years, dimethyl carbonate production in China doubled in successive years: in 2006 total production capacity of dimethyl carbonate by about 6 million tons, annual production capacity of 2007 soared to 12 million tons of annual capacity by 2008 exceeded 240,000 tons. Such rapid expansion, precisely because the industry optimistic dimethyl huge market potential. But the reality is that the potential market is not scheduled into a real market demand. Are now - Upside down half the production cost cut-off most of the enterprises Is the so-called heroes. Of this century, with attention to environmental protection and the achievement of national cleaner production soared, dimethyl carbonate as a green chemical shows great market potential. This greatly contributed to the industry to tap into the enthusiasm of dimethyl carbonate. Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Tangshan good reputation good yield strength, general manager, said, following the 2002 Hebei New Chaoyang Chemical Co., Ltd. 5,000 tons / year, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group 4000 tons / year, Kim Tae Tongling Chemical Co., Ltd. 6,000 tons / Dimethyl devices built on or after the transformation of production, since 2003, Shandong Shida Sheng Hua Chemical Co., Ltd., Dongying City, a new source of Hartcourt Chemical Co., Ltd., Anhui Tongling Jintai Chemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Kam West Refinery and other enterprises in Tangshan Chaoyang Chemical Group has built or extended to 10 thousand tons / year dimethyl unit was put into operation. DMC 2006 industry-wide production capacity of about 60,000 tons, annual output can reach 120,000 tons in 2007, while the 2008 industry-wide production capacity has reached 240,000 tons. China became the world's largest producer of DMC, not only to the original occupation of the market by multinational companies rush back, and products are exported overseas. Of which the most rapid expansion in Shandong, forming a "world view dimethyl China, Shandong dimethyl see" situation. 2008 of the booming development of the industry, but the financial crisis, dimethyl carbonate industry overcapacity stage more and more prominent. Depp Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Lu Wei, chairman of an interview, said: "Now the industry in China DMC stage of surplus production capacity has emerged, the whole industry at a loss. Now only a very small number of enterprises to maintain full production, Dabu Fen Enterprise underemployment, have all dropped. because the raw material propylene oxide at current prices 13,000 yuan / tonne basis, the product should be maintained dimethyl price 7,000 yuan / ton, propylene glycol should be maintained 10,000 yuan / ton, the industry there will be a reasonable level of profitability, is relatively healthy. But now the market price of DMC about 6,000 yuan / ton, propylene glycol price of more than 8000 yuan / ton, resulting in a large area of production costs the industry upside down. " Qu Qiang good also told reporters: "At present most of the DMC car manufacturer in continuous or semi-parking condition, with very few companies can earn a very low cost point, most companies have lost windy, industry pressure loss very large, the industry faced a new crisis. " Hartcourt new source of Dongying City Chemical Co., Ltd. Zhang Yunfeng, director of R & D interview, said: "Our company dimethyl unit started construction in 2003, put into operation in 2004, profits in 2005. In 2006, 2007, 2008 The efficiency of the unit in very considerable. then the whole industry to maintain production facilities are running at full capacity. But the financial crisis, dampening efficiency of the unit. Now the production of dimethyl carbonate basic profit, just to maintain the integrity of the portion of the old customers to maintain supply, we part of the drive. " A green chemical products, just a few years, why there will be excess capacity? Industry generally believe that - Potential market, consumer demand has not yet become a reality No doubt, to attract enterprises to enter the industry DMC is its huge market potential. China Chemical Industry Institute of Fine Chemical Engineering Committee, "China's fine chemical industry in 2020 long-term technology development plan" put forward, to make use of transesterification for the formation of 4 million tons in 2020 / year production capacity of dimethyl carbonate, co-production 3.36 million tons / year propylene glycol. This can be nearly 200 tons of carbon dioxide gas into more than 1300 tons of green features high-tech fine chemical products and new materials. Also contribute to our carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, it is a downright waste to treasure the green project. China Chemical Industry Institute of Fine Chemical Engineering Committee Secretary-Quan Wang said: "DMC just as green solvents have thousands of tons of potential market demand. Dimethyl carbonate as a gasoline additive in place of phosgene produced a great gap in the market polycarbonate and isocyanate, the market demand for these products have hundreds of tons. DMC also be used as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, surfactants and fragrance intermediates and so on. This certainly has the vitality of green chemicals. "However, The potential market is not a real consumer market. Zhang Yunfeng said: "The DMC is a new product, if the potential markets are open, now this certainly is not enough capacity. But the question is no apparent demand growth. The one hand, dimethyl carbonate upstream expansion at full speed On the other hand it is applied the market reeling. While DMC is a green product, excellent performance, but its status is 'substitutes'. When the oil prices, 'toluene' solvent prices high, Dimethyl have its uses. but the price of traditional low solvent, dimethyl carbonate market making is limited, prices are also difficult to rise, businesses Kangbu Zhu high-cost production, low price sale, we can only select shutdown, the industry will showed a stage of surplus production capacity. " Dimethyl carbonate as an alternative solvent, applied research is not one of the reasons. CAS Chengdu Organic Chemistry Co., Ltd. researcher Liu Shaoying said: "DMC downstream users are concerned, if prior to using a 'BTX' solvent, dimethyl carbonate now want to change, it would need a new formula, for example ratio of dimethyl carbonate replacement how much to add in what part of the application process What are the requirements, all of which need to experiment and explore. But these jobs by whom, is the production of dimethyl carbonate or the application of business enterprises? solely on Which party could do would be powerless. so backward and restricted the application of dimethyl carbonate pace of market development. " When the downstream market will slow unexpectedly encountered the international financial crisis, domestic and foreign markets decline sharply, resulting in substantial reduction in export volume, the above factors result in oversupply on all products, "fermentation" of. Although the dimethyl carbonate industry is facing difficulties, but in the interview, the reporter often heard, "Now the difficulties are temporary," this sentence. The key is to - Enhance the competitiveness of downstream upstream core technologies to develop applications The industry is actively exploring good way out of the woods. First, try upgrading dimethyl carbonate. Qu Qiang hard to say: "good times in previous years, the high cost of the same land to be sold as a market. But the crisis came, than the core competitiveness of enterprises. The one hand, Pharaoh through transesterification process to existing tapping the potential for energy saving technologies and transformation of the production cost per ton of dimethyl carbonate can be reduced more than 1,000 yuan; the other hand, the development and improvement of other low-cost production process. For example, a lot of work in previous years the liquid phase oxidative carbonylation of methanol step method and the alcohol solution of urea, have already made a lot of experimental data, if further open up the process, improve technology, lower costs, and there will be a huge competitive. " Liu Shaoying said: "The use of urea alcoholysis of ester exchange of existing technology to transform, can be installed in existing transesterification fixed the situation, plus in front of a urea and propylene glycol with propylene carbonate production of the device, propylene glycol ester exchange out of recycled material again, so you can avoid market fluctuations caused by ethylene glycol and propane prices upside down to the adverse impact of business. The process has been carried out in the trial, to enlarge the industrial production has is the time. " Internal strength in fully mastering, the Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Depp has taken substantial steps. The company was founded in 2007, science and technology enterprise, is dimethyl carbonate industry "recruits." Wei Lu Weixin, chairman of the company said: "Our company one of dimethyl carbonate production of 12,000 tons / year, and small-scale, but the cost may be the lowest in the industry. After a series of energy saving and process equipment conversion, dimethyl carbonate production costs will be reduced more than 1000 yuan / ton. relative to the current 6,000 yuan DMC / ton selling prices, this is very impressive. Therefore, we maintain a full load. We intend to innovation technology, for two expansion, the formation of scale and further reduce production costs. " Second, to develop downstream application technology, to promote the downstream market. Quan Wang said: "As long as vigorously develop downstream application markets, demand is likely to dimethyl carbonate formation 'gate' effect. China's production of dimethyl carbonate from scratch, just 10 years to 24 tonnes of capacity development, This is just the first development cycle. The downstream market is a little slow to develop. previous production of dimethyl carbonate was fierce at once on the market yet to catch up, so now need to do a market quickly. The original 'shopkeeper' has been does not work, dimethyl carbonate production enterprises should take the initiative to develop downstream, to promote the potential market into a real demand. for example, dimethyl carbonate electrolyte in the lithium battery field, in environmentally friendly construction adhesive application is very good starting point. as long as dimethyl carbonate in any situation of potential market applications open, it will be hundreds of tons of demand to absorb the current capacity not mention. " Liu Shaoying recommendations: "to do applied research should draw on foreign companies integrated solutions, as dimethyl carbonate in coatings, paints, adhesives, gasoline additives, such as the application is different. Therefore, enterprises should not just simply sell products to customers, but also to provide users with products and application technology of the overall solution, which the right track. " Lu Wei Depp chemical company already has a clear idea: to do fine chain of dimethyl carbonate, dimethyl carbonate products in addition to production but also intends to diphenyl carbonate and polycarbonate, isocyanate and polyurethane, etc. , according to the technical maturity and market conditions and then choose a point in this chain of five or six years to do a good job, never out chain, go ahead in the industry. Third, to enhance applied research and industrial collaboration. Lu Wei said: "From the laboratory to industry is the one to overcome the difficult process that requires solidarity between the hospital enterprise, cooperation and win-win. Cooperation from the 'baby' start, from the laboratory of the small scale test, test, until industrial scale enterprises and research institutes have full participation. the openness and trust based on a long-term cooperation mechanism, agreed by all parties responsibilities and obligations, the DMC boost production and application. "
CAS NO.49715-04-0
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